Chapter 235 In the Northern Land – Part 1




Velgrynd faced Velzado and inspected her beautiful form.

Her entire body let off a pure white glow, her scales had a depth that exceeded that of pearls. They were like precious stones that enticed all who saw them.

The ‘Ice Dragon’ Velzado was in her unmistakable form as the strongest dragon.


Now, however, her blue diamond eyes that were usually full of kindness, had turned to anger, tempestuous like the ferocious sea, and they glowed with a red light.

Velgrynd saw those eyes and immediately began to wonder.


–Why was her sister Velzado identifying Velda as the same person as their older brother ‘Star King Dragon’ Veldanava?–


Velzado had strong mental powers that were at least equal with Velgrynd’s, it was very difficult to think that she could be under someone else’s control.

More than anything, Velzado’s specialty was her defenses against a wide range of such attacks.

On top of that, Velzado had the Ultimate Skill ‘Patience King Gabriel.’

This was an ultimate special defense ability created through Velzado’s iron will.

Because of her already high original abilities, there was little doubt that Velzado was the most advanced in terms of defense.

And what demonstrated this fact the most, was Velzado’s unshakable will.


Nothing could move her. Her heart had been strong enough to give birth to ‘Patience King Gabriel.’

This meant she had a cold observing eye that could not be deceived and a completely immovable spirit.

It was unthinkable that this Velzado would mistake her own brother.

Indeed, it was true that Velda had Veldanava’s memories.

However, Velgrynd did not see this as proof that their brother and Velda were the same.

Was it just that Velzado saw things differently? But the thing was–

In the many years that Velgrynd had lived, she had very rarely seen Velzado give in to her emotions.

But now–

She had forgotten herself with rage, had been maddened by jealousy…

Her current self was just too different from the Velzado that she was used to seeing.


Velgrynd could not help but feel disturbed by it.

Besides, there was something strange about what she had said to Rudra.

Velzado had spat, ‘human, after all,’ which had seemed to lack any feeling, considering it was directed towards an old friend.

Yes, it was as if all her emotions had been sucked dry and replaced with negative ones such as anger and jealousy–

(In the end, I can’t imagine an alternative explanation to her being under someone’s control.)

Velgrynd decided.

If this were the case, then it would be necessary to follow through on her declaration and wake her up.

But Velgrynd knew more than anyone, that this would not be easy to accomplish.


Indeed, Velgrynd was capable of fighting Velzado on equal footing.

But it was really only within the boundaries of a sisterly brawl.

If they were to fight with the serious intent to kill, then Velgrynd would 100% lose to Velzado.

She had the most energy following Veldanava, and ultimate defense capabilities. That was Velzado.

Even if Velgrynd was specialized to go on the offensive, she would not be able to get past Velzado’s defenses.

Similarly, Velzado’s attack power could not deal a lethal blow to Velgrynd.

This was why they were considered to be equal to those around them, but in reality, things were a little different.


Velgrynd unleashed Burning Breath, which was a simultaneous multi-attack, but it was scattered by the Diamond Dust that Velzado blew, causing large rings of fire to bloom in the air.

Naturally, Velzado’s own Freezing Breath was evaporated by the Cardinal Rain that Velgrynd caused to fall all around them.

Neither parties were damaged, though, the aftermath of the attacks would have a huge impact in this isolated world of ice.

And while the fight appeared to be evenly matched at first, little by little the balance began to tip…


This is strange. It was Velgrynd who realized it.

Normally, if this kind of all-out battle had occurred, Velgrynd would have easily lost due to the discrepancy in max energy.

This may not have been noticed if they were not using their full strength, but there was a clear difference in the amount of energy that was being depleted, otherwise.

–No, there was.

If this had happened earlier, Velgrynd would have been slowly losing power due to the difference in speed when it came to recovering energy.

But her favorite ability, the Ultimate Skill ‘Charity King Raguel’ was now using her energy in a more efficient way that she had not been capable of previously.

It reacted to Velgrynd’s will and answered it without the slightest delay.


“Fufu, you’ve improved, Velgrynd.”

“I still have a ways to go, sister.”


Velzado sounded a little surprised, but Velgrynd answered light-heartedly.

Velgrynd really did have energy to spare.

She could think of only one possible reason for this.


It could only be the work of that suspicious looking slime. Veldora’s evil friend, Rimuru.

Velgrynd’s strongest attack, ‘Cardinal Acceleration’ had no effect on him, he had even evolved into a ‘true dragon’ just like them. A most abnormal being.

He easily surpassed Velgrynd. He was an absolute person who should not exist.

Even if he did carry the genes of a dragon, Velgrynd would not accept such a suspicious looking person as her younger brother.

