Tensei Slime

Chapter 238 Justice and Contradiction

Fixing her gaze on the man approaching her, Chloe reflexively took her stance.


She felt a bit guilty, seeing how excited the man looked.


She thought that, if he had been looking forward to their fight this much, she would have liked to face him seriously.


It doesn’t matter if Veldora challenges Chloe in his true form, the result won’t change.


Chloe’s fighting style revolved around the sword and no matter who her opponent is, that will not change.


Her weapon, having the shape of an uchigatana (variation of the katana), was a God level holy weapon.


This sword has been with Chloe for a long time and was now equal to one of the best magic swords, ‘World’.


It was constantly protecting Chloe, like a part of her body.


It was a supreme sword, which could even cut spiritual beings.




But the Chloe of now could not even properly oppose Veldora.


It was because she was under Lucia’s ‘Regalia Dominion’ and had lost her free will……








Having acquired Chloe’s body, Lucia was at the peak of her triumph.


She had completely placed Velzado under her command and made her fight against Velgrynd.


Guy was troublesome but at Lucia’s current strength, she felt that she wouldn’t have any problems even if she faced both Guy and Veldora together.


And in reality, Veldora couldn’t do anything against her.


He got the sword from Guy but his skills were nowhere near as good.


No, it was just that Lucia was too strong.


After completely making Chloe’s sword skills her own, she could read Veldora’s every move.


Overwhelming strength–that was the Hero Chloe’s true worth, Lucia thought.


And that’s not all.


The affinity with her seraph energy and the Ultimate Skill: Hope King Sariel was strangely high.


Lucia’s real body was being flawlessly protected by Ultimate Skill: Justice King Michael’s Castle Guard.


And now, she had acquired Ultimate Skill: Hope King Sariel’s Absolute Severance.


Ultimate defense and ultimate offense.


Lucia, being a Manas, possessed the wisdom to unravel the secrets of the skills.


And that is exactly why she was able to think of a way to merge these two ultimates into one.


–It would be fine if I just incorporate Infinite Prison into Absolute Severance. In the first place, she had Castle Guard for defense so there was no need to worry–


That was what Lucia had thought.


She would make Chloe into her sword and incorporate her into Justice King Michael.


If she does that, she would become a being with the strongest defense and offense in one body–absolute perfection.


Besides, Infinite Prison isn’t originally an ability for defense.


It is an ability to seal spiritual beings, who are hard to kill.


(It seems like the hero Chloe was using it as a defensive skill as she was inexperienced as a human and couldn’t fully master the skill but… It is an unnecessary skill now. I could use it to its full extent but why do something half-assed like sealing them? I will completely annihilate my enemies. That’s right–Under the name of justice, I will annihilate God’s enemies!)


And that thought process was what made Lucia decide to eliminate Infinite Prison.


–And end up opening the forbidden door–


Even though Lucia knew about it, since she had the wisdom of the deep secrets of skills…


The fact that that skill, Infinite Prison, is an skill for the sake of sealing.


Just like how a Pandora Box which has all of the world’s evil trapped inside, deep inside Chloe’s heart, such an evil was sealed.


Once released, it will bring chaos and disaster upon the world.


The reason why Ramiris tried to block it when the Chloe from the future unified with the Chloe from past was because of this.


This evil has undergone many different kinds of defeat while travelling through time again and again. Chloe had continued keeping it sealed with her strong will.


However, such feelings ripened inside Chloe’s heart and gave birth to a repulsive personality.

“If you hadn’t woken up the sleeping child, I would have been your opponent……”


Those were Chloe’s words.


Leaving those words, Chloe’s consciousness switched.


If Chloe is the hero of atonement who bears all the failures of humankind, she is also the god killing hero who detests humanity’s sins and condemns them.


A being who wasn’t Chloe all the while being Chloe.


Without a shred of mercy, passes judgement on all things.


The name of which is, ‘Manas’ Chronoa.


Now, as the seal was undone, it was released from the heart’s prison.


Even though they were exactly the same being, their levels of strength were in a completely different dimension.


Even Yuuki’s skill (Order/Wish of Three), which was binding Chloe till then, was severed.


There isn’t a being alive who can seal Chloe now.


After all, the flawless being, whom Lucia was talking about, was exactly Chloe.


–However, this Chloe wouldn’t lose to the evil.


Unwavering will–Fragments of Shizue and Hinata’s hearts were also living inside Chloe’s heart, after all.


And above all, Rimuru is here now.


Chloe was able to properly understand that Chronoa was nothing but another side to herself.


She just accepted Chronoa upfront and completely merged her two selves.


Now that Chronoa was released and accepted by Chloe, Hope King Sariel was disappearing into Chloe’s heart, as it had completed its mission.


With all its abilities being able to be used by Chloe.


“Justice–What exactly is justice? Is it something subjective, your foundation? If so, then you’re no enemy of mine–” *


Lucia felt like she heard Chloe’s voice.


