Shadow Rogue – Chapter 120 – Elimination

Even knowing that they were facing an emergency, Blossom Rain didn’t say anything, she just silently nodded her head when she passed by Chu Rui.




At this time, both Tianer and Sasha have already entered the tree hole, and Ye Zifeng was standing in front of the entrance of the hole and yelled at Blossom Rain. As for Chu Rui, he did not have a single worry. Since Chu Rui was in a favorable situation geographically, he could fully handle several Feng Hawks. However, this was not something that could last for a long time. When other Hawks passed through the branches and formed again an encirclement, no one could run away anymore.

The tree hole was tiny, only one person could pass through. Looking at Blossom Rain running toward him, Ye Zifeng confirmed that there was no more danger and he made the first move to jump into the tree hole.




There were two daggers, one on the left and one on the right, both stopping the horrifying Hawk from its attack.


“Hell, it’s really annoying!”


Having its companions blocked on both sides, a Hawk took the opportunity to attack through the middle. There were continuously Hawks that successfully made their way through the obstacles, some smaller ones have already passed through the branches and flew straight toward him unapologetically. At this moment, Chu Rui activated the Nimble Wind. If he was on the ground, he could kill ten Hawks at one time, but since he was inside the tree hole, there was not enough space for him, he could not make the maximum use of his strength.

“Leg Kick!”


With all his strength, Chu Rui kicked the Hawk and slammed it directly. Taking advantage of this anti-seismic force, he ran towards the back.


At this moment, Blossom Rain had entered the tree hole, and before she left, she gave Chu Rui one dose of her Healing Magic.


“Wolves Call!”


The Wolf King sneaked a glimmer of light, and two Shadow Wolves suddenly appeared, rushing furiously toward the Feng Hawk.


The Shadow Wolves successfully blocked two Hawks, but then there were already seven of them, and the remaining five wouldn’t let go of Chu Rui.

Holy Shit!

Standing from a one-meter distance, Chu Rui felt again a fierce wind behind him, he could not help but shouted.


Originally used for a quick sneak, the skill was now used by Chu Rui to escape instead. He suddenly jumped forward one meter away, just before the tree hole.

With a big step forward, Chu Rui stepped into the tree hole. However, this disgusting tree hole was one of those with a narrow shape. The only way for Chu Rui to get in was to slowly slide himself down, like slowly sinking into a swamp. His first aggressive step managed to get his thighs right in, but his upper body was still left outside.


Chu Rui’s face turned pale when he saw that the Hawks were coming rapidly and would soon get him. He waved his dagger vigorously and quickly beat away three of them, but the remaining two successfully attacked him.

Once again, Chu Rui beat away five Hawks and finally got into the tree hole.

He almost couldn’t make it!

Realizing that he barely survived, Chu Rui could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. The speed of this freaking Hawk was just too unpredictable. Since they dived straightly downward, and Chu Rui was above the branches, he could not make use of his mobility at all. If he did not have Nimble Wind, he really would not succeed in fighting away the Hawks. Fortunately, the stupid Feng Hawk boss flew too far and too high, and was even blocked by its younger brother later. If it gave another strike to Chu Rui, his life would be compromised with no doubt.

“Sly Hand Bro, please don’t scare me next time, my heart can’t take it! Although the scene of a hundred Hawks attacking was a spectacular one, it was bloody horrifying! If I were you, I would either be torn apart or hacked to pieces !” Ye Zifeng looked at Chu Rui, now being finally safe, and sighed. His smile had a hint of bitterness.

“Wow, it was really exciting. I just recorded the scene, it was really so exciting. I will later upload it on the forum, they could surely bring me lots of points.” Tianer exclaimed with joy.

“You recorded it?” While Chu Rui quietly received the “Recovery” and “Treatment” magic of Blossom Rain and slowly got back to shape, and he couldn’t help but ask Tianer.

“Of course, it would be such a waste if I did not do so.” Tianer said with a tone of strong determination. Then, she turned and looked at Chu Rui with a sign of regret, “it is a pity that I only filmed the scene of us escaping but not fighting. If you hit those Feng Hawk airplanes, the visual effect would be fascinating.”





Hit the air-plane? Again, hit the air-plane?

Ye Zifeng, Sasha and Blossom Rain twitched their mouths, while Chu Rui pulled a long face.

Bloody hell, do you really not understand what you’re talking about or you’re just pretending?

Being told again and again by a girl that he hit the airplane, Chu Rui really wanted to scold her, but when he saw the pure look of Tianer’s eyes, he could only hold back his words.

Since he couldn’t get angry with such a small LOLI, Chu Rui had to divert his anger to Ye Zifeng. He was thinking, “how the hell did you teach your sister?”

“Sly Hand Bro, let me tell you this. Since Tianer has always been homeschooled, there are some practical stuff in life that she isn’t aware of, so please bear with her!”

Ye Zifeng uttered a smile when Chu Rui still stared at him.

“Did I say something wrong?” Tianer was not stupid. When he heard Ye Zifeng, she could not help but ask, “those Feng Hawks really looked like airplanes when they dived in the air, so when I said, ‘hit the Feng Hawks’, it was just like ‘hit the airplanes’, is there anything wrong with that?”

Shit, here you go again, hit your damn airplane!

“Ahem…well, now show me what you have recorded. If you have recorded my face then you cannot upload it on the forum.”

Chu Rui mouth slightly trembled, he chose to be nonchalant. If he still held on to the discussion, he might as well have a nervous breakdown.

“I cannot upload it? How can it be?” Tianer was agitated when he heard Chu Rui.

“Tianer, listen to what Sly Hand just said.”

Sasha finally talked and stopped Tianer from insisting. Tianer pouted and showed the group what she had recorded, then shared it on their common channel.

The video was short, there were only forty seconds. First, there were scenes of the spiraling Feng Hawks. What was opposite of them was a majestic mountain peak, surrounded by a team of strong Feng Hawks. You could also see the Sun from far away, neighbored by clouds. Some leaves and sparse branches covered a part of the camera but also added a hint of fullness to the video. It was so much better than having only the sky, a feeling of relaxation, a big mountain and Hawks in the picture.

One has to admit that Tianer picked an excellent location to record this video. Below the Feng Hawks was a slender and narrow branch, seeming a small road.

The branch was hanging in the air, which was beyond impressive. When you look at it, although it is not jaw-dropping amazing or eye-opening intriguing, it brought some faintness to the video and made it more beautiful.

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