But on the other hand, he had listened to Velgrynd’s request and freed Rudra. She was indebted to him.

And more than anything, it was that slime who had allowed her to manifest herself, and so she had sworn to cooperate with him.

And so there was no reason to hesitate.

The only thing that held Velgrynd back now, was her troubled heart.

Who had killed Rudra?

Who was this Velda?

None of that was important.

The important thing was that she didn’t like Velda. That was all.

He had stolen the name of her beloved brother, deceived and then controlled her only sister.

She could never forgive such a person.

After all, they were free creatures, anyone who tried to tie them down would rightfully be considered their enemy.

At least the Demon Lord Rimuru would not have tried to bind Velgrynd.

As long as he remained trustworthy, Velgrynd would not break her promise with Demon Lord Rimuru.


Velgrynd had been thinking that it would be impossible for her to win due to the discrepancy in energy.

However, that had been a mistake.

Through being devoured by Demon Lord Rimuru, Velgrynd had been reborn into something much stronger than before.


“I will end your suffering soon, sister.”

“Don’t fool yourself, Velgrynd. I’m quite busy you know. I think it is time I finish this little game we’ve been playing.”


Their gazes locked.

And then both sides released an intense energy as the fight moved into an even more ferocious realm.





Guy and Chloe continued to fight with just swords.

Neither of them was serious.

But it was still a high-level fight that they were maintaining so the other would not notice.


Guy was more entertained by the clash of the dragon sisters that was playing out above them.

And so he took notice of it immediately.

An angel of light had come to visit from above.


“Is that…”


Guy mumbled softly.

However, it was all too late.

Guy was able to confirm it as the angel laughed.


“Hey! You guys, this–”


Before Guy’s warning could reach them, a spherical barrier had appeared in the northern land.

And what then echoed was a beautiful female voice.


“Regalia Dominion!!”


Guy could see through it all in an instant.

In this territory, everyone but him would surely be affected by that ability just now.

But as rare as it was, Guy’s understanding of the situation was wrong.





Lucia let out a boisterous laugh.

Everything was happening according to Velda’s expectation.

No, it exceeded them and reach the best possible situation.

As if to say that this moment had been created through careful planning and repeatedly altering the plans as the situation changed.

Even the fact that they had not been able to control Chloe well, turned out to be to their advantage.

Because it now meant that this powerful body of a Hero was now in the possession of Lucia, Velda’s right-hand woman.

And they would soon attain two ‘dragons,’ as well.

They would use the angel-type Ultimate Skill as a medium and establish complete control.

It was one of the hidden skills within the Ultimate Skill ‘Justice King Michael.’

In this Northern Land, the strongest beings would have a showdown at the summit.

Velgrynd would surely make an appearance, as someone who was worried for her older sister, Velzado.

This was what Velda had predicted.

For some reason, ‘Telepathy’ did not reach Velgrynd, but it should be impossible for her to resist, if they used their abilities directly.

Velda was able to plan this through his extensive knowledge of the principles behind the abilities.

They meant to stop Guy from going any further, and have Velzado and Velgrynd completely under their control.


And the awoken Hero, Chloe O’Bell.

People may have considered her to be the strongest Hero, but she was still only human.

At this point, they had no use for her. She was an inconsequential being who could easily be disposed of.

–However, if she indeed had the Ultimate Skill ‘Hope King Sariel,’ then that changed things a little.

In the present, whether Chloe lived or died was but a small problem.

But viewed as a body to incarnate in, there was not likely to be a better option than Chloe’s.


Strong, beautiful.


While being in the realm of humans, she had reached the status of a god.

Clearly, this was a body worthy of becoming Lucia’s in this world.

Unlike this corpse that Velda had given her, this one was specialized for warfare.

And what made it possible was the new ability that Velda had given her– The ‘Multiple Existence.’

Lucia’s abilities were not suited for ‘Multiple Existence’ where the energy needed to be divided and used. After all, Lucia’s flesh existed as a clear vessel for her main body.

This was not because Lucia was inferior, it was just that Rimuru was a rare being who could create clones freely.

Even Veldora and Velgrynd had their bodies made through Rimuru’s powers.

But as long as Lucia was not able to freely clone her body, this precious gift that was ‘Multiple Existences’ was being wasted.

However, if she could prepare a new vessel, then all she would need to do is project her conscious into it.

Lucia’s body would only be used for giving orders. It could stay next to Velda where it could not be damaged.

And she would only transfer her conscious and energy as her spirit, into Chloe’s material body through ‘Multiple Existences.’

The fact that Chloe was here in this situation, was proof of Velda’s predictions.


