Shadow Rogue – Chapter 121 – Will I Get Pregnant?

This soothing scene didn’t last for a long time, it was then filled with a lot of noise and heat. The Hawks, one after the other, swooped down furiously like they had taken some kind of philters. Their speed and momentum were just like a plane gliding down. If there was only one Hawk, it might not be so impressive, but if there were dozens of them, the scene would be spectacular. It didn’t take long before a sly figure rushed from the side of the bridge like a cheetah. The speed of this figure was so high that it was almost like a phantom. In the sky, the Hawks were rushing and pushing among themselves. It was such a picture filled with beauty and vibrancy.

After watching the video, Chu Rui looked at the little LOLI Tianer with amazement. He didn’t expect her to have such a capability. The lens was controlled so well that although she was not yet a master, one could tell she definitely reached the level of seniority.


“Delete the footage where people can see my face.” Chu Rui pointed to the camera when the video paused. At that time, as he ran close, his face was clearly captured.


“Oh!” Tianer just wanted to ask why, but Sasha then pinched her hand, and now she could only do what was asked with much unwillingness.


“Okay, enough with the rest, it’s time to do what we are supposed to.”

Looking at his life value which had been fully restored, Chu Rui pinched his finger joints which made a burst of cracking sound. He slightly moved his hand, then took out his Blue Dagger and the Hawk’s Beak and walked up to the front.


“Oh…Sly Hand Bro, the terrain here is relatively small, you can only come with a small team. Don’t walk too deep or you’ll be surrounded. You won’t be able to come out!” Ye Zifeng said with some caution. When they first came here some time ago, they watched these dense monsters while panicking. Fortunately, they knew that this area was a hidden one on the map, there was no such thing as taking a sneak peek from outside then attacking from inside. If they did this, they wouldn’t even know why they could end up being dead.

“You said the terrain is small, in that case, isn’t someone from a remote area in a favorable position?” Chu Rui had some doubts when he said this. If this terrain was in such a good condition, it would be so cool to have a magician at this moment. Even with no group attack skill, wouldn’t it be more rewarding to slice these Hawks alive, instead of hitting them like flying balls?

“The monsters here are highly resistant. It is really difficult to deal with them when the magician does not possess good skills. Moreover, given the terrain here, if one does not pay attention for one second, the monster that manages to get itself through the gap is likely to just crush the wizard. Here, compared to the magician, the archer would be better. The presence of pastor is a must, we’ll also need two persons with both capacities to defend and to attack so that we can block the intersection. With me, Sasha, Tianer and Blossom Rain, we will surely beat it. As for you, Sly Hand, I am sure you will know what to do with your own judgement!”


When listening to Ye Zifeng, Chu Rui could not help but nod. Walking around this wooden ramp, it was obvious that this tree hole was leading to a connecting passage, but this would not yet reach the hidden cave that Ye Zifeng mentioned previously.


After taking another glance at the terrain, Chu Rui realized that it was indeed very narrow. It could let two people pass side by side but passing through the tree hole was one hell of a challenge. Practically, only one person could get through, but he had to do it by descending himself slowly like sinking into a swamp. If he didn’t have enough strength, he would be attacked to death by the platoon of Hawks just now.

Almost two hundred meters away from the connecting channels, Ye Zifeng, as the pioneer of the group, knew for sure that there was no danger. He continued to walk with confidence, unlike previously when he had to walk on eggshells reaching the hidden area. It only took him less than three minutes to get to the intersection.


“Sly Hand Bro, it’s a landslide with no danger here, but it is inevitable to have some bumps here and there, so be careful not to hurt your head.” Ye Zifeng pointed to the hole at the intersection and said to Chu Rui, the other three of the group have been there several times and didn’t need any further reminders.

Chu Rui nodded and showed that he got the point!

“Oh, I would love it here the most, it’s just like playing in the playground!” The Tianer was a little excited, she was watching the hole of the cave with a hint of flicker in her eyes, this made Chu Rui and his peers nervously sweat. Why did she think that this gloomy place would be like a playground? Not sure if this girl was innocent by nature or just nuts. This peculiar place not only failed to scare Tianer, it excited her instead. This was such a nutcase.

“So, please follow me here!”

Having been with Tianer for a long time, Ye Zifeng knew exactly what her personality was. He didn’t give a damn, turned his head and took the lead to slip down the hole.

After Ye Zifeng left, Tianer rushed to follow. Walking in front and being in such a limited space, Chu Rui did not make way and what he could do was to rush together with Tianer.

It’s a slope here, a very steep one. Although it is all wooden, its lethality was much more than the rock of the Nayong. Chu Rui did not realize this before, so he did not train up for the purpose. Now that he was smashed twice and had lost a hundred points of life value. Fortunately, this was just a game and it was just a loss of life value. If this happened in reality, being hit on the face might be a small thing, but it would be a huge shame if he was seen by Ye Zifeng and others. It was really overrated when people said Chu Rai was a master, he even hurt himself badly when sliding down!


Suddenly, Chu Rui saw a beam of light. Knowing that he had reached the destination, he increased his speed of descending. Suddenly, he was smashed out from the exit. Before having enough time to stabilize his body in the air so that he could land smoothly, he slammed into a soft object. It was simply impossible to stabilize himself, and it was too late for him to make other moves before falling straight to the ground.

“Hey, you are now illegally making physical with female players, and the person involved has the right to punish you!”

A system alert tone suddenly scared Chu Rui to hell. One could see that what was just hit in the air turned out to be Tianer. At this moment, this chick was pressed under him, and he was in a very close contact with her sexy body. Chu Rui was sweating, no wonder it felt so good, he was actually pressing against such a drop-dead gorgeous body of a LOLI..


Looking at this indecent posture, Ye Zifeng coughed loudly twice. He woke up with shock and looked at these two people who were overwhelmed.

“Hey Sly Hand Bro, you are really bad!”

Tianer shyly blushed and said this with much awkwardness to Chu Rui. Her tone could instantly turn a weird uncle into Altman, and could easily turn any male from 13 to 60 years to a wolf. However, this only made Chu Rui weak in his knees.

Could I be blamed? Accident, it’s just an accident!

However, all in all, Chu Rui did take some advantage out of what’d happened. It would only make things even more complicated if he tried to explain, so he just kept silent.

“Hey Sly Hand Bro, will I get preg—nant?”

Chu Rui wanted silence, but not Tianer. The jaws of Chu Rui and Ye Zifeng dropped and they almost passed out when they heard this…

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