Chapter 236 In the Northern Land – Part 2




The name of Guy’s sword has been changed from ‘Gaia’ to ‘World.’




Cheerful laughter echoed in the hall.

A calmness returned to Velgrynd upon hearing this.

She no longer felt any panic over her body being controlled and not being able to move it as she wanted.

The bigger issue was that others might see her as she was shamefully under control, such as her foolish brother, Veldora– such were the thoughts in Velgrynd’s head.

That would be unpleasant.

Incredibly unpleasant.

To have her failures seen not once, but twice, this would surely result in an enormous loss of her dignity as an older sister.


(That idiot. It seems he thought I was being controlled and he got a little ahead of himself…)

She could feel the anger rising within her as the boisterous laughter reached her ears.

Velgrynd calmed herself once again and returned to carefully examining her body.

Nothing had changed, she could not will her body to react to anything. However, as she continued to search for the cause, she detected some meddling had occurred by the Ultimate Skill that had been carved deep into her soul.

So this was the reason–

With the Ultimate Skill ‘Charity King Raguel’ as its axis, a fragile corridor had been constructed that connected with the Ultimate Skill ‘Justice King Michael’

One could observe that the ‘Regalia Domination’ that Lucia had referred to, had been conducted through this corridor.

And this meant that the Ultimate Skill itself had been built with control circuits, to begin with…

(In other words, this was the mechanism for emergency control that her older brother created. Is that what it was—)

Velgrynd began to realize the true purpose of this mechanism that controlled her and her older sister Velzado.

If this mechanism had been constructed by her older brother Veldanava, then that would mean it was next to impossible to disarm it.

Veldora’s appearance had erased the sense of hopelessness, but the situation was still less than ideal.

She wanted to angrily click her tongue, but her body would not even allow her that.

(Now, what was one to do?)

As soon as she thought this, a mysterious voice echoed from deep within Velgrynd.


–((If you wish it, I will offer you even more power))–


The strange voice whispered to her.

It was not something so simple as an auditory hallucination, it was a clear voice that gave the impression of a strong will behind it.

It seemed terribly similar to ‘the Voice of the World,’ but there was also something slightly soft and kindly sophisticated about it.

But the problem was the meaning behind the words.

(Even more power? If I received it, would I be able to free myself from this situation?)


–((It is possible, I assure you))–


(I see, so it is possible. Well, then there is no need to hesitate!)

Velgrynd readily gave her consent.


If Velgrynd was given an opportunity to leave this situation– where she was shamefully displayed in front of her fool brother— she was ready to accept it without hesitation, even if it meant making a deal with the devil.


–((I have confirmed your will. I will activate ‘Alteration.’))


The ‘voice’ announced.

In an instant, she felt the reverberations of an unfathomable power.

It was coming from deep within her, gently enveloping her entire body.


((Notice: Individual’s Name: ‘Scorch Dragon’ Velgrynd’s Ultimate Skill, ‘Charity King Raguel’ has evolved into the Ultimate Skill, ‘Flame God Cthugha’))


Accompanied by a fantastical and dignified ring, the ‘Voice of the World’ spoke with pride.

But this voice was only audible for Velgrynd. Because this entire scene was being hidden.

And now, Velgrynd was freed from every yoke.


Velgrynd’s mind had nearly halted at these unbelievable things that had just happened to her.

There was too much information that was not normal. Velgrynd hated to think about things and she could not hide her confusion.

But in the end, none of that really mattered.

Right now, the most important thing was…

There was only one person that Velgrynd could think of that would be able to make this recent phenomenon possible.

That aloof slime.

Veldora’s friend who was known as Demon Lord Rimuru.


(Could it be…! Could it be that slime… meddled with the control circuits embedded in my Ultimate Skill, and then embedded my will and abilities into the extra space so it could evolve!? That was no mere optimization!! Such an insane thing could only be done by Veldanava– If there was anyone who could do it at all…)

Velgrynd shivered as she imagined the impossible.

