14 Part 1

Slime Reincarnation. A Great Sage Is Being Hugged Tightly By His Elfin Foster Daughter.

Chapter 1: Orphe Enlight Fabricated Enlight [Magic Arts]

Episode 14: Slime Rejoices For Daughter’s Growth


After doing what we could in reinforcing the seal at the moment, we started to descend the mountain.

We had to rendevous with the Knightly Order, who had swiftly arrived at the scene, to consider countermeasures.

I could not shake off this apprehension because a large number of monsters were generated due to the leaking miasma. Even though we somehow managed to survive, we had to put quite a struggle.

“Slosh* —.”

I felt almost full.

I was concerned about Nikola who descended the mountain ahead of us. Although she had a Special Monster Repellent Potion in her possession and should be all right, I still worried ….

After descending the mountain for a while, we met a group of knights.


“Priestess Princess**, are you all right?”

The knight at the vanguard of the Order let out a relieved expression as soon as he saw the Priestess.

Even though they might have head from Nikola regarding the rescue, their anxiety would not dissipate unless they see her themselves.


“Sorry to have made you worry. Miss Orphe rescued me.”


“As expected of Enlight [Magic Arts]. Even we Guardian Knights are no match for you in rescuing the Priestess Princess. You have my gratitude, Miss Orphe Enlight. Please accept this medal. I will proceed with the petition.”


“No, it’s fine.”

Orphe politely refused and shook her head.


“Please, Miss Orphe. I’ll give you whatever you want, not just honor.”


“It’s all right. Priestess Princess, I helped you because I regard you as my little sister. That’s all there is to it. And as such, I can’t accept anything from you as gratification.”

Orphe adjusted her tone of voice at the presence of the knights – a more polite tone befitting to be directed at the Priestess Princess instead of her little sister.

She was a kid with decorum, and politely rejected Elesia’s proposition.


“Miss Orphe.”

Elesia admiringly gazed at Orphe’s face.


It might be possible to recover the mansion by borrowing Elesia’s authority as the third princess.

Although Orphe realized it, she did not want to rely on Elesia, whom she considered to be her younger sister.

The mansion was snatched by the parvenu chubby duke. His sister was the second wife of the king. Moreover, he despised Elesia. He also possessed a more influential voice than Elesia.

Elesia would be put in a difficult situation, and possibly jeopardize her position as well, if Orphe relied on her to retrieve the mansion.

She would rather avoid such situations.

The duke himself did not leave any impressions in my memory as a Magic Arts researcher. However, I remember Elesia grumbling about some awkward duke with a rigid personality. I realized later on that the parvenu chubby fellow and the duke were the same person.


“Priestess Princess, Miss Orphe, also Enlight [Alchemy], Miss Nikola Enlight has briefed us on the current situation. We have arranged an encampment, so let us discuss this matter there. Miss Nikola is already waiting at the encampment as well.”


“Understood. Please show us the way.”


“Squish (thank goodness).”

Nikola seemed to have safely descended the mountain.

That was one less thing for me to worry about.

The soldiers guided us to the encampment where a tent had been prepared for our use.


When hearing that it was highly probable the seal confining the evil god could break anytime, the soldiers and knights gathered around us.

It was highly unlikely that reinforcement would arrive at the scene in time before the seal broke, even if they traveled on their fastest horses.

There were a total of 50 knights and soldiers stationed nearby, as well as about 20 sorcerers.

In reality, we would have to manage with only that many people, and could not afford to wait for reinforcement.


“I have summoned someone from the village that is familiar with the evil god.”


A clan living at the bottom of this mountain, who made a living by operating a hot spring as a tourist attraction, had been entrusted to oversee and guard the seal.

That being said, the information regarding the sealed evil god of [Gluttony] Beelzebub and the clan’s opinion were crucial.


An elderly man entered the tent, prostrated himself, and begged for forgiveness.

“Please forgive me, Priestess Princess! I had put those demons in the mountains.”


“I was kidnapped and used as well. Let us set aside our repentance for now. We need to think about how to defeat the evil god of [Gluttony] when the seal breaks.”


Everyone nodded in agreement.

Every member present seemed to be proper and composed.


“Miss Orphe and I had managed to reinforce the seal. In the worst-case scenario, the seal could hold up to 12 hours, at most, 24 hours. And even if the seal was broken, the evil god would be able to exert only about 30% of its original power.”


The 30% was undoubtedly discouraging since no one showed relief.

Even with 30%, the evil god was an existence that could obliterate an entire village with just one blow, so they had to stay alert.


“Priestess Princess, if we couldn’t beat the evil god right after the seal broke, it would be our demise. The evil god can swallow the surrounding power and use it to restore its own power within a day. If it was only 30% of its original power, Nikola and I could probably manage somehow …. I can’t help but wish Big Sis Shimadzu was here at a critical moment like this.”

Orphe bit her nails.

It was no surprise that Orphe was ruminating about the absence of Shimadzu. The pure armed might Shimadzu possessed was the strongest after all. That child would easily overwhelm the evil god that could only utilize 30% of its power.


“Big Sis Orphe, there’s nothing we can do even if you ask for the moon. We can only do the best we can at the moment. For that, we would like to be briefed thoroughly regarding its ability.”


All eyes turned toward the guardian of the village.

In general, evil gods possessed troublesome special abilities aside from pure strength.

It was almost impossible to win without dealing with these special abilities.


“According to legend, the evil god of [Gluttony] is a monster consisting of a combination of a giant fly and a human that was often mistaken for a mountain. When it comes to this evil god, be it a tree or a human being, everything will be consumed. It will then take on an even more gigantic form, as well as convert what was consumed into an unlimited power.”


What a troublesome thing.

It was certainly not at the level where we could just turn a blind eye and leave it be.


“And another troublesome ability it possesses is Colony. When detecting danger, it will disperse into a swarm of tens of thousands of flies the size of a small bird to flee. Each one of the giant fly is stronger than the average demon. On top of that, they also have one commander fly to manifest teamwork. No matter how many flies are killed, if enough nutrients are accumulated, we won’t be able to keep up with the rate in which they divide. What’s even more troublesome is if we defeat the commander fly. Another fly would assume the commander position and take over as the leader of the swarm. We won’t stand a chance if we don’t prevent them from dividing. In other words, it’s imperative for us to defeat it before it disperses into giant flies.”

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