Tensei Slime

Chapter 239 A Towering Wall


Milim was enraged.


She had determined that the source of all kinds of evil, Velda, must be eradicated, without fail.


She burst the door open and advanced to throne room where Velda was sitting.


In the walls, transparent capsules were systematically lined up and these capsules were filled with a transparent liquid.


In each of these capsules, an unborn angel was floating.


Into these hollow vessels, energy of the soul was being poured in.


They were beings who couldn’t maintain their existence outside the celestial world as they didn’t have a body.


Although they could work on the surface for a short period of time after their ‘ego’ develops to a certain extent…


But for that to happen, a bit more time was needed.


Milim didn’t pay any heed to those angels and walked straight towards the throne.


The heart of this celestial world.


The center of everything, where the emperor sits.


Velda was the ruler of this castle, both in name and substance.


The automated defense system of the celestial castle reacted to Milim’s bloodlust and deemed her as an enemy.


The alarm went off and the Guardian Dolls appeared.


However, after seeing the necklace Milim was wearing, they stopped moving.


“You can not proceed any further than this. Please turn back.”


The dolls warned Milim.


But Milim completely ignored them.




Just as she said that, she casually swung her wrist and destroyed one of the dolls.


The dolls couldn’t attack Milim.


That was because the necklace showed that she was Velda’s family.


There was no one who could stop Milim.


And then, before Milim, a woman stood blocking the way.


“Milim-sama, you have grown up to be very elegant…”


Moved to tears, the woman tried to get close to Milim.


It was a beautiful lady, wearing a full black dress.


“Sarome, eh? …It has been a while…”


Milim’s face had brightened up for a moment but then–


“Ah, that’s wrong. You aren’t Sarome, are you…”


Her face darkened and then there was a flash.


The woman trying to hug Milim split into two.


And from the wound, it wasn’t blood which dripped out, it was an unknown transparent liquid–and from her trunk, complex machinery fell out.




And like that, the doll imitating Sarome fell down.


She was the woman who raised and educated Milim when she was small.


She had left this world long ago, after getting sick.


There’s no way she is alive.


Unlike Milim, who would live for eternities, she was just Lucia’s female attendant.


There’s no logical way Sarome, a human, would live this long.


But… she couldn’t help but think.


That if her soul was called and made to possess a doll…


However such a feat is impossible.


That was the conclusion Milim had come to and it was the right, true answer.


Milim destroyed the doll without hesitation and severed her lingering affection.


And while that is supposed to be the right choice, the doll’s satisfied smile and the flowing tears lead Milim astray.




Maybe, she really is–


“What a terrible thing to do. After all the trouble I went through to bring back the dead for you. It was a present I planned secretly to make you happy… Did you not like it?”


A clear voice reached Milim’s ears.


She didn’t even need to turn around.


The owner of that voice was–


“Velda, eh? You bastard, I hope you are prepared for this.”


“Prepared… what are you talking about?”


In response to Milim’s expression filled with anger, Velda still had a refreshing smile.


The collision of two opposite emotions, the two confronted each other.


Although she hadn’t yet contacted Rimuru, Milim wasn’t worried about it.


Just a while ago, when she buried Lucia, she felt a bit of the hero Chloe on her.


It was such a splendid sword slash that it even crossed Multiple Existences and reached Lucia’s real body.


It happened in an instant but Milim wouldn’t overlook such a thing.

It seemed like the person being possessed by Lucia in the ground was released. Nonetheless, Rimuru was also planning something from the shadows and had probably taken some measures to initiate it as well.


And if she thought of it like that, even if she didn’t go and contact him, she believed that it would all be conveyed to Rimuru if she just stayed there.


That fool called Vega was the first to get eradicated by Rimuru’s subordinates.


It also seemed like that small fry, Kazaream, couldn’t defeat Leon.


She also understood that Dagrule lost because Lucia was being nosy about it.


And although it was unclear what Dino was doing and where, she thought that it would be a waste to even think about that shrewd man. He will probably suddenly appear sooner or later.


In other words, Velda’s subordinates were all more or less defeated.


“It seems like your prized Four Heavenly Kings have all lost too, huh? You’re the only one left, Velda. I will have you receive retribution for angering me.”


Saying that, she took stance with her demon sword, Evil God.


But Velda still looked at Milim with a smile, shrugging his shoulders.


“I will play with you, Milim.”