She nearly fell into a loop of shocking considerations, but now was really not the time to be doing this, and she turned her consciousness back to the present.

Lucia was looking at her with unease, but Velgrynd decided that it was nothing to care about.

This was because to Velgrynd, Lucia now looked like nothing more than an inconsequential weakling.

Velgrynd’s abilities had improved on such a colossal level for her to be able to think like this.




Fufufu, Fuhahahaha!

I was directed toward the place where my two older sisters were, and for I moment I was not sure what would happen, but God did not abandon me after all!

Veldora thought, feeling a sense of relief from the bottom of his heart.


His two sisters had been under someone’s control.

They could not move through their own will and had to obey whatever the angel known as Lucia, wanted them to do.

This was a great opportunity for Veldora to look good and come to their rescue. Through this, his two older sisters would have to be grateful to him.

And they would repent for oppressing him all along and ask for his forgiveness.


That was the scenario that Veldora had created in his mind.

(A lot had happened, but who would have thought he would be given such an opportunity… He must be thankful to Rimuru–)

He was thankful for his good fortune and his friend’s directives as he opened his mouth once again.


“O Guy, you seem to be in trouble there. But rest assured. There is no need to worry now that I am here!”

“It’s you Veldora. I’m grateful, to be honest. It was impossible for even me to deactivate that command while I was fighting. I understood the principle behind the ability, but deactivating it would be too difficult.”

“Oh? I’m impressed. So does that mean we don’t have to kill them, just stop them from moving and deactivate the control?”

“Yes. We might be able to do something if we think hard enough. However, there’s the two sisters and that powerful hero. Don’t you think we should disable those three first? I think that I would be dead if you hadn’t come to save me.”

“Kua—Ahahhaha! If that is the case, then you should be even more thankful for me!”

Veldora was getting a little carried away.

Guy looked quite exasperated by this, but he kept his mouth closed.

As he had just said, it would be very difficult to beat those three, even with Veldora’s help.

Killing them would be bad enough, but disarming them was on a whole different level of difficulty.

If anything, Guy wanted to ask Veldora how he could be so laid-back all the time.


“Kukuku, well then, Guy. You should take care of the Hero. I will quickly dispose of my two good sisters!”


When Veldora finally stopped laughing, he stepped forward with a fearless smile.

There was no hesitation as he walked towards Velgrynd.


“Velgrynd. Kill this fool.”


Lucia ordered as she cast a cold glance towards Veldora.

And then–



A powerful sound echoed through the hall.

Veldora looked confused. For some reason, his cheeks were now red and puffy.

His eyes blinked as he tried to consider what had just happened.

(Huh? Was it just me, or did my sister just move with her own free will… It wasn’t quite murderous, but I felt a strong intention to hurt me!?)

Veldora trembled at the thought.

(Could, could it be!? It was outrageous!!)

He was facing a reality he did not want to believe. A bead of sweat ran down his forehead.


“Hey, Veldora. You. Right now. Did you say something about disposing of me? Or did I perhaps mishear you?”


Velgrynd’s beautiful face showed a gentle smile as she slowly walked closer and closer to Veldora.

But Veldora knew the truth.

This was by no means a gentle creature, it was all the fear in the world embodied.


“Ah, hoow…!?”

“That’s not what I asked, you fo—ol!!”


Her fist came for him.

Veldora’s thinking circuits could not operate as if they were paralyzed. He could not evade her.

Perhaps it was sad, but memories of fear that had been carved into his instincts as a child were now preventing him from acting.

An incredibly heavy, painful and yet completely harmless blow hit Veldora.

It did not take long for his eyes to become wet with tears.


“Ck… This doesn’t make any sense! How are you able to move? Aren’t you supposed to be under her control!?”

“Silence! Did you think that I would fall for the same trick over and over again? Did you underestimate me? Is that it? Veldora?”