(Don’t fool around with me! Justice is the only everlasting thing!)


She tried to talk back but was unable to.


Within a moment, Lucia’s consciousness fell into complete darkness…


That was the work of Chloe’s spiritual world.


With Chloe’s death blade — Absolute Severance — Lucia’s consciousness was cut off without permitting any resistance.


And like this, the fight at the North came to an end.






Velzado shook off the restraints on her and Chloe severed Yuuki’s skill.


Although there were some who were exhausted but they were all basically safe.


“Kua–hahahaha! It seems like it is a draw for today, huh?”


Veldora, having cuts all over his body, dodged the last blade strike from Chloe just barely and was relieved to know that it was finally over.


And, at the end, nonchalantly insisted on calling it a draw.


That last attack was impossible to analyze, even for Veldora. Worst case, it might have had his sister, Velgrynd’s Cardinal Acceleration properties but that is something one must not think about.


He did feel somewhat scared but–you lose if you worry.


He also wanted to fight seriously with the Hero but that was because he wanted to win against her, not lose.


And as such, Veldora decided he was satisfied with a draw.


“Is that so? You looked like you really wanted to fight me so I wouldn’t mind being your opponent after this big fight is over…”


“Mmm?! N-no, it’s okay–you don’t need to be considerate. Kuahahaha, I also saw most of your attacks from this exchange so there will be no need for any fights for a while.”


Somewhat panicking, Veldora rejected Chloe’s offer.


He was also a bit scared of his two sisters’ glance towards him but he pretended to not notice that.


At the very least, he knew very well that he wouldn’t stand a chance with his current sword skills.


There was no lie in Veldora’s words.


But inside, he had sworn to brush up his sword skills thoroughly and rigorously.


Guy was the next person to talk to Chloe.


Returning to his usual male form, he started speaking to Chloe while taking back his sword from Veldora.


“Yo, so that’s your true power?”


Chloe nodded.


But more importantly…


“Hmm? It seems like there’s some seraph energy still remaining. Moreover…”

Making all that into her own energy very naturally, Chloe had actually taken most of Lucia’s energy.


And that’s not all, Justice King Michael’s fragments were remaining as Manas Lucia’s residue.


And as a result of that–





Individual Name: Chloe O’Bell.

Confirmation that the three elements, Courage, Hope, and Justice, have been gathered. Moreover, qualification to possess the Ultimate Skill:

Space-Time King Yog Sothoth has been confirmed. Automatically activating Alteration… Success.

Ultimate Skill: Hope King Sariel evolved into Ultimate Skill: Space-Time King Yog Sothoth]


Inside Chloe, her ultimate abilities were evolving without her knowing.


Even the seraphs’ enormous energy wasn’t anywhere near enough to activate that ability…


Because of which, Chloe’s evolution was over without anyone noticing.


Due to the complete concealment of Ultimate Skill: Space-Time King Yog Sothoth, even Guy didn’t notice the evolution.


“Seems like it. So, what happened to that Lucia person?”


Guy didn’t pay much heed to the remaining seraph energy and asked about Lucia.


“I overcame her possession on me. But her real body is unaffected.”


“Did you let her escape?”


Guy asked with a sharp glance. To which Chloe just muttered, ‘No’.


There was a small smile in her face.


In that expression, there was a glimpse of cruelty there as if–


Or perhaps, it was all just a hallucination.


Either way, it was proof enough that Chronoa’s remains were still in Chloe after the merging.


Even a method the normal Chloe wouldn’t even think about, Chronoa would execute it without hesitation.


However that is… as one would think, not fitting for Chloe…


And so, Chloe decided on entrusting the decision to Lucia herself.


“If Lucia accepts her defeat obediently, then it’s all fine but if not–She will know the meaning of despair.”


Chloe declared, gazing at Guy with eyes which had strong will hidden in them.


It just showed that her victory was already decided.


And for some reason–It wouldn’t be Chloe who will be deciding Lucia’s ultimate fate, that’s how it felt to her.


“Then it’s fine. Alright, then let’s go defeat Velda already.”


“Right, let’s defeat the mastermind already–I want to return to Sensei soon.”


Guy and Chloe agreed.


As his body was aching all over, Veldora was about to say that he would go back once to recover but fell silent in front of his sisters’ gazes.


It was an extremely wise decision.


And like this, 5 of the topmost beings of this world had started moving towards the celestial world.









“Impossible, impossible, impossible!!”


In a half maniacal state, Lucia was shouting while in her real body in the celestial world.


Just now, something impossible had happened.


A simple human had just smashed the ultimate mind, a Manas.


She couldn’t possibly accept such a thing.


While thinking that, Lucia derived the optimum solution while still in a state of confusion.


–That’s right, I should just get rid of the North, all of it–


After having thought of that, Lucia regained peace in her heart.


And then, she turned and smiled at that person.