That was the cue.


Milim demonstrated continuous sword techniques with natural ease.


However, Velda dodged them all by a paper-thin margin.


He was still unarmed and it looked like he had a lot of room to move against Milim.


That further lit the flame of Milim’s anger and her sword, Evil God, started giving off pulses as if reacting to it.


The rust fell from the sword’s surface and the bluish-white blade could be seen. It seemed as if the sword was strengthening by absorbing her anger.


“Die! Dragon Break!”


The embodiment of Milim’s anger turned into an intense slash and went towards Velda.




“Too bad. It’s a bit slow.”


Velda stepped a bit back easily and dodged Milim’s blade.


But that was exactly how Milim had predicted.


“Now is the time you perish!”


The moment he dodged Milim’s blade, their positions had reversed.


Now Milim was standing in front of the throne and Velda was standing on the lowest step.


And–behind Velda was the one and only gate connecting the surface and the celestial world.


Milim was looking for an opportunity to attack Velda and the gate at once.


She gripped her sword, Evil God, with her right hand and charged her will to destroy on her left hand.


Milim had now unleashed a full power Dragon Nova towards Velda.


Beams of bluish-white light overlapped and pierced Velda.


The beams swelled up and bulged out against the surroundings and kept expanding while going towards the gate Milim had entered through.


Floods of light were born and blew away all the surrounding pillars.


And beyond that sat the celestial gate, like a towering wall.


Everything was going according to Milim’s plan.


The bluish-white beam of light which pierced Velda increased its momentum and thrust toward the gate.






By the time the lights died out, half of the floating castle had been cleanly blown away.


Only half of it remained. Everything in front of Milim had been destroyed.


However, the gate was still there.


Although it had developed a lot of cracks and was in no way unharmed, it was able to endure Milim’s strongest attack.


No, that’s not right.


(It seemed like the light refracted just before hitting–don’t tell me–)


Milim didn’t let her guard down.


And she was right.


“Yep, as expected from my daughter. To think you would even aim for the gate.”


An excited voice reverberated.


Needless to say, it was Velda.


Velda was uninjured and had taken a seat behind Milim before she even realized.


Suppressing her surprise, Milim turned around to face Velda calmly.


“Oho…? You are unharmed after taking on Dragon Nova…?”


“Ah, yes, it was an ultimate magic producing a supernova explosion using super dense energy. It is the ultimate completed form of Gravity Collapse but one can’t properly use it unless they can freely use Stardust at will. It’s an ultimate magic very befitting of you. But–”


In response to Milim’s comment, Velda casually started explaining.


He created a thin membrane of light in his hand and continued explaining further.


“I can also control it, Stardust, you know. As long as the magic is guiding the direction and limiting its influence to only a certain area, it is easy to avoid it.”


Velda was surprised by the fact that he couldn’t completely refract it and it affected the gate but that was least of Milim’s worries.


Velda explained it simply but it is a feat which he can’t do unless he completely knew what Milim is going to do.


And most importantly, there was no one else who could control Stardust except Milim.


It was supposed to be a magic which can’t even be analysed. Even Guy couldn’t block it without going through all the hard work of replicating nucleus magic to offset it…


And now Velda had easily controlled it.


In other words, it was a magic which was easy for Velda to seal off and so Milim had lost one of her trump cards.


(You monster…)


Now, for the first time, Milim had felt a part of Velda’s true power.


“Now then, are you done? I need you to make babies with me so I can’t afford to injure you. You have had enough of playing around, right? Now be obedient please.”


He said with a kind smile, as if he was talking to a child.


Milim desperately racked her brain for a solution.


Is there a way? Is there a solution to this? Milim calculated as fast as she could to think of a way to defeat Velda.


However, Milim had reached the conclusion that all of her abilities would be useless against Velda.


(Kugh, I should have waited for Rimuru, eh…)


Just when Milim was beginning to regret–




A small, snapping sound reverberated.


Milim shifted her gaze towards the source of the noise.


Velda too, as if being lured.




And for the first time, Velda’s expression was filled with surprise.


At this exact moment, on the celestial gate which was like a towering wall–blocking everything away, a big crack had opened.


And then–


Light came flowing in from the crack and right afterwards, the gate crumbled apart with a thunderous sound.


“Good grief. What a sturdy door.”


“I know, right? I didn’t think it would take the three of us and we would still be resisted.”


