14 Part 2


It was consistent with the information at my disposal.

Although Beelzebub was the weakest of all evil gods, dealing with it proved to be the most difficult due to its Colony, proliferation, and gluttony.

The only chance for us to win the battle would be to raid it with a barrage of concentrated Flame attacks immediately after breaking free from the seal, preventing it to utilize Colony.

The problem would be that Flame attack power.


This ground would facilitate the accumulation of Enlight [Magic Arts] on Orphe and Nikola.

The Great Sage Marin*** Enlight’s name was recognized throughout this country. He was the trump card of this country when a hopeless calamity appeared.

He was a man who possessed countless epic stories about how he saved the world.

And as long as [Magic Arts] and [Alchemy] worked hand in hand, it was a given that these girls would rival the Great Sage himself.


Orphe took a deep breath.

Then, with determination and resolution, she took leadership of the scene.

“How many people can utilize Magic regardless of attributes? I’d like to know the number of people that have gathered from the village as well.”


“What are you going to do, Miss Orphe?”

Anxiety and anticipation were apparent in Elesia’s expression as she made her inquiry.


“We will use Ritual Magic Arts at the same time it revives. We will prepare a special team of operatives immediately, consisting of all the sorcerers that are standing at the scene. Their magical power will be forcibly harvested and accumulated, and then slam it on the evil god in one strike. If we don’t do at least that, we won’t have enough Flame power to defeat it.”


“That’s impossible! Even with the same attributes, magical powers differ from person to person. I’ve never heard of accumulating magical power with different attributes like that. I’ve heard of Magic Arts that used the magical powers of multiple people combined, but only 10 people at most. We are dealing with more than 100 people. Unleashing the magical power of more than 100 humans with variations in attributes is simply reckless. Superhuman power won’t be enough. It would require divine work to control all the magical power. To begin with, even if you say you’ll make a Ritual Magic Arts Circle, it will take 10 court Magic Arts sorcerers and 3 days to form such a circle. That thing will revive in 12 hours! No matter how you think about it, we won’t make it in time.”


Orphe smiled after she heard Elesia’s disapproval.

Unwavering confidence emanated from her expression.

“If I can’t do as much, I won’t have the title Enlight [Magic Arts]. If you combine all the power from all the sorcerers, then release it, we may have a chance to defeat the weakened evil god.”

There was not a glint of eagerness in Orphe’s eyes since she was merely stating the obvious. Orphe had the qualifications to make such a statement.

That was the very reason why I’m allowing her to carry the title Enlight [Magic Arts].


Everyone but Orphe and Nikola were speechless. Orphe’s proposition of Magic Arts utilization was completely nonsensical.


“I’d like to request sorcerers to escort non-magic users. Also, in case we couldn’t lethally wound the evil god, there’s a high probability it will disperse into flies. If that happens, it will be an all-out war. If we can blow away the majority of the flies with Ritual Magic Arts, the number will decrease considerably. We should have enough time even if we crush them one by one.”


For the sake of the team’s morale, Orphe deliberately eliminated the fact that it would be everyone’s demise if the evil god utilized Colony.

If it dispersed, everyone would be engulfed in mayhem, become prey, and be devoured. Each satiated giant fly would disperse further into more giant flies, and so on.

Honestly, the plan was flawed, but there was no better alternative.


“Of course, we can’t entirely rely only on Enlight [Magic Arts]. Let us utilize the power of Enlight [Alchemy] as well. Nikola, don’t hesitate to go all out and thoroughly use all the bombs. If it’s difficult to make a direct hit, utilize Wind. It definitely will hit target. That’s why I ask you to only make choices that focus on power.


“Hmm. Inventory clearance sale.”


I would not mention it in front of these proud sorcerers, but Nikola’s bombs were most likely stronger than the magical power of these 100 people combined.

Rapid-fire of super Flame attack from the Ritual Magic Arts and Nikola’s bombs should kill the weakened evil god.


If that did not work …, surely this child would use her trump card.


The power of Evil God Satan [Fury] dwelling inside Orphe.

In the process of completely sealing it, she also gained the means to manipulate its power.


When push comes to shove, there would be no other choice but to rely on that foul play.

However, there existed an associated extreme risk for the user to utilize that power.


If I could give my opinion as a father, I would want Orphe and Nikola to escape from here.

Most cities would be destroyed, and then the evil god would completely regain power.

But at least they would survive.

Withdrew now, and then summon the remaining sisters for reinforcement. With enough backup, we could set a winning strategy against the evil god, even if it had completely regained its strength. With all five siblings combining their power, it would surpass even the Great Sage himself, who had saved the world many times. That would be the Enlight sisters.

But Orphe did not make that choice.

She could not abandon the people in this city; such a gentle child.

I felt somewhat proud of her as I was not able to save my own village back then. But here she was confronting the evil god against all odds. Orphe was determined to stay and defend everyone even if they were fighting a losing battle.


… Although exasperated, I felt proud.

I could feel the brilliance of her kindness and virtue. As a father, and as a familiar, I shall support that courage and turn it into victory.


“Squish (do your best).”


I’m a Slime, but also a Familiar of the world’s number one Magic Arts sorcerer.

So let me work as the world’s best Familiar.



Race: Forbidden Slime

Level: 16

Name: Marin Enlight

Skills: Absorb, Storage, Presence Sensing, Familiar, Flight | Charge, Language | Thousand Needles, Smell Enhancement, Physical Strength Enhancement, Evil God Aura, Shell

Belongings: Strong acid potions, Various herbal ingredients, Pyroxene of Evolution, Great Sage’s Legacy, Forest Rat materials, Pigeott materials, Horn Bambi materials, Denkul Rat materials, Needle Bear materials, Grudge Dog materials Slock Chimp materials, Evil Priest Relics, Queen Rat materials


Strength D+; Endurance D; Agility D+; Magic E+; Luck E; Uniqueness EX




Translator’s note:

*I use English onomatopoeia such as “slosh” and “squish” to express what Slime is trying to say, instead of “pyuu”.

**I’m calling her “Priestess Princess” from now on. The author calls her “mikohime” because she’s a princess and a priestess.

***I’m correcting the spelling for the Marin’s name (it’s supposed to be Marin instead of Merlin).


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