Tensei Slime

Chapter 234 The Angel Leader’s Rule


I was able to wake up quite easily from the ‘sleep mode’ this time.


Rather, it might be more appropriate to say that I had just lost connection to a part of my body.


My actual body is still in the imaginary space. This just now proved that even if one of my parallel existences lose strength, it will not affect my actual body.


I guess I can say that we got to carry out that experiment unintentionally.


Well, in reality, I received no effect from it as Ciel cut off the connection before I could.


Really, such a reliable partner.


And as such, it was pretty obvious that I would wake up quick.


After all, I just needed to reconnect to the sphere.


I was being carried to the control room when I woke up.


Seems like they had already escaped the separated space.


I guess that much is obvious since they had nothing else left to do there.


Fortunately, my existence here has become quite thin after Gaia took all that energy.


I probably don’t have to worry about being detected by Velda at my current state. I deemed it would be alright as it is.


My real body was in the imaginary space, recovering energy.


It’s truly a weird feeling to be conscious in two different bodies simultaneously.


I also need to get used to this.


After all, it’s extremely convenient.


For argument’s sake, even if Velda were to sense my presence here and seal off the labyrinth, in my current state, I can change my location by using ‘Multiple Parallel Existence’.


Existing in two different places at the same time is way more convenient than I had thought.


And so, I am not that worried about having my location exposed but I would still like to avoid anything bothersome.


I do want to smack Velda when he has his guard down and I don’t want my existence being known for the time being.


For better or worse, while I am possessing this sphere for my clone, I am very close to a normal human as most of my energy doesn’t recover.


I decided on using this state and cut off the energy connection with my real body.


This clone body also recovers energy naturally but I stopped it intentionally.


With this, I can calmly go in front of everyone.


Gaia was on top of my stomach.


Although he is supposed to be 2 meters long now with a big long body, it seems like he returned to his previous 50 centimeter mini dragon body. Looks like he still can’t take the shape of a human so he reverted to his previous form.


I am pretty excited to know if he’s a male or female. But it felt like it would take quite a while for that to be clear.

(TL Note:  Since the writer used a neutral pronoun to address Gaia, I am going to use ‘he’ until it is clear)


I opened my eyes when they laid me down on a chair.


I got up and was stroking Gaia when Diablo said,


“Rimuru-sama, you’ve woken up?”


I answered ‘Hmm’ with a nod.


Then they recounted what was happening while I was unconscious.






A few things had happened after I entered sleep mode.


Firstly, Gaia.


After I named him Velgaia, it seems that his strength established to the level of a dragon species.


And, he had awakened a dreadful ability.


Unique Skill: All Creation Manifestation


This is a similar skill to the ones the demons use–’Arms Creation’ and ‘Material Transformation’.


However, its scale and nature was on a completely different level.


It is a super strong ability, rivaling that of Ramiris’ Labyrinth Creation.


I mean, he can create anything he imagines, after all–that is quite the ability.


As an example, it seems he had recreated the portions of the labyrinth Zero had eaten.


That is something even his elder brother Veldora can’t do, so maybe he’s even more brilliant than him.


Well, his maximum energy doesn’t come close to the other dragons but when you consider that he is still a child, we can expect a lot in the future.


Speaking of which, Gaia’s ally–our avatars were also quite good.


As far as I heard from Zegion, the avatars, which had changed to auto mode, were following their instincts and were guarding the labyrinth. They even attacked Zegion.


It seems their personalities have become extremely belligerent and they are now able to defeat Gozurl and Mezurl also.


But still, what were they thinking, even attacking Zegion?


There’s no point if they can’t realize when their opponent is overwhelmingly stronger.


…Wait, if they had understood that, would they have attacked, though?


I would like to they think that they are not that belligerent but I guess defeats are also valuable opportunities to learn from.


There’s also the perspective of thinking that they attacked on purpose even after knowing that.


They would probably follow their hosts’ personalities, which is us, so it isn’t that strange.


After all, Milim, Veldora and Ramiris–all three of them are very belligerent.


It is quite impossible for me, as I am a pacifist.


“The one which attacking me was your avatar, Ghost, Rimuru-sama.


Right after a smoke screen using flames, it used a slime’s attack from the ceiling. After seeing my flinch, Gaia used his gravity pressure and Skeleton and Living Armor’s rushed me.


It was a splendid combination attack.”


Zegion ended with a compliment.


Well, that’s a shock, hearing that my avatar was also on board with it.


Or rather, it was pretty surprising that they became strong enough to be praised by Zegion.


Well, it was only a tough battle for him as he was being considerate enough to not destroy our avatars.


Although Ramiris was very happy and said ‘It’s only natural, after all!’.


Ramiris is more belligerent when using her avatar so it’s not weird for the avatar to inherit those memories.


The host is like that so it probably lost control.


It is sad to even retort at her.


Either way, it’s probably something I should be proud of since they were able to impress Zegion.


