15 part 2

It’s no use. Let’s try to restore some morale.

I slime jump and head for the injured.

Then I spit out a mouthful of water.

“Oh, my God, that’s good.”

“What the hell are you doing?”

The people who are sprayed with water get angry, and gradually realize that they have changed.

“I am healed.”

“Wow, that’s like a top-notch potion.”

“Thank you. Hey, slime, here too.”


The potion ingredients I had stocked up on from eating all the medicinal grass around the house came in handy here.

I formulated a top-notch potion inside my body that only an advanced adventurer could afford.

I’m a can-do slime.

The morale of the knights improved as they realized that their injuries were healed and that they could be fixed.

I can take care of it all.

When I finished my work, Orphe gave me a hug.

“Thank you, Sla. Thank you.”

“Pyu!” (Huh?)

Let’s spoil her a little for her hard work. I rub my body against Orphe’s, and Orphe laughs.

As always, this place is soft, warm, smells good, and calming.

Well, so much for escaping reality.

There is a problem that cannot be avoided.


“What’s wrong, Sla?”

On the ground are all the Starve Flies that died instantly when I drove the poison needle into them.

I will use [Absorb] on them.

No doubt, I will gain new skills, and these are demons I may never meet again if I miss this time.

In addition, if I analyze these guys, I may be able to find the weakness of the evil god Belzebub. The Evil God’s family members have the characteristics of a deteriorated Evil God. They also share the same weaknesses.

But, but, it’s a fly. I’d like to refrain from using [Absorb] on it if possible.”

…Let’s be brave.


I jump out of Orphe’s arms.

And then, I squirmed and squirmed.

[Absorb] the fly demon.

It’s bad. It’s so bad I want to cry.

But I’m getting stronger. My agility has increased.

And I got the skills.

The skill I got was [Enhance Digestion]. Apparently, my [Absorb]has been enhanced.

It’s a nice skill.

But what I lost was greater.

I lost a little distance from Orphe.

“I’m sorry, Sla. I don’t hate Sla. But I think I just need a little time.”


I know how you feel. You don’t want to hug me when I’ve just eaten flies.

I’m not a mindless slime to hug an apologetic Orphe.

I think I’ll give up my place for a while. I feel like I have a hole in my heart.

Evil God Belzebub, I will never forgive you.

I will destroy you.

I have analyzed Starve Fly firmly. Well, these things have a fatal weakness. There is an ingredient that was harmless to humans but incredibly poisonous to them. Fortunately, I have a stock of this ingredient.

I can use this.

Belzebub may not have the same weakness, but I’ll make a potion with a special ingredient. Or perhaps I should prepare it in advance. With this in mind, I mixed a certain ingredient into the recovery potion that I had already prepared in my body. The ingredients are harmless to the human body, and there’s no problem mixing them into the potion. These are for knights and mages. I’m sorry to say this, but I’m going to use them as poison bait.

Then we moved on, fighting off demons every so often.

The damage was relatively minimal, as the group of Starve Flies was not as large as the first.

Still, there have been a lot of injuries, and I heal them every time. It’s the same potion, full of… same ingredients. My stock of recovery potions is getting low. If only I had eaten more grass.

With such hardships, we reached a small hill where we could see the sealing place.

In order to recover as much magic power as possible and to keep in shape, we set up a tent and took turns resting every three hours.

Nikola began to set up the catapults to eject the bombs.

We quickly made an improvised catapult from stocked materials and experimented with rocks.

She smiles when she confirms that there is no problem with the accuracy. I was impressed with her work.

Orphe was examining the quality of the dragon veins in the area, checking the stars, and even feeling the chi of the forest with her body as she performed calculations and designed a ritual magic formation.

Once that was settled, she asked me to take out some magic tools. She borrowed Nikola’s golem to secure labor and started building the ritual magic circle in a super express manner.

Six hours later, Orphe took a breath and gazed at the sealed land.

She has a melancholic look on her face.

This is the place where one of the evil gods that ruined my life is sealed.

I was watching the two of them.

Nikolas came in with two cups of tea.

“Hey, Orphe. It’s really bad this time. Even with the two of us doing our best, the odds are a little against us.”

“Yes, I know. But it’s a fight we can’t run away from.”

“It’s times like this that I remember what father used to say.”

“You’re right. It reminds me of something that father used to say.”

They both chuckled.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves despite the situation, and their nerves were relaxed.

That’s how strong my presence is, I guess.

“Father used to say, ‘I don’t like people who don’t work hard and people who rely on others too easily’.”

That’s what I believe.

“Hmm. After saying that, father always continues, “I like people who work hard. I like people who work hard. So, you guys, even in desperate situations, use your heads to the limit, move your bodies, and do your best, do your best, do your best.””

The daughters kept their word and kept trying.

It was not only their talent that made them grow to the point where they could call themselves Enlighten in their respective fields, but more importantly, their efforts.

And there is more to these words.

They join their voices together and say the rest of the story.

“Do your best, do your best, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll do something about it. So be brave and try.”

Yes, I’ll do everything I can, and if even that doesn’t work, I’ll do something about that as well.

That’s what a father is supposed to do.

“Father’s words always gave me courage, and I was able to take on any challenge. That’s why I am here today.”

“Yes, as an Enlight, as our father’s daughter, I’ll do my best. It’s strange, isn’t it? My father is already dead, but I’ll do my best, and if that doesn’t work, I’m sure he’ll come back to save me.”

Orphe laughs.

She looked so beautiful.

“I feel the same as Orphe. I’m going to do my best so that I can make father proud of me.”

Nikola nodded her head.

Then Orphe and Nikola put their hands together.

“I’m counting on you, Enlight of [Alchemy].”

“My trusty Enlight of [Magic Arts]”

They exchange a trusting smile.

Don’t worry. Even though I’m a slime right now, that promise still stands.

If the two of you don’t make it through, I’ll take care of the rest.

I’m counting on you. Daughters.

As expected, Orphe finished the ritual magic formation in only half a day, and Nikola completed the catapult and set the explosives she had in mind.

We rested for a while, and finally the time came. In the meantime, reinforcements were arriving and our strength was increasing.

The air distorted and the seal screamed.

Everyone in the room is in position to confront Belzebub.

Now it begins. The battle for the world against the evil god is about to begin.


Race: Forbidden Slime

Level: 17

Name: Merlin Enlight

Skills: Absorb | Storage | Presence Sensing | Familiar | Flight 1 | Horn Charge | Language 1 | Thousand Needles | Smell Enhancement | Arm Strength Enhancement | Evil God’s Aura | Hardening | Digestion Enhancement 1 |

Belongings: Strong Acid Potion | Various Medicinal Plant Components | Pyroxene of Evolution | Great Sage’s Inheritance | Forest Rat Materials | Pidgeotto Materials | Horn Bambi Materials | Denkul Rat Materials | Needle Bear Materials | Grudge Dog Materials | Throck Chimpa Materials | Heretic Priest’s Belongings | Queen Rat Materials | Starve Fly Materials |


Physical Strength D+ | Endurance D | Agility C | Magic E+ | Luck E | Uniqueness EX

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