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Tensei Slime

Chapter 237 In the Northern part – Conclusion

Seeing Velgrynd had become so unexpectedly strong, Velzado couldn’t hide her surprise.


The mixed feelings of being happy with her little sister’s growth and of rage towards obstacles on her path.


And, she had to acknowledge this as an hindrance. She had no choice but to kill Guy.


(Fine, Velgrynd. I shall recognize you as my enemy.)


And then, finally, she resolved herself to activate the ultimate skill she was hiding, Envious King Leviathan.


However, that was a choice unthinkable for the original Velzado.


After all, if she ends up showing Velgrynd the skill she was hiding as her trump card, it would end up losing its value as a trump card against Demon Lord Guy Crimson.


Velzado, who is supposedly calm, didn’t even realize such a simple thing.


No, she couldn’t realize.


Her thoughts were now painted over by Regalia Dominion, telling her to defeat the enemies in front of her. *


Still being able to hold her ego — that just goes to show how strong of a spirit Velzado possesses.


However, even Velzado, who has such a strong spirit–


Can’t go against the order by Regalia Dominion.


After a moment’s hesitation, Velzado released her blades of jealousy towards Velgrynd.





Velgrynd had quickly realized that being able to fight her elder sister Velzado on better than equal terms was due to overcoming and evolving Flame God Cthugha’s superior skills.

Her loss would be inevitable if she didn’t have an equal or better skill, as she was losing in terms of total energy.

But now, even though her total energy was still less, she was able to fight efficiently on equal terms with her elder sister. She couldn’t help but be surprised at this evolution.


And even that energy was now–


(What is this… connection?–Soul Corridor–? There’s this strange energy flowing into me the more I want it…)


That’s right, by using the Soul Corridor which was constructed when she was inside Rimuru, it was possible for her to refill energy.


Velgrynd had used up most of her energy when she used Alteration and Ignition with Flame God Cthugha but, right afterwards, energy came flowing into her via the Soul Corridor and her energy was close to being completely replenished.


I feel like I can’t lose–that was Velgrynd’s honest thought.


But at that moment, she noticed her elder sister’s expression suddenly change.


(Is it coming?!)


Velgrynd put up her guard.


And that hunch was correct–the very next moment, Velzado’s trump card was activated against Velgrynd.


Whiteout Absorb!!”


An attack using all of Velzado’s strength.


It was her strongest attack–a combination of skill Patience King Gabriel’s Suspended World, Patience King Gabriel’s Air Wall and Envious King Leviathan’s Absorb.


With that attack coming at her, Velgrynd accelerated her energy to the max to resist it.


Cardinal Acceleration!!”


White and red–two auroras were formed from the impact.


A severe earthquake occured in the North as snow and ice continuously subliminated and froze, creating a death blizzard.


Velzado emerged victorious.


By using her hidden Ultimate Skill, Envious King Leviathan, Velgrynd’s Ultimate Skill was downgraded.


On top of that, for some reason, the energy Velzado was supposed to have used up was recovering.


To degrade the opponent’s skills in the battlefield–that was the true essence of Envious King Leviathan’s skills.


Moreover, it also has the effect of absorbing the target’s energy…


She overwhelmed Velgrynd using her max energy and absorbed that energy back on top of that.


Now that Velgrynd’s skills were downgraded, it seemed impossible for her to win.


“That’s the end, Velgrynd. I shall praise you that you have improved enough to oppose me. But the result won’t change. You’re not a threat when I am serious. And now, I have also downgraded your skills. It is impossible for you to have an advantage over me anymore.”

Yes, to Velzado, Velgrynd wasn’t a threat, just a hindrance along the way.


After all, because of their skills, Velgrynd wouldn’t be able to breakthrough Velzado’s defense.





“But still, nee-san. There’s no need for me to defeat you, you know? Besides, even if you have downgraded my skills, the original acceleration skill has not been affected. As long as skills are nothing but an assistance, it won’t affect me even if I lose them!”


Velgrynd boldly declared.


And in reality, Velgrynd’s skills were returning to normal under Acceleration.


Now that she has accelerated her energy at full speed, it won’t affect her even if Flame God Cthugha is sealed.


And, most importantly–


(Hurry up, Guy. Hurry up and release my sister from that control!)


Velgrynd didn’t need to defeat Velzado.


Velgrynd would win just by buying time for Guy to release Regalia Dominion from Velzado.


And, in this very moment, inside Velzado’s spiritual world, Guy was about to finish the final task.







Penetrating through the multiple spiritual defenses, Guy dived towards the heart’s abyss.


If he loses focus, he will lose himself to Velzado’s soul and the Spiritual Dive will be broken.