As Gaia restored the labyrinth, it was now being transitioned into normal mode.


Even the ones who had withdrawn to the separated portion of labyrinth were preparing to move back to their floors.


Although the battle zone was completely destroyed, Ramiris can fix it.


Despite there being an invasion just a while ago, the damage was insignificant.


It was a complete victory for the labyrinth defense team.


But this isn’t the end. There is still the angel army standing by in the sky, numbering at 60,000.


The discussion about who should go to intercept the angel army was going on when I woke up.


Everyone was full of motivation so they were having difficulty coming to a decision.


It made me realize anew that we were full of combatants.


When I asked Benimaru, he said we had a counterplan, just in case.


As he didn’t know how the counterattack inside the labyrinth would turn out, he had gathered an ambush squad.


The plan was to wait for Kumara to return and then have her, and her squad hiding in the forest, start attacking all at once.


However, as things went better than expected, there was an excess of hot-blooded people wanting to fight.


And their head was Apito.


Seems like she was very unsatisfied as she was stopped in the middle of tormenting Dino.


At the end, it was decided that Apito will head out to attack.


This much was decided before I got up.


The discussion continued and I was entrusted with the decisions.


There were a lot of others wishing to participate, as well.


The dryads, Trainee and her sisters, who managed the labyrinth, also wanted to join in on the fight. Not to mention the 100+ treants, whom I gave the cultivated puppets as a temporary body.


The labyrinth was basically holy ground for them so they also had their share of thoughts about the people who had come invading it.


Most importantly, their jobs were also stopped as we had stopped taking in adventurers for the time being and told them to stay indoors in the labyrinth’s city.


In short, they were free.


As these A ranked demons were determined to go, there was no need to spoil their fun.


I listened to their appeal and acknowledged them participating in the intercept plan.


Incidentally, Ramiris was quick to accept these requests but their problem was fixing the bodies.


It seems like they would feel really bad if they ended up breaking the bodies I had created for them.


If that happens, I could just make more.


In fact, I would happily accept their request as people who don’t have to fear death are quite important in the intercept plan.


And then, I looked at the four dragon kings protecting Ramiris.


They had an expression which completely gave away the fact that they also wanted to rampage but prioritized Ramiris’ protection more.


I gave a wry smile and said to them,


“You guys want to go, right?”


“But, we have…”


“I will appoint Zegion to Ramiris and besides, there’s Benimaru here as well.


Go rampage all you want. There won’t be many opportunities to fight seriously, after all.


That’s fine with you, right, Ramiris?”


“I-is that alright?”


“It’s fine! Go fight all you want!


But, as my subordinates, I won’t forgive you guys if you lose, alright!?”


Ramiris also gave her permission readily.


With that, their participation was decided.


The Four Dragon Kings would lead their dragon corps.


Empress Kumara and her subordinates, leading the eight legions of the spirits and beast corps.


Queen Apito, the demon spider generals she produced and the top four demon insect corps.


These were the groups who would be intercepting the angel army.


Moreover, there were also the dryads and treants acting separately.


The demon insect corps was freshly formed, so they were few in numbers.


However, it seems the 3 demon insect generals–spider type, praying mantis type and butterfly type are not only very strong, they also possess high commanding skills.


On top of that, these 3 demon insect generals Apito produced were producing even more soldiers.


Although they are still low level soldiers produced by using an ability, but like insects, they do not have feelings and form a very composed army squad.


Apito seems very emotional to me but saying that out loud wouldn’t be so good.


It was decided that all the stronger beings from below floor 70 will be participating.


Now that I think about it, this would be the first time the labyrinth army sorties.


Adalman’s Immortal Army gives off a different vibe, after all.


Although we are losing in numbers, we aren’t losing in quality so I don’t think there’s a need to worry.


On top of the 4 dragon kings who possess area attacks like dreadnaught class warships, the dragon corps are also participating.


There’s no need to fear the angel army which has only one commander and can’t improvise.


I decided to leave the rest to Benimaru after telling him to coordinate such that the casualties are kept to a minimum.











The interception issue has been dealt with.


Next is Dino, who was relaxing.


Dino was lying on the couch, elegantly drinking tea.


He’s feeling at home already? He’s relaxing so naturally that it makes it hard to believe that he was opposing us just a while ago.


This is still a part of the control room and the fight is still going on, you know…


As if he was saying that this wasn’t related to him anymore, Dino was pretending it wasn’t his problem anymore.


“Oi. You, what are you relaxing for?”


Benimaru said, finally reaching the limit of his patience when Dino was asking Shuna for a tea refill.


That was actually very patient of Benimaru, to hold off for that long.

He was probably putting the matter off for later ‘cause he was too busy selecting the members for the interception but now that that was done, he had some room.


“Eh? No, like, the fight is over so we’re all friends now, right?


And besides, I also worked hard, cooperating to beat Zero and what not.”


Dino declared refreshingly.