“Uh, no… I surely did not mean to imply…”


Veldora realized as he shook there, that there was nothing to do but wait for his sister’s wrath to subside.


What really defied reason here, was that she could inflict pain on Veldora’s main body by skipping past the ‘Parallel Existence.’

And the reason for that was…


“Hmph. Well, that is useful. I see it is a ‘Space-time Continuum Attack.’ It allows me to surpass space and time to attack, ignoring ‘Parallel Existence’ or ‘Multiple Existence’ or whatever.”


Velgrynd nodded satisfactorily.

Hearing this, Veldora’s face turned pale.

What Velgrynd’s words meant was that he could no longer leave a clone as a sacrifice and run away.

His ‘Parallel Existence’ ability had given him a strong advantage, but now it had become completely useless.

This was the birth of the worst kind of enemy for Veldora.

(Woah–, why did you have to do such a thing, Rimuru!!)

Veldora screamed internally.

He couldn’t think of anyone else who would do such an unnecessary thing for his sister Velgrynd, other than his friend Rimuru.

Velgrynd seemed to have been satiated after punching Veldora for a while, and she now turned back towards Velzado.

But Velodora began to grumble something about how ‘this was supposed to be my moment… This was not how things were supposed to play out…’ and she turned to him again.


“Shut up. You look pathetic. If you are my brother, you will not show your stupidity any further. Veldora, I will leave the Hero to you. She’s important to your friend, right? Then you better not allow yourself to lose. I will fight our older sister.”


“Don’t be tedious! Do you really want me to repeat myself?”

“Understood, sister!”


Veldora bowed respectfully to show that he understood her words.

He knew that it would be most foolish to go against her commands.

Veldora rubbed at the cheek that had been punched as began to move towards the hero, Chloe who was now possessed by Lucia.



Velgrynd watched him leave and then turned to look at Guy.


“Guy, do you know how to deactivate the control on my older sister?”

“Yes, I can do it. However, it won’t happen if I have to fight her at the same time.”

“That’s not a problem. The Hero, Chloe will be distracted by my foolish brother. You can use your full concentration on deactivating the control.”


Guy stopped to think a little upon hearing this request from Velgrynd.

It should be possible. After all, he had seen it happen in front of his eyes, so he understood the principle behind it.

The real issue here would be the time.

“Listen, as it is, it will take me too much time to disarm it. I will be using a specialized operation to do it, so I need you to protect me in the meantime, okay? I should also tell you that my fighting abilities will be lowered significantly, so we will be defeated in the instant that you lose. But I suppose you don’t mind any of that?”

“I don’t. Hurry up and start already.”


With Velgrynd’s confirmation, Guy decided to put his trust in both of them.

Even if she lost and he died, he would still be able to revive in a few hundred years at the worst.

A defeat was not particularly desirable for someone as strong as Guy, but it was not something to turn away from either.

He would just think of it as having been a way to avoid boredom, he would have no regrets about this.


“Very well. It’s quite annoying to see my trusted partner, Velzado controlled like this for so long, I might as help her already.”


So saying, Guy started the transformation rite, which he had not done for quite a while.




Velgrynd and Velzado were facing each other.

And Veldora was walking towards the Hero Chloe– in other words, Lucia.

It appeared that everyone was sizing up their opponents.

Yet there was no panic on Lucia’s part.

No, she felt that there was no need for panic.

She knew how strong Veldora was.

He had defeated Dagrule, so his strength was real.

But, for Lucia–


“Velzado, you must kill Velgrynd.”


Lucia gave the simple order.

But, inside there was one question she had that prevented her from being calm.

There was no question that the control circuit for Velgrynd had been severed.

But she did not know what the reason was. The control circuit that Velda had prepared was impossible to sever by anyone who was not the one controlling them.

The only reasons she could think of was an evolution of abilities or the loss of Angel-type abilities due to degeneration.

But in this situation, could such a phenomena so conveniently occur?

