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Shadow Rogue – Chapter 119 – Run, don’t hit the air-plane!


While looking at the treasure chest shining on the stone platform which was not far away, Chu Rui was a bit hesitant. At first, he had prepared to come and explore the situation. He did not expect to have unveiled such a secret. Now, what to do? He was facing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Since boss had already left the guarded post, if he was to break open the treasure chest right now, there would be nothing to stop him.

However, there were only three seconds to sneak in, it was already difficult to get near to the treasure chest, let alone open it. One must know that the Hawks’ eyes were quite sharp, it would be impossible not to let them discover a living, breathing person who tried to steal away their treasures on this cliff. On that tiny place of nowhere which was only two meters wide and long, the Hawks could find him in no time and once they did, he would be broken by pieces and thrown off the cliff for sure.

A real man must be able to withstand temptation and stop when he has no other choice!


It would make me an idiot if I did what should not be done, it does not mean bravery at all!


Looking deeply at the treasure chest which tempted him, Chu Rui turned back without hesitation and ran toward Ye Zifeng.


“The Nimble Wind!”

Without hesitation, he directly turned on the speed-increasing function. In such a critical situation where he was surrounded by enemies, it would become impossible to flee if he made a small mistake. At this very moment, he wouldn’t spare any of his skills, as escaping was the first priority.


When Chu Rui used the Nimble Wind for a second, the stealth effect had disappeared!



The moment when Chu Rui appeared, Feng Hawk boss, with its extremely sharp eyes, spot him instantly. The Hawk was shocked by the angry screams of the king and watched his sturdy body slam down like a glider. Then, watching the human beings running wildly under their eyes, and after having understood what was happening, they all growled with anger and started following Feng Hawk boss to start their murder.


“What the hell, isn’t this too much?”

Standing from a distance, Ye Zifeng looked at the swarm of Hawks swooping down, and this momentum like a glider scared him to death. These are in no way Hawks, these are DAMN fighter planes.


“Hey Sly Bro, it’s okay to run over here.” Ye Zifeng shouted at the rushing Chu Rui.


“Hey Sly Bro, come on, come on…” Tianer waved her small hand and shouted. When glaring at this spectacular scene of dozens of Hawks coming down from the air, they were so excited and yelled, “wow, they look like flying planes. Ah, oh, Sly Bro, the plane is going to hit you, hurry up, don’t hit the air-plane, hurry up!”

Ye Zifeng, “……”


Sasha, “……”


Blossom Rain, “……”


Hit the air-plane?

(In Chinese, the alternative meaning of ‘hit the airplane’ equals to ‘male masturbation’.)


The three people twitched their mouths and they looked at Tianer jumping and cheerleading in front of them, they turned speechless.


“Sweetie, don’t talk nonsense.” Sasha walked over and pulled Tianer back, she glanced at her with a hint of blush on her face.


“Big sis Sasha, what did I say?” Tianer stared at Sasha, looking very confused.



Sasha did not know what to respond at all. How about explaining to her the alternative meaning of ‘hit the airplane’? Although Tianer had an outgoing personality and did not mind small details, she’s still a pure and innocent girl. How on earth can Sasha explain this to her?  However, facing Tianer who now glared at her with her pair of concentrating and clear eyes, Sasha knew that she would have troubles if she didn’t answer her. At that moment, the only thing she could do was to look at Ye Zifeng and her best friend Blossom Rain to ask for help.

“Damn, don’t ask me to explain to her what it means by hit the airplane, if her parents knew, my father would know too, and I’d surely be dead!”


Feeling the need for help through the eyes of Sasha, Ye Zifeng’s mouth slightly tightened. He turned away directly, avoiding this gaze and choosing to just ignore it.


“Um…I’m going to help over there!”

The face of Blossom Rain, usually pale, finally came with a smudge of color, she slowly walked toward Tianer with her druid cane.

“Big sis Sasha, what exactly did I say wrong?” Seeing that Sasha had not answered her for a long time, Tianer held her hand and asked innocently.

Sasha, ‘……’




Chu Rui, who was now running wildly, suddenly heard Tianer not so far away, he was stunned and almost stumbled. With just a slight pause, he was swooped by the approaching Feng Hawk.

Chu Rui fully ignored the pain of his back and continued to run without holding back. If he was to turn back now, he would surely be torn apart by the Hawk. This damn creature was nothing compared to other monsters of the same level, but its speed was absolutely unusual, even with Nimble Wind, Chu Rui could not really cope with them. However, since he could break out from the encirclement, it was already something. The Hawk became a flying monster only because of the favorable neighboring environment. Nonetheless, its speed really kept people at awe.


“Be quick! Come inside the tree hole!”

Chu Rui ran while screaming furiously. These Hawks were the monsters guarding the treasure chest. To be more precise, Feng Hawk boss was the guardian. It was the habitat and nests of these Hawks, which explains why they were so numerous. The Feng Hawk boss had a systematic setting and could not leave the treasure chest from a certain distance. However, these other ordinary Hawks were not restricted by this setting. Previously, Ye Zifeng with his four partners could kill one Hawk without much difficulty. However, now that there were dozens of them, even if one gave you a light touch, you could be hurt in no time.


After hearing Chu Rui’s howl, the group finally reacted. Tianer, who was still asking her innocent question, now stopped looking confused. She took out her longbow, positioned her bow and arrow, a long sword then came out of her hand and shot the Hawk that was chasing after Chu Rui’s back. Things paused.

“Recovery effect!”


Blossom Rain threw her Recovery effect upon Chu Rui, then turned and ran.


While running fast and being just three meters away from the tree hole, Chu Rui suddenly stopped, he took out his dagger and watched the Hawks eagerly coming.

“Be quick, come in, I am going to block them!”


Chu Rui mentioned quickly to Blossom Rain who was moving beside him, that she had left herself behind as she didn’t want to come forward. There was no way she could escape from the Hawks’ hostility and now it was Chu Rui who had to finish the job. Fortunately, there were some leaves and branches and they could block most of the Hawks. Chu Rui could still cope with the situation with only a few of them.

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