With a kind, affectionate expression, she said,


“Milim, I want you to listen to one of your mother’s requests–”


A frightening plan that Lucia had just thought of.


A plan to obliterate Chloe along with Guy by having Milim bombard the North Continent from a very high altitude with her Drago Nova.


She ordered Velzado, who was under her command, with Thought Transmission and told her to stop the other three from moving.


She was planning to strike them all at once.


If she matches the timing and makes Velzado self-destruct, it would give birth to an enormous explosion.


With Drago Nova’s added effect, it will probably destroy the North Continent altogether.


It might also affect the whole planet itself but such a thing was very trivial to Lucia.


Guy, Chloe, Velgrynd and Veldora.


It would all be fine if she just gets rid of these four.


With such a big explosion engulfing them, even if they are really strong, it would be impossible for them to survive.


Lucia worked out such a solution.


“Milim, listen–”


And just when she was about to continue–


“Good grief, can fools not even accept their own defeat?”


Such a cold comment came from Milim.


Opening her eyes wide in shock, Lucia stared at Milim.


“I shall have you stop you doing foolish things while wearing my mother’s appearance.”


Milim said bluntly with a daring smile.


As if it was all a lie–her being obedient like a doll up until now.


“Hey–you?! Don’t tell me you’re not under the influence of the command–?!”


“Hm, you finally realized? I have been obedient till now ‘cause I couldn’t think of a way to get through your defenses but it looks like that won’t be needed anymore, you know? I want to get back my mother’s body from you too, so let’s get started!”


Milim declared with a satisfied smile.


“What nonsense are you spouting?! I have Justice King Michael’s Castle Guard. Now, when there are many angels in this celestial world and human beings pious to me, my defensive powers are on a different level compared to when a weakling like Rudra used it–”




With one loud rebuke, Milim cut off Lucia’s words.


And thrust her fist towards Lucia.


Lucia put herself on guard instantly.


In front of her, Castle Guard automatically activated and protected her.


(Foolish Milim. It’s bothersome that she’s not under the command but now that Velda has become a complete being, anything can be done about her. I just need to endure till then–)


Just when she had thought upto that, the real shock hit Lucia.


Right in front of her eyes, Castle Guard was smashed to pieces.




An unbelievable, unacceptable reality was spreading out in front of Lucia.


“Fool? You’re the fool, you know? It’s as if you have no understanding of skills. Just like a child who wants to tamper with things after knowing the secrets. The reason why my father, Veldanava, did not give any offensive ability to Justice King Michael…. It seems you thought it was incomplete but that’s wrong. That skill was complete precisely because it was incomplete. What do you think would happen when the spear which pierces everything and the shield which blocks everything were combined? Justice is something which is filled with contradictions. The instant it’s supporting one side, it loses all fairness. Absolute justice is nothing but an illusion. Such a thing is just make-believe and  that is exactly why father left Justice King Michael incomplete. Stopped it just as an skill to protect, without any offensive ability. Although justice is helpless without power, it is enough if you have the power to protect. It was complete, with just that.”


Milim told Lucia, indifferently.


As if to enlighten a foolish student. And then, she slowly extended her hand to Lucia.


“Impossible, I won’t accept it. I will never accept such a thing!! Justice is–”


Milim’s hand touched Lucia.


“Your absolute defense is gone. Before long, your abilities will also probably disappear. Before that happens, I shall perform the final rites.”


“Stop it! I am Lucia, Velda-sama’s absolute believer and one and only–”


“Disappear, from my mother. Mind Death Break!”


Without mercy, Milim’s destructive ability displayed its perfect power.


At this moment, the Manas born from Justice King Michael called Lucia, had accepted complete annihilation.


With a desolate expression, Milim embraced her mother’s corpse.


That body had no warmth and now that it was released from the effect of skills, the flow of time, which was stopped, resumed at once.


It faded away like dust.


“Good night, mother. Please, rest in peace–”


Milim, who had no memory of her mother’s warmth.


To her, something like possessing her mother’s sacred remains was a sin which deserved certain death.


She had achieved the goal of releasing her mother from Lucia, who was being protected by the ultimate defense.


Now, all that was left was to teach the sinful about the depth of Milim’s anger.


The time had come.


The being who deserved judgement, Velda–who had swindled her father’s name and mother’s corpse.


From this moment on, Milim will let go of the anger she had been suppressing.


The celestial world was about to be filled with the titantic waves of Milim’s wrath.




Author note:


The route with Chloe being the last boss was avoided.


Sorry to the people who were expecting that.

Although there was a version like that, we shall let it pass this time.


*Proofreader’s Notes: I think that Chloe is asking if Lucia is a questioning person…if someone regularly questions themselves, they’re flexible, open to change and probably compassionate toward people…they have empathy.


Lucia’s response told Chloe that this person believes in absolutes, and was intolerant of crime…a tyrant, who’s willing to prove her viewpoint using an ocean of blood.  It was a test, and Lucia failed.


Proofread by Userunfriendly.





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