Shadow Rogue – Chapter 122 – The Horrifying Tianer

“Hey Sly Hand Bro, will I get pregnant or not?”

The atmosphere just completely froze!

Chu Rui and Ye Feng were stupified on the spot!

What the hell, what kind of shit have they got themselves into?

“Mom told me that after being pressed against by a boy, the girl will then get pregnant. After one year, there will be a cute little baby.”

Without paying attention to the-almost-petrified Chu Rui and Ye Zifeng, Tianer continued saying what she had to say. Her sweet-looking eyes sweeped toward Chu Rui from time to time, that really killed Chu Rui. Ye Zifeng was now looking at Chu Rui with an inexplicable pity.

Tianer still had a shy look with much affection on her face, while Ye Zifeng looked at Chu Rui like he was saying to him, “bro, may God bless you.” All of this was driving Chu Rui insane. Shit, what were Tianer’s parents doing? How old is she now, 16 or 17? Where the hell was her Biology teacher? He would drag this teacher out and shot him to death instantly. What kind of society were they in now, why pretend to be a stay-at-home innocent lady back in the old era? Where the hell have human rights, freedom and humanity disappeared into?

“That, Tianer, was just an accident. I just hugged you, you won’t get preg… nothing will happen.”

Chu Rui’s mouth twitched hard, trying to control the urge to commit suicide, he attempted to explain to Tianer with a smiley face.

“Is it true? No! Sly Hand Bro just rode on me, exactly like what my mother said. She said that the reason why I was born was because Dad did that to Mom.”

Tianer’s bright and clear eyes were full of doubt.

Tianer’s words almost made Chu Rui choke. Ride? What the hell?! I was just pressing against you, pressing, not riding. Shit, what kind of mother was that? Why would any mother mention the word ‘riding’ to her daughter? This is just ace!

“Tianer, I just hugged you a little, I didn’t ride you, you got that? You are not going to get preg—nant!”

The color on Chu Rui’s face turned as black as carbon, and he resisted the urge to smother Tianer’s mother. He gnashed his teeth and said the word “preg-nant” that had made him extremely humiliated.

“No? It’s impossible! That day, Dad was riding on my mother. Mom said that was what they did! Did Mom lie to me?”

Tianer squinted her head, this impeccable expression together with her sexy body and her angelic face perfectly showed her limitless LOLI charm.

Chu Rui and Ye Zifeng were more than dumbfounded. Why would she see her Dad riding on her Mom? What kind of awesome family is this? Even if you didn’t give sex education to your daughter, you could at least be cautious and not to let her see you having sex. Ok, even if she saw that, you could at least explain some common sense to her? Riding a person would make her pregnant? What the riding hell? What sort of freaks are we dealing with here? No wonder Tianer is what she is. This proves the saying “like mother, like daughter!”

“Hey Sly Hand Bro, let’s just try one more time! This time, I will see more clearly myself. The posture that we did was exactly the same as what my parents did!”

Tianer looked at Chu Rui with a bit of excitement and spit out a sentence that almost made him pass out on the spot.


Ye Zifeng’s mouth just couldn’t help trembling, he glanced at Tianer who’s overly excited, then at Chu Rui, who was going to faint, then he became full of mercy. He thought to himself, Sly Hand Bro, I pray God to be with you, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, if I do, God knows whether this goddamn Tianer will drive me insane with her way of talking.


Tianer’s way of look was full of hope and desire, it made Chu Rui’s face begin to cramp. Just when he didn’t know what to do and was about to shut his ears completely, he suddenly heard a loud noise. Before he was able to react at all, he saw a white figure falling from the sky and slammed brutally into him.

Chu Rui staggered and was knocked off balance.


Suddenly, there was a soft touch of fragrance, Chu Rui was bewildered.


“I’m sorry…are you ok?”

A familiar voice raised, Chu Rui twisted his slightly sore neck and looked up. The extraordinarily beautiful Sasha was looking at him apologetically. When he tried to look down, he was shocked to see the whole of Sasha’s body being on top of his. Her voluptuous butt was sitting on his stomach and her hands touching his chest. The distance between the two was just about ten centimeters, Chu Rui could even see her eyelashes clearly with his unusual eyesight.

An incredible softness came through, its special touch and the burst of fragrance of a woman made Chu Rui’s mouth dry. He strongly resisted from making himself a fool and turn away his gaze. He lowered his head gently, only to see the pale and deep cleavage of Sasha. Since she was wearing a white light warrior armor, it did not cover much of her body. At this angle, Chu Rui was able to see her body very clearly.

Realizing the weird gaze of Chu Rui, Sasha lowered her hand and was embarrassed to find out that half of her breasts were now exposed. She flushed, and the air was immediately filled with awkwardness.

“Wow, Sasha Sis did such a good job, she rode Sly Hand Bro, so he is getting preg—nant!”

An exclamation out of excitement broke into this embarrassing atmosphere, and completely shocked Ye Zifeng who was gawking, Chu Rui who was shamed beyond words, and Sasha who was bashful. The three people were just preparing to say something to cover up their embarrassment, and they were now all petrified.

Ye Zifeng almost went nuts, “here it goes again!”

Chu Rui pulled his face, “I am going to get preg—nant?”

Sasha felt humiliated, “I…I rode Sly Hand?!”

“Tianer, what the heck are you talking about?”

Sasha felt so humiliated that she pulled away Tianer and dared not look at Chu Rui and Ye Zifeng. She decided to talk some sense to Tianer.

Ye Zifeng, “……”

Chu Rui, “…”

Being in a dark cave and a gloomy terrain, the four living people could have brought a sense of life to where they were. But right now, among these four people, two guys were either looking up or looking down, and the two gals were whispering to each other. All this only made the cave look even more eerie.


This time, Chu Rui tried to be quiet, he walked back a few meters and avoided slipping down from the cave.

In a short while, Blossom Rain joined them! She didn’t do anything special and just landed safely. She did it with such an ease and made Chu Rui wonder, why did he make all this such a tragedy with the same move? First, he pressed against someone, then someone said that he got someone pregnant. And what followed was even more ridiculous – that he himself was getting preg—nant!

Thinking of the word ‘preg—nant’, Chu Rui scowled even more!




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