If that happens, Guy’s consciousness itself will disappear.


Although he was under pressure, Guy kept breaking the defenses without panicking.


And he finally found it.


A young Velzado, sitting hugging her knees.


“Yo, I have searched all over for you, you know?”


Guy started talking naturally and carefully.


This was the do-or-die situation. Because this conversation will decide Velzado’s next movements.


“What? What did you come here for? You here to laugh at me?”


Velzado’s young appearance asked Guy.


“No, I have come to get you. Let’s go back already, Velzado.”


Guy shrugged his shoulders and answered.


That reply irritated Velzado.


That was always the case.


Guy always had a condescending attitude, talking to Velzado one-sidedly.


Not even worrying about Velzado, he says it bluntly like it is only natural.


“What is with that?! Even though you never ask for my opinions, I am always, always the one enduring! I had the role of guiding this world my brother left behind, as the Tuner. That’s why I always observed you so that you don’t go on a rampage. Even though I hated doing it… Velgrynd went to the man she wanted to and Veldora also went wild as he pleased. I was the only one enduring all this time, you know?! And this is all because, Guy, you were acknowledged by my brother! Because you were the only one other than my brother who could destroy this world. I couldn’t leave your side… I was the only one enduring… But even now, you are trying to leave me behind. I won’t allow that, ever. Why do you have to support that suspicious slime now?! It would have been fine if we just lived here, in the North, quietly! There’s no way you can win against my brother. If you are going to be killed by my brother either way, I would rather be the one to put you to rest!”


Guy’s words had lit a fire in Velzado’s frozen heart.


Full of rage, she threw everything she was unsatisfied about towards Guy.


With all her feelings, she lashed into Guy with her furious will.


And although these words turned into imaginary blades cutting into Guy’s body, he didn’t even try to dodge.


He just stood there, exposed to all the attacks without resistance, as if to take in all of Velzado’s anger and discontent.


“Besides… you even acknowledged a human but won’t even look at me… What exactly am I then?! Even though I always tried hard, just to be acknowledged by you… Where do I stand then?!”


The attacks slowly became weaker and before long, Velzado just kept striking Guy’s chest without any strength.

“You’re stupid, aren’t ya? You don’t know how much I care about you? You’re my one and only partner.”


“Stupid?! I don’t want to be called stupid by you, the one who keeps on doing whatever he pleases all the time!”


“I don’t have a choice, do I? You could have just complained if you wanted to. You’re hung up about such stupid things. Besides, I lost to Veldanava a long time ago, alright? I will win next time!”


Before he noticed, Velzado had stopped hitting Guy.


And then, burying her face in Guy’s chest, said,


“….You are the stupid one. There’s no way you can win–”


“It might be impossible alone. So help me out. You will fight together with me, right? Velzado?”




Velzado was lost for words.


–And, towards those very Guy-like words,


“I hate you. I really, really, really, really, really hate you. I hate, hate, hate, hate you so much that I, love you.”


With her whole heart, Velzado confessed.


And Guy’s response to that was very light–


“Yea, I knew.”


As if it was nothing to him.


“So arrogant, really so dis–”


“Right? That is proof that I am me.”


“This just makes me look like an idiot, getting all worked up by myself for no reason…”


“That’s right. I also think so, you know?”


“…That’s the part where you disagree and console me, you know?”


“Eh, why? So bothersome. Come on now, just cut off that rule. If you don’t hurry, even Velgrynd won’t last long.”


Which was true–if the fight prolonged, Velgrynd would be in a pinch.


After all, the moment the energy from Rimuru’s Soul Corridorstops coming, she will have lost.


“As always, you’re not kind at all towards me–”


“Really? That’s ‘cause you’re my partner. Isn’t it because you’re like my family–that I don’t have to be considerate?”


“Partner…… Family………, Family?!”


Velzado’s face turned red in an instant.


She panickedly jumped away from Guy.


Still oblivious, Guy was still as calm as ever.


“Let’s get outta here already.”


He said, without paying any heed to Velzado’s feelings.


And although she was feeling a bit disappointed towards Guy’s attitude, she was relieved by his usual behaviour.


There was already no hesitation in her heart and her eyes shone bright.


And then, to resist the Regalia Dominion controlling her, she concentrated.


“I understand, I also resolved myself. But, cutting away from my brother’s rule isn’t easy…”


“There is a way. It seems like he is controlling you by using the angel skill as the key. So, if you just neutralize it with a demon skill, it should get rid of that key. If you do that then, no matter how powerful the control is, you can resist it.”


Guy declared without hesitation.


In his words, there was absolute confidence that Velzado could do it.