Such were the questions inside of her head.

However, Lucia decided to not think hard on these things.

She had an interest in it, but she felt that there would be time to think of it later.

Questions had arisen, but it was not a problem in terms of fighting.

She still had the strongest ‘True Dragon’ as a trump card.

And Lucia herself had reached the position of being unbeatable herself.

Just as Lucia had given the order to Velzado, Chloe brandished the sword she was holding.

Her body began to naturally move, her swordsmanship was perfect.

Seeing that she had completely attained Chloe’s abilities, Lucia became certain of her victory.

Currently, Lucia’s body was protected by ‘Castle Guard,’ and yet she still had ‘Hero Chloe’ to go on the offensive.

So, her body would not be hurt no matter what happened, there was no way that she could possibly be defeated.

There was no attack that could go past her defenses.





Velgrynd’s azure colored hair spread out in waves as if it were fire.

At the same time, Velzado’s pure white hair twisted upward like a blizzard.

The two moved in unison. Vast shock waves of nuclear proportions scattered about them as they prepared for battle.

The red fist roared as it smashed into Velzado’s ‘Snow Crystal’ and crushed it.

The shards turned into beautiful diamond dust and rained down on Velgrynd.


Now that Velgrynd had become the god of fire incarnate, frost-based attacks had no effect on her.

Their abilities were not on the same level.

With strength that had increased remarkably, Velgrynd shot towards Velzado.

Now that Guy would be responsible for disarming the control, it was just a matter of buying more time.

As if testing the enhanced powers she held, Velgrynd would take on Velzado.





Veldora entered a fighting stance towards Chloe.

And thought:

Why am I barehanded?

Chloe has a sword, so why am I barehanded? These thoughts entered his head, but bringing this up now would only incur the wrath of his older sister.

To be very clear, Chloe’s skills with a sword were above first-rate. Veldora knew that there were none who could beat her.

He had learned this the hard way once, and so being barehanded was not very good news for him.

Because neither of them had any Ultimate Skills at the time, he was able to disarm Chloe’s ‘Absolute Severance’ with the advantages of being a creature of pure energy.

After all, Chloe had been fighting with Guy on equal footing not a moment ago.

This was incredibly bad–Veldora thought.

Well, his anxiety was of the level of ‘it might hurt if I get cut…’

Just then, a single sword thrust into the ground in front of Veldora.

The demon sword, ‘World.’ It was the best sword in the world.


“Hey, use that.”


Veldora spun around, and before him was a shockingly beautiful woman.

Divine scarlet hair ran down her back, her generous breasts and rounded buttocks were magnified by her thin and toned waist.

It was a transformed Guy.


“Are you, Guy?”

“Huh? Who else would it be? Of course, it is me.”


Guy replied in annoyance at Veldora’s question.

Guy had no real fixation on gender, and couldn’t care less about appearances.

What was more important was abilities.

Unlike the male form, which was specialized for battle, the female one was specialized for operations.

Guy had considered that it was necessary to enhance his information processing ability as much as possible in order to disarm the control circuits that Veldanava had installed.

And so he had changed into a female form for the first time in a long while.

That was all it was.


“Well, I shall use it then.”

“Good. Don’t you dare lose, okay?”

“Kua—Hahahhah! What a foolish thing to say! I have been waiting for this opportunity to seriously fight a Hero. This is a good chance, and I intend to take it seriously!”


So Veldora said, his confidence regained. Guy only replied with a ‘Well, do your best then.”

Because it would be a waste of time to talk to him any further.

Guy switched his concentration over to Velzado as he looked towards her.


(Wait a moment, I’ll free you in no time)

He concentrated deeply and quietly, sharpening his abilities.

Guy was raising his already high processing abilities for ‘God Speed Operation’ to an excited state.

He used all of his energy towards this without hesitation, then he initiated ‘Spiritual Dive’ in Velzado’s direction.


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