15 Part 1

Chapter 1/2 as promised

Episode 15

Slime Fights the Evil God’s Family


I was walking up the mountain to the place where the evil god of [Gluttony] was sealed. Not only Orphe and Nikola, but also Elesia, the Knights, and the mages are with me.

The plan was to leave early, set up camp right next to the sealed area, and wait for reinforcements while preparing for battle.

Once we reach the sealing ground, we’ll find a point where you can set off Orphe’s ritual magic.

Ritual magic, unlike improvised magic, is magic that utilizes a pre-drawn formation and a variety of rituals to further enhance the magic.

Normally, it would take three days even with ten top-notch mages.

But Orphe can make it in half a day.

We took a break of three hours to rest before we left.

After taking Nikola’s special potion to restore her strength and magic power, Orphe took a sleeping potion and slept for three hours.

It is also an important strategy to be in perfect condition.

“Good luck. Sla.”


I’m being held by Orphe, as usual.

Olphe’s hug was stronger than usual.

She’s feeling quite anxious.

That’s not surprising.

Even though this is a possible strategy considering Orphe’s abilities, the expectations of those around her are resting on her shoulders. This is putting pressure on her.


The knights and mages of the kingdom are pathetic.

How can you put such a heavy responsibility on Orphe, who is still just a little girl?

“Olphe, thanks to the pill I have recovered most of my magical powers.I’ll do my best to purify the seal just as it is about to burst to reduce its power as much as possible.”

Elesia came out of the carriage.

I gave her Nikola’s special potion, just like Orphe and Nikola, and also a sleeping potion to help her sleep better.

This is to have the power of [Purification] restored as much as possible.

“That’s good. I wish we could strengthen the seal to buy as much time as possible, but in this situation, it’s more correct to reduce the power of the evil god than to buy time. If the ritual magic’s formation is finished and there is time, I will make a dedicated formation for that as well.”

I agree.

Even though Elesia had recovered, she was far from being at full strength. At best, she could buy a few hours of time. It would be more constructive to increase the victory rate with the current strength than to wait for reinforcements by gaining a few hours.

Nikola is looking at me.

She, too, seems to be thinking desperately about what she can do as an Enlight of [Alchemy].

“Sla, when I give you the signal, get me the set I asked for.”


Nikola had packed a bunch of things to be used yesterday.

It’s a pretty good choice, in my opinion.

However, I’m not going to let her use anything seriously dangerous considering the environment around us.

Even if this mountain becomes a mountain of death, we should use forbidden weapons.

Nikola could not make that decision.

When I was thinking about this, I saw a demon’s response to the [ Presence Sensing].


I squealed and jumped out of Orphe’s arms.

Orphe seems to have noticed as well.

It’s already starting to show signs of resurrection. It’s not just a demon.

In front of me was a fly demon the size of a puppy. There were no less than a hundred of them.

It’s not the divided evil god Belzebub.

It’s one of its relative.

Before the resurrection of the evil god, the leaked miasma will first change and the evil god’s family members will appear.

That’s what this giant fly is.

Starve Fly. A hideous and vicious demon.

“Everyone, be careful. That demon is strong.”

Orphe unleashes a series of [Ice Spear Spirals]. With one shot, she skewers multiple fly demons. In addition, she wears flaming armor and burns up the approaching stave flies.

Nikola has released six [small golems for protection] out of her backpack.

It looks like the tip of a spear, but it flies around freely at super high speed, piercing the Starve Flies that are attacking Nikola.

That’s my girls. They are easily overwhelming the evil god’s family.

But only those two people are safe.

Starve Fly and the others began to attack the adventurers behind Orphe.

The sheer number of them is a threat. While you’re attacking one of them, they’ll attack you from behind.


They’re eating me.

Starve Fry, this demon releases powerful saliva from its mouth that melts and sips the flesh.

It’s a powerful and ruthless ability, just like the family of [Gluttony].

“All in one place! Put your backs to each other.”

The knights were quick to respond. By forming a circle with the mages in the center, they were able to minimize the damage.

Starve Flies flew around those knights and kept their distance.

And when they find an opening, they swoop down in groups and steadily reduce our strength.

It’s quite annoying.

If we don’t head for the rescue, we could be wiped out in no time.

Orphe and Nikola are doing their best to handle the situation, but they are short-handed. Then I guess this is where I come in.


I went over to the knights who were being attacked and spat out a special blowgun from my mouth. It was a needle made from the bone of a Forest Rat and coated with poison.

I’m getting used to transforming my slime body, and my muscle strength is steadily increasing, so I can shoot poisonous needles in rapid succession like arrows.

Apparently vulnerable to poison, Starve Fly demons fell one by one.

Recognizing me as a threat, Starve Fly and the others intensively sprayed me with their saliva. But alas, this slime body is immune to that level of poison.

When they found out that the poison doesn’t work, they try to slurp up my body without dissolving it.

“Pew pew pew! (Poisonous Slime Mode)”

I soak my body in so much poison that every time I get touched, the Starve Fly dies instantly. I’m the only one who can eat them. Come back to me, you sissy.

Starve Fly and the others give up on me and head towards the knights who are gathered in one place again.

Most of them gathered above the knights, as if they were trying to do something, and began to increase their magic.

This is an opportunity. I’m not going to let you shoot a special move.

“Pyuu! Pyu!”( I’m borrowing something Nikola.)

I sprayed Nikola’s invention, an insecticide on them.

Nostalgic. This was a request from the kingdom when there was a huge outbreak of pests and a famine was about to occur. I had Nikola, who was becoming a full-fledged member of the family, make it as one of her tests.

Nikola was so excited because it was the first time she had been given a job that she made an incredibly powerful insecticide. She made insecticide so powerful that it would even be effective against demons.

I released it into the sky.

The effect was immediate.

Starve Flies, who were hit at close range, died instantly, and those who were farther away slowed down and staggered. Even those who were preoccupied with eating the flesh tried to jump away in a panic, but were unable to do so and died.

The soldiers desperately shot arrows at the slow-moving flies, and the mages continued to fire their magic with all their might.

A few minutes later, we managed to get rid of the swarm of fly demons.

…But there was no relief.

“It’s not good. The knights are using more energy than I thought, and the mages are using more magic.”

For Orphe, this level of preparation was no more than an exercise, but for an ordinary wizard, it was a huge task.

Both the knight and the mages were leaning against the trees, breathing heavily.

There are a lot of casualties and a lot of psychological damage. Morale is down.

This could slow us down.

However, I can’t abandon them. It takes a lot of mages to use ritual magic.

Besides, we need a group of knights to guard us while Orphe is building the ritual magic formation.


“Oh, Sla.”

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