“You make it sound so easy. Very well, I shall meet your expectations.”


And then, Velzado overcame her hesitation and faced her brother’s spell deep within her consciousness.


Reacting to the change in Velzado’s consciousness, the ultimate skills carved into her soul each started fighting to put the other under its rule.


As Velzado willed, Envious King Leviathan snapped at Patience King Gabriel. Paitience King Gabriel tried to protect the key to the rule until the end with its strong defensive powers.


It seemed like the battle within Velzado’s spiritual world fell into a stalemate.


However, Guy was not going allow that.


“Velzado, I will help you just a bit.”


Saying that, Guy activated an imitation of the impossible skill he saw just a while before.




It was Velgrynd’s evolved skill, Alteration.

[Fuse Ultimate Skill: Patience King Gabriel and Envious King Leviathan and activate ‘Alteration’?   YES/NO]


Voice of the World echoed inside Velzado’s mind.


(This is Guy’s help?! I guess I will believe him on this.)


Velzado chose YES without doubting.


[Confirmed. Individual Name: “Ice Dragon” Velzado’s Ultimate Skill: Gabriel and Leviathan fused and evolved to Ultimate Skill: Ice God Cthulhu.]


The moment that voice reverberated throughout her spiritual world, the key binding her heart was destroyed.


Velzado had integrated with the skill beautifully.


(This is the mental state Velgrynd arrived at?! And–The strength Guy gave me. If I have this skill, no one can control me.)


Velzado took it naturally.


If she and Guy worked together, they would have no enemies in this world.


“See? It was easy, right?”


Guy’s irritating, arrogant voice also reverberated in her heart.


“Yes, it was… Really, I seem like such an idiot now…”


“Really? But I don’t hate that, you know? That part of you too.”


Velzado laughed a bit.


The young Velzado had disappeared.


Only the actual Velzado was there, beautiful and graceful.


With a smile, she quietly muttered ‘I am back’ to Guy.







Guy’s consciousness instantly returned to his own body.


A slight impatience could be seen on his face.


Although it was him who did it, he was astonished by Velzado’s rapid evolution due to Alteration.


(What exactly is that? That wasn’t something as simple as skill altering. Moreover, I only just activated it–it felt like something else took over as the representative… As if it knew I was going to do that…)


Towards Guy, who looked as if he was about to drift into deep thoughts,


“You back? What happened to my sister?”


Velgrynd asked.


“Yea, she safely removed the rule. She will probably wake up soon.”


And just as Guy answered, Velzado opened her eyes.


“I caused you some trouble, Guy. And Velgrynd, sorry to have shown you this unsightly sight of me. Also, I apologize for insulting Rudra.”


Saying that, she lowered her head towards Guy and Velgrynd.


“For nee-san to apologize to me, that is crazy. But, I am glad you’re fine. I couldn’t accept you being controlled by something.”


“Sorry I worried you. But, putting aside whether Velda is brother or not, his strength is the same as brother’s, you know?”


“Hmm. Even if that is the case, if that’s not brother–No, even if that was brother, there’s no change in the fact that we have to defeat Velda. I need to take revenge for Rudra, after all.”


“You’re very straightforward, huh, Velgrynd… I am a bit jealous.”


The two sisters directly looked at each other, confirming their will.


Towards those two, Guy said ‘That’s fine and all but let’s get this over with already’.


Guy had already returned to battle form while they were talking.


And then the three looked towards the girl Veldora was fighting against.




The Hero Chloe—No, the Ultimate Skill: Core Manas which took over her body, Lucia. *




Her white blade glistened and Chloe’s body split into two.


No, that was just an illusion.


It was the interference caused by a blade of will released from inside Chloe which made it look as if her body split to those there.


Veldora had blade wounds here and there but none were fatal.


The two sisters were relieved to see that.


But Guy’s vision was glued to Chloe–


(I see, so you really were hiding it–)


A smile appeared on Guy’s face.


He had realized.


Lucia’s disappearance and Chloe’s victory.


And–just now, the fight in the North had ended.


*Proofreader’s Notes: The implication is that normally Velzado thinks tactically and strategically.  Hiding trump cards until needed is after all, common sense.  Regalia Dominion is making her use her carefully hidden trump card simply because there is an enemy in front of her, her own sister…


Proofreader’s Notes:  Manas is a term from buddism which means mind.  The Ultimate Skill: Core Manas: Lucia was created by Velda to counterfeit the soul of Lucia.  (according to the Slime wiki, there’s evidence to suggest that Rimuru is the reincarnation of Lucia, due to his Wisdom King Raphael, Lucia’s Ultimate Skill when she was still alive.)


Proofreader: Userunfriendly






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