16 Part 2

The aftermath has reached this point.

Nikola’s choice of the ultra-low temperature bomb, 【Cocytos】, was not just to stop movement.

It was intended for complete destruction due to rapid change in temperature.

From absolute zero to an infinitely high temperature, like the sun.

He should not be able to endure it, even if he is an evil god.

All of the mages who had run out of magic power collapsed.

This ritual magic circle sucks up more magic than the mages can handle. No wonder.

There’s only one person still standing, and that’s Orphe.

She was chanting.

A storm of magical power erupted from Orphe’s body.

Orphe herself had let out all of her own magic power during the last attack.

She immediately drank a magic recovery potion, but the total amount of Orphe’s magic power was incomparable, and the recovery amount was so small that she was far from fully recovered.

Then where did the magic come from?

The correct answer is that beautiful blonde hair.

The secret is creating a magical power circuit in the hair and circulating it to create a magical power battery.

As a result, Orphe has twice as much magic power as she could possess.

Belzebub moves in the flames.

As expected of an evil god, his power is limited to fifteen percent, and still, he is moving after such an attack.

If she had been an ordinary mage, it would have been impossible to fight any further.

But unfortunately, what he is facing is the Enlight of [Magic Arts].

“O fiery emperor who has descended to the earth! Show us, your majesty, again! [Flame Emperor Reign]!”

This is the second sun she has released.

The second sun fell and combined with the first, turned the scene into purgatory.

Since it was Orphe’s sole magic power, the power was considerably reduced, but since the process of binding magic power was eliminated, she was able to be more creative. As the name Mirror Magic suggests, it traps the overflowing heat around Belzebub and circulates it, eliminating the diffusion of heat and increasing the internal temperature to increase the power of the flame many times over.

The evil god Belzebub, who had been buzzing in the flames, burned away.




In addition to the [Flame Emperor Praise], which is a magic that requires a hundred people, there is the [Flame Emperor Reign], which is a boundary that traps the entire heat and follow-up. This is one of the strongest magic techniques on earth that only Orphe, the Enlight of [Magic Arts], can use.




Here is another of Enlight secrets. By monumentalizing the ritual formation and reconfiguring it, she could change the meaning of the ritual formation in a short time. Because of this, she was able to perform different effects with the same ritual formation.

Orphe fell to her knees and coughed up blood from her mouth as she glared at the burning evil god.

Then, she drank the highest level of recovery potions and magic recovery potions.

She was healing her brain and internal organs, which had been damaged by the repercussions of her recklessness, and recovering as much magic power as possible in preparation for the next attack.

…It’s true that Orphe used her strongest hand.

But this is not the end of the story, and that is why the evil gods are to be feared.

“Nikola, don’t let your guard down just yet.”

“I know. Sla, extra bombs.”


Nikola received a different bomb from the [Cocytus] that she had [Stored] in me and set it on the catapult.

The flames stopped.

There was no evil god there anymore.

There was just a huge tower that had been burned black.

Less than a tenth as thin as when the evil god appeared.

Someone shouted in delight.

Voices echoed with the joy of victory.


“No, not yet! Nikola. Hurry!”

“I know.”

Only Orphe and Nikola were aware of the current situation.

Nikola released the bomb quickly.

Before the bomb could reach the black tower where the black ash had gathered, the outside of the black tower peeled off.

And what is revealed are countless flies.

The evil god had long since split.

Then he tried to wall off the outer flies and let the inner flies live.

We’ve burned through over 90% of its volume. We have reduced the total number of divided flies to less than ten percent. We have reduced its power to fifteen percent and slaughtered more than ninety percent of the group. I’d say that was a sufficient achievement.

We’ve made it this far but the situation is still hopeless. There are still over two thousand flies remaining.

Each and every one of them is stronger than our knight. Even with just fifteen percent of the power, each and every one of the splinters surpasses the knight. That’s what makes Belzebub so scary.

Just before the bombs released by Nikola reached it, countless flies flew out and scattered from the tower whose outer wall had been peeled off, flies that have burned up and turned to ashes.

Nikola’s bomb exploded, but at most, only 20% of the flies were removed, and the remaining 1,600 flies rushed towards us.

He seems to be quite angry.

In particular, he glared at Orphe.

“Nikola, can you do something about that?”

“It’s hard to sweep them up when they’re spread out like that. How about you, Orphe?”

“It might be a little tough. I’ve used up all my reserve magic.”

We don’t have much time before the flies get here.

It’s a desperate situation.

“Orphe, if it’s just us and Elesia, we can still escape. We’ve wiped out more than 90% of the evil god Belzebub’s swarm. There’s no shame in running away when we’ve done this much.”

Nikolas gave a practical answer.

It is impossible for the current force to take on the remaining 1,600 fly monsters, each one of which is stronger than a knight.

But, it’s not impossible to just run away.

“That’s not good enough. I can’t say I’ve done my best with my heart. Father won’t approve of me. So, I’m going to try harder.”

Orphe showed her strength. She continued to speak.

“……Besides, this situation isn’t the worst. The worst that can happen is that the flies ignore us and head for a nearby village, devouring the villagers to regain strength and numbers, but sticking to us gives us a good chance.”

“But Orphe, you don’t have any magical power left.”

“Don’t worry, I have a trump card. Nikola can at least protect herself. I’ll do my best to reduce their numbers. Nikola, if you can afford it, protect the others.”

Orphe gave her a determined look.

Nikolas gasped when she saw it.

“Use that. Orphe, when you reach your limit, scream. I’ll take you and run away without a second thought.”

“It’s hard to be weak when you say things like that.”

Orphe took a deep breath.

The swarm of flies was just around the corner.

The knights and mages were frightened and trembling.

At this rate, we won’t be able to fight.

“Listen, everyone. Most of the evil god’s power has been reduced. We just need to kill all the flies we can see and we’re done. And I’m right here.”

Orphe shouted with her battered body.

She then spun what little magic power she had recovered from the potions and shot out a fireball. The fireball exploded loudly in the middle of the crowd of enemies, blowing away dozens of them.

“We’re almost there, guys. We’re almost there. This battle is winnable!”

With that, Orphe turned back to her enemy.

She reached into her chest and pulled out a necklace.

It was made of mithril and had the Enlight family crest engraved on it.

It is a necklace that only the sisters of Enlight possess, and it is proof that I have recognized their abilities and accepted them as my successors. Clutching the necklace, Orphe raised her voice in high spirits.

“I am the one who inherited the magic from the Great Sage. My name is Orphe Enlight. From now on, I will use ‘Enlight’!”

The words that Orphe spoke in high voice were words of courage and celebration.

As far as I know, Orphe has only used these words twice before.

The Sisters of Enlight will only speak these words when they are willing to risk not only themselves, but even the pride of the Great Sage Marin Enlight, with everything they have, and more.

Orphe puts her hand on the heart where Satan, the evil god of [rage], is sealed.

What starts here is the genuine full power of Orphe Enlight, the Enlight of [magic].

In spite of this desperate situation, I was elated.

I can see my daughter doing her best and growing up. The Enlight of [Magic Arts]. Show me your full power.

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