16 Part 1


Episode 16

The Slime Takes on the Evil God



The seal of the evil god was on the verge of bursting.

I’m ready to meet him.

A huge ritual magic circle was drawn in a spiral shape, like a stone circle. The mages were all lined up there, and at any time Orphe could unleash the ritual magic that used the magic of everyone in the place.

Then, there were six catapults lined up with Nikolas’ special bombs, which could be adjusted in angle and ejected at the touch of a snap of Nikola’s fingers.

In addition, there were knights in formation to protect them.

Thanks to the arrival of more reinforcements since then, we have some time to spare.

“Piyuu!” (It’s coming!)

The concentration of the miasma increased and the earth started resonating more strongly.

Everyone was convinced. The evil god is coming.

The seal burst.

“Priestess Princess!”

Orphe shouted sharply.

“I know, Orphe!”

Elesia, the priestess princess, was in a different camp from Orphe’s ritual magic camp. A camp that interferes with the seal via the dragon vein.

It was created by Orphe, based on the one used by the Seven Sins cult.

The ritual magic formation was completed faster than expected, so it was added in a hurry.

The sound of breaking glass was resonated over and over again.

The evil god began to shatter the seals. Multiple seals were shattered one after another.

An overwhelming black force crawled up from the ground.

But it’s also the perfect opportunity. The evil god is depleting his own power by forcibly breaking the seal. Now is the time to do it.

“Savor the power of Orphe’s technique and my [Purification]!”

The cherry blossom-colored hair of the priestess princess Elesia was wrapped in faint light and fluttered in the wind.

She thrust the national treasure, the jeweled staff, into the earth. The light of purification overflowed into Orphe’s camp, filling it with power.

“Chains of unblemished light, bind the evil that is covered in blood and malice! Great Seal Barrier, [Kirielain].”

The Great Seal Barrier, which only be used by Elesia, who has received the power of purification in the most concentrated form, has been activated.

It passes through the dragon’s veins and resonates with the techniques applied to the seal.

The color of her [Purification], cherry-red shining chains entwine and bind the black darkness that has crawled out in layers, and then bite into the skin.

The evil god screamed as it was eroded by the power of [Purification].

“I won’t let Orphe take all the responsibility! I too have received the teachings of the Great Sage. I will show you what I am capable of!”

Elesia sweats and releases more than her limit of [Purifyication] power.

The evil god cries out in anguish.

Surprisingly, it was a great seal, two levels above the power I had expected, even taking into account that the formation was prepared by Orphe.

…Well, Elesia has grown up since she left me.

The evil god roared.

You are just the evil god of flies, and you’re cocky enough to bark.

Then he tore off the chains. The cherry-red chain shattered, and at the same time, all the seals burst away.

But that’s to be expected.

“Don’t underestimate Orphe’s technique and my power as a priestess princess!

Elesia barked.

The shattered cherry-red chains transformed into countless sharp nails and surrounded the evil god.

Then, the nails stabbed deeply into the body of the evil god.

Elesia masterfully used the technique that Orphe had prepared.


This time it wasn’t a roar, but a scream.

The [Purification] didn’t bind the body this time but instead entered it as a poison.

The evil god used his power to break the seal and tear the chains, and he was also injected with the evil god’s worst poison, the priestess princess’s [Purification] power, into his body.

Initially, I thought that when the seal was lifted, it would reduce his power to about 30 percent, but from my point of view, this great seal boundary has further reduced his power to about 15 percent.

Due to Elesia’s willpower, we cut fifteen percent from the expected amount.

“I ask you to do the rest. Orphe, Nikola, everyone.”

Elesia collapsed.

The recoil of using the force beyond her limits caused her nose to bleed and several blood vessels in her brain to be damaged.

Her consciousness must be waning due to the extreme depletion of her magical power, and the burden of the technique that exceeded her capacity must be relentlessly hurting the inside of her body. It’s no wonder she fainted.

Still, she gave it all she had until the last drop.

You did well. I want to hug her and say so.

But that’s for later.

In order not to let her hard work go to waste, we will put everything into defeating the evil god.

The evil god shattered the last seal and was unleashed.

It seems that “mountainous” is not an exaggeration at all.

It is over five hundred meters long.

A bipedal fly dyed pitch black.

It carried three pairs of giant insect wings, and its beady compound eyes glowed red.


“Angle adjustment complete! Launch!”

Special bombs were released from six catapults simultaneously.

The angle and strength of the shot are all adjusted by remote control.

But of course, …the target moves.

Though that was expected.


“Nikola, I got it!”

Six bombs were launched, and all of them changed their trajectories mid-air.

It’s Orphe’s wind magic.

The bomb landed on the roots of its three pairs of wings.

And then… the explosion!

It’s not flames. White smoke drifted around the area, freezing the surrounding trees.

This is a bomb that I created the basic theory for, and Nikola built it.

Ultra-low temperature bomb, [Cocytus].

-A horrifying bomb that forces cooling to -273.15 °C and freezes everything in place.

Theoretically, there can be no lower temperature than this. Absolute Zero.

Even if you are an evil god, you can’t move in a state that stops even atomic movement. Its whole body froze.

“Movement and wings are sealed. Now you can’t escape into the sky.”

That’s exactly what Nikola did.

Seal up the movement and wings to make sure you hit the next real attack.

…And this is also a stepping stone to increase the power of the main mission.

“Here comes the real deal. Let’s go, everyone. Squeeze the magic out of your bellies!”

The mages in the ritual magic camp responded to Orphe’s call.

Then they all released their magic.

It ran through the spiral magic circle and gathered at Orphe in the center.

Orphe is the starting point for ritual magic, accepting and orchestrating the magic of over a hundred people.

By nature, people’s magical powers vary and repel each other. In addition, if you don’t even have a unified attribute, it’s even worse.

By passing the clashing magical power through Orphe’s body once, it can be transformed, adjusted, and tuned.

Not only that, but she also pulled the magic from the earth’s veins and matched it.

All of the mages present were speechless at the lukewarm divine art that was happening before their eyes. Such a thing is slightly beyond the realm of human beings. If you didn’t see it, you’d think it was a joke. Everyone would have laughed it off.

And what will be spun is…

“Fire emperor who shines in the heavens, consume all with the flames of judgment! Transcendental Strategic Magic [Flame Emperor Praise]!

The sun is falling.

A huge fireball appeared above Belzebub’s head.

Then, it plummets. As expected, Belzebub tried to escape, but his body was frozen and could not move.

The sun shines down on the frozen evil god.

A huge pillar of fire covered him.

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