The fact that he follows that up with a casual wink is pretty annoying too.


It seems that really got on Benimaru’s nerves, as Dino was speaking to him. I guess it’s only normal. Even I got annoyed just by looking.


But, seems like Benimaru also considered Dino’s position as one of the demon lords and decided not to say anything harshly.


And besides Dino, two women were indulging in cakes.


“T-this!! It’s too damn good?! There’s three left so I can have one more, right?!”


“Pico, don’t rush. I shall eat this last piece.”


“Wha? What are you saying, I have some right to it too!”


“….Oi, that’s not just left, that’s mine. You guys don’t have any rights!”


Dino, who was talking with Benimaru, panickedly came securing his portion of the cake.


Seeing all that, Benimaru let out a sigh.


At the end, they couldn’t talk properly with Dino and his allies till they finished the cake.


After a short break, we heard about the circumstances from Dino’s side and started investigating.


According to him, he was probably being mind-controlled by Velda.


And so, although it really irritates me how he keeps saying that it’s not his fault, it seems like he isn’t lying.


“Don’t you think Justice King Michael is forcibly ruling those who have an angel ability?”–Dino said, but I doubt it.


“What? If you have an angel ultimate ability, you are saying there’s still a chance for you to be controlled?”


“I can’t say for sure but that’s the only thing I can think of. There’s no way a smart guy like me could be deceived, right?”


The idiot (Dino) is saying whatever he pleases.


I guess it’s fine to just ignore him.




But, is such a thing really possible? I also possess angel abilities like Wisdom Lord Raphael or Covenant King Uriel, after all.



If what Dino is saying is right, wouldn’t we have been in a pinch when Yuuki stole Justice King Michael in the Empire’s capital?


“That is, I think, you can probably resist it if you have demon type abilities?


Although I do think you can’t do it if you can’t completely control your ability and are not aware.”


Hmm, hmm.


When thought of it like that, it does sound consistent.


[That’s true. By developing a multiple barrier using Gluttonous King Beelzebub and Covenant King Uriel, we can block any kind of attack, whether it is spiritual or physical.]


I see. If that is so then I can agree that I couldn’t have been controlled.


However, to block that without knowing must have been unexpected for Yuuki.


The fact that that Yuuki easily drew back could be that his trump cards were all crushed…


“If so, then there’s a risk of being controlled for the people who possess an angel type ultimate ability.


People who possess angel type abilities… are there any of us who do?”


“Don’t know. I have lived for quite a long time but I never really had much of an interest in who possessed what kind of abilities.


I do know that Dagrule was just simply strong.”


At the very least, I think Guy knows about it. It was stupid of me to expect something from Dino.


I guess Leon would be one example.


And that Kondo guy in the Empire. But that guy has already died.

There’s not many angel type ability users to begin with so I guess there isn’t much to worry about.


Among the people I know… Velgrind probably possesses angel type abilities.


[That reminds me, I had also analyzed ‘Purity King Metatron’ when resurrecting Leon.


Although I was careful not to tamper with it on my own but that was a mistake, wasn’t it?…


There was also an unfamiliar route to use Velgrind’s ‘Charity King Raguel’ so I removed that part when optimizing it.


I merely disabled it so it can be reactivated depending on her will.


At the very least, I don’t think she can be controlled by Justice King Michael.]


This is it.


She reported it like it was nothing but that was probably the thing which acted as the marker for Justice King Michael’s rule.


Although this happens often, Ciel is doing as she pleases quite a lot without me knowing.


She says that I am selfish and whatnot but she isn’t losing in that area either.


Who exactly did she take after, I wonder…



Oops. Anymore than this would be bad.


There’s no doubt that she is the most reliable, capable partner.


If there are anymore people who might have an angel type ability, it would probably be Veldora-san’s other sister, Velzado.


Don’t tell me Chloe has some angel type abilities now…?


[I assume that the possibility of Velzado possessing an angel type ultimate skill is quite high.


Moreover, I can’t also deny the possibility of Chloe O’Bell secretly possessing one either.]




There’s no point in worrying about things I don’t understand.


First, I should contact Leon and tell him to not get out of the barrier.


Guy might have predicted this development and appointed Mizari to him.


And if so, then it’s probably for the best that Guy is there with Chloe, Velzado and Velgrind.


Guy seems like he would do something about it.


After all, he’s far more capable than the useless demon in front of me right now.


Ah, no, it is probably being rude to Guy, comparing him with Dino.


…… Although unwilling, Veldora-san also headed there.


I still can’t completely depend on them but surely something will work out.


I will just leave it at that.


As for me, I want to strike down Velda at once, at this rate.


I have gained ‘Simultaneous Parallel Existence’ with great troubles but I want to avoid dividing my strength.


The clones have the same level of strength so it is definitely useful when used correctly.


It will work out somehow if I just defeat Velda, so I will believe and leave the North to Guy and Veldora-san.


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