She had been badly burned by Chloe before, when she had not completely succumbed to Yuuki’s controlling ability. And Lucia had not even noticed that Chloe had attained the Ultimate Skill ‘Hope King Sariel.’

Chloe was not the type to let her guard down, and she had kept this ability hidden until being pressed to her limits. Something that had annoyed Lucia greatly.

She already had the unique skills, ‘Absolute Severance’ and ‘Infinite Prison.’ Chloe was just too strong for someone who was only human.

But now, in the face of Velzado’s merciless attacks, she had no choice but to use this ability that she had been hiding.

The result of which was this lucky revelation that she too, was equipped with angel-type abilities.


Originally, this was supposed to be a plan to kill Guy.

Chloe would have only been dealt with along the way.

Guy was not someone to take lightly, and their prospects would be poor even if Velzado and Chloe took him on together.

And if they by any chance happened to lose, they would risk making Guy even stronger.

So it would be necessary for them to achieve absolute victory in order to stop this.

It would be a three-way fight that would be stretched out. That was the order given to Velzado.

They would make their move as soon as Velgrynd arrived. There would be a space-type magic circle to prevent escape and to strengthen Regalia Dominion.

And this plan worked beautifully, with the control just now being complete.

With the bonus of being able to control the Hero, Chloe.

However strong Guy was, he would surely not be able to win while taking on the dragon sisters at once.

In the mean times, Lucia would take Chloe’s body and deal the finishing blow to Guy.

Lucia had not achieved incarnation yet, but now was the perfect timing for her to do so.

The plan had been modified and turned into something much more perfect.






The ‘dragon’ sisters who had now returned to their human form were now in the place that used to be the hall.

Velgrynd had returned to this form after seeing that Velzado had already done so.

Velzado’s gaze first went towards Guy and Chloe–

No– it went past them and towards the beautiful angel that was descending from the heavens.

It must have been the one whose beautiful, echoing voice had rang after they had been covered in the barrier.

It was the enforcement of the absolute command language. A curse, or perhaps it should be called the ‘True Word,’

And that angel descended to the earth and opened its mouth.


“Remember this, I am Lord Velda’s right-hand woman, Lucia. The ‘Archangel of the End.’


She introduced itself solemnly, emanating power.

Velzado heard those words and thanked her respectfully.

Velgrynd felt uneasy by this.

But what she did not understand, was that while she felt that way, she was obeying her all the same.


“I knew it! You! Those words are to force control over anyone with angel-type abilities, aren’t they?”

“Fu. Most impressive, Guy Crimson. It’s no wonder that Lord Velda was so cautious of you. However, knowing this now will be of little use to you now. The only thing you can do is to die quietly.”

“Shut up! You sound awfully arrogant for looking like an insect!”


Guy shouted as he charged, his sword swinging.

However, his sword was easily intercepted by the barrier that Lucia had conjured in front of her.

Lucia looked at Guy and smiled derisively. Then she walked towards Chloe.

Upon hearing Guy’s words, Velgrynd was able to understand.

What it was that had just happened to her.

And also, what had been happening to her older sister.

(I won’t forgive him. I won’t ever forgive you, Velda!!)

Velgrynd was burning with so much intense emotions of anger and humiliation that she started to become dizzy.

And at the same time, she thought.

If things continued like this, everything will be according to Velda’s expectations.

Velgrynd could not resist the commands, and Velzado was completely under their control.

Even though Guy was cunning and had incredible strength, he had no hope of winning against both Velzado and Velgrynd at the same time.

Lucia seemed to be certain of her victory, as she was completely ignoring Guy’s attacks as if daring him to do his worst.

And she walked towards Chloe.


“Chloe O’Bell. Receive me.”


She said those words, and then the spirit of ‘Multiple Existences’ left Lucia and was sucked into Chloe’s body.




Guy seemed to be getting frantic as he now began to attack Chloe, but it was already too late.


Lucia had used her abilities to create a barrier in front of Chloe.

This meant that Lucia had succeeded in completely merging with her and possessing her body.

Guy had understood this and had shown signs of impatience for the first time.

Lucia knew she had won now, and a smile appeared on her face.

Now that she had finished transferring fragments of her energy and conscious into Chloe’s body, she teleported back to the heavens.

Convinced of the certainty of victory.


The strength of a Hero and Lucia’s energy.

Just now, a completely flawless being had been born.




Velgrynd could feel a wave of despair spread all around them.

But then a voice echoed in the room.


“Kua—Hahhahaha! I have arrived!”


It was a light-hearted voice that destroyed the current atmosphere.

It was a voice so full of hope that it could blow away all of their despair.





Who could this mysterious laughter be coming from!?

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