“Right. I thought it would be an easy mission when we received the order from Rimuru-sama.”


While conversing like that, the three women came through the door.


Testarossa, Ultima and Carrera.


Under Rimuru’s orders, they had finally succeeded in destroying the celestial gate.


“But, it seemed like there was a shock coming from the inside at the end there–”


“Hmm, it seems like there are people here?”


“–I see, so they were at it from the inside as well, eh.”


The three looked at Milim and Velda and were able to guess what had happened to an extent.


Testarossa floated a wicked smile and gave a piercing look towards Velda.


“Hey, you guys. If we kill that person, won’t all the credit be ours?”


“Right, right?! It seems like we are the first here too!”


“Milim-sama also seems to be having some difficulties so she won’t probably complain.”


The other two nodded to Testarossa.


And then, the three faced Velda with their weapons in hand.






Milim analyzed the situation and calculated their winning percentage.


It seems like Rimuru made the necessary arrangements just in time like Milim had thought he would.


Although they seemed unreliable to go against Velda, if they are able to avert Velda’s attention even for a moment, Milim could land a full blown Dragon Nova.


If she compresses the Dragon Nova energy and explodes it from inside his body, even Velda would perish without being able to control the stardust.


Milim came to that conclusion in an instant.


“You guys, I am sorry but lend me a hand!”


In response to Milim’s shout, the three demons happily nodded.


Coming this far, the closed path towards victory had opened up, even if just a tiny bit.


Velda looked at such a Milim with disinterest.


And then shifted his gaze towards the three demons and said,


“It’s a bother playing with anyone other than Milim. I shall prepare appropriate opponents for you three.”


Announcing that, Velda took out an orb.


Milim and the three demons were cautious of Velda’s movements.


But that thing was born in an instant.


Two beings stood in front of Velda.


An aged man wearing luxurious, black clothing.


And a military personnel, wearing the former empire’s official military uniform.


The two were perplexed and looked around curiously.


“I-I am sure I had died after entrusting my abilities to the girl…”


“Why am I here? Could I ha–No, that is impossible.”


It was Damrada who had entrusted his abilities to Ultima and Tatsuya Kondou who had entrusted his will to Carrera.


However, they were definitely not an actual person.


That was proven from their reaction.


“Yo, seems like you woke up. How does that body feel?”


“Ah, Velda-sama! It is extremely well.”


“Velda-sama, it has been a while. Judging from the fact that you called me, is it a mission?”


In front of Velda, Damrada and Kondou took a stance to show their loyalty.


That was impossible to even imagine of them while they were alive.


Seeing them, Ultima and Carrera were bewildered.


It was impossible but those two looked exactly like them.


“Don’t be fooled! That’s just a copy with the memories implanted. Not only that–Their memories have also been altered to Velda’s likings… The actual person’s soul disappeared, right? Not even God can bring back the dead!”


After hearing Milim scream, Ultima and Carrera woke up to the truth.


And to them, Velda’s cheerful voice called out,


“Correct. I made the attendant for Milim just a while before, you see, the principle is the same as that. As strange as it is, you can’t really gather the memories of the dead and can’t use it more than once. This memory orb can reproduce the memory of the dead.”


Velda said, bringing out a third orb.


He spoke even further,


“I have made them with this orb as the core and the angels’ energy to make the temporary body. They can’t move on the surface but that doesn’t matter here. Besides, no matter how many unskilled people I used and evolved into Manas, they weren’t strong… And so I have used the memory of strong people this time. A strong will and energy rivaling that of 10 awakened demon lords. How is it? Don’t you think it is strong?”


Velda explained with a laugh.


And just as the three demons understood what he meant, their expression turned to anger.


It was the demons’ specialty to play with the humans’ soul. And so they didn’t plan on complaining about that.


But to alter the memories of the people they had acknowledged–that is an insult to them.


They were generally very selfish–even if they could forgive their own deeds, they wouldn’t normally do the same for others.


“It seems like you really want to die.”


“I am very offended, you know?”


“It’s quite a hard thing to make me angry, but you were able to pull it off.”


The demons, who couldn’t look at themselves objectively, expressed their anger as they saw fit.


And that was also same for Milim.


“Don’t let your guard down. I will face Velda but I don’t have long. Get rid of those fakes quick.”


She ordered the three.


And so, the fight in the celestial world had begun.


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