Chapter 245 Decisive Battle at the Summit Part 6



What in the world are they doing…?

Just as I thought this,


“No, nooo… Power, my has power depleted just at the final moment…”


Veldora vehemently said as if to excuse what had happened.

It seemed that he was alright after all.

Though, I didn’t feel like mustering up the least bit of concern for him. And that couldn’t be helped after seeing his everyday words and actions.

He looked terrible, but it did not seem too serious.

Of course, it wasn’t. After all, while it was a huge explosion, it appears that Veldora was the only one who took any damage from it.

No one else looked like they had been harmed, which was a relief.

Well, there was a strange sense of comfort in knowing that Veldora would be fine even if he did happen to be badly injured.

And it would not be an exaggeration to say that the main body is inside of me.


“What are you doing? Weren’t you bragging about how you were fine?”

“Hmph, that’s what I was about to say! I was going to push through by brute force, so why would you suddenly close the “Corridor”!?”


I asked with a sigh, and Veldora retorted as if in a tantrum.

Corridor… Did he mean the “Soul Corridor”?


[Hehe. Veldora has been the most wasteful when it comes to draining your mana. I wanted to punish him a little, so I calculated it to run wild just enough that he alone would be dealt some damage. And then I closed the “Soul Corridor” at the best possible timing.]


You What!?

Also, for some reason, Ciel seemed to be very angry.

She said she had been allowing him to use it freely in a previous conversation, so what was this sudden change of attitude…


[In the first place, I was suppressing the use of energy so as not to waste it. And yet, that Veldora– ]


“I saw you absorbing energy and thought I would copy it! And I was so close to being able to completely power up.”

“No, no. I don’t think so…”


This is what it meant to be utterly exasperated.

I wouldn’t tell him to never copy others, but I would appreciate it if he didn’t use such a stressful situation as this to try and test something he was clearly bound to fail with.

First of all, Veldora didn’t even have the ability to convert energy, so how would he even power up…

It was almost impressive that he could fail such a simple job as just normally suppressing it for a counterbalance.

Veldora had controlled it with strength alone. He must have drawn massive amounts of energy from me and attempted to merge it.

Through doing that, he could forcefully alter the energy he was holding and assimilate it.


[Not only that. He tried to use the “Soul Corridor” to draw energy, as the merging was not working well. His strategy must have been to recycle it instead of powering up.]


I see…

I’m sure that Ciel at least, would not have had a problem processing it, but having strange things sent in could become dangerous if it turned into a habit.

She would conveniently end up being assigned to a processing position whenever there was trouble. So she was right to reject it.

He forced it on her because he wasn’t able to process it himself, and then runs off with all the energy he wants.

It was no surprise that she would blow a fuse.

That’s why she had Veldora raked over the coals like this.

She had done it at a time when his guard was down, so even Veldora was not able to handle it.

Well, he too was probably waiting for a moment where Ciel wouldn’t be able to handle it.

I was very surprised that such an idiotic offensive and defensive battle was happening without me knowing it.


“It’s your fault no matter how you look at it!”

“Grrr… It’s not fair that only Rimuru can use such useful abilities…”


Don’t grrr at me. Are you a child!

Well, nevermind. This idiocy was being witnessed by enough people.


“Veldora, you–”



Can you not see Velgrynd, resting her sword on her shoulder and glaring this way through half-open eyes?

Velzado is smiling, but her eyes tell a different, a frightening story.

I say as much to Veldora through eye contact.

Aah! Veldora’s face seemed to say as it turned most miserable.

It seemed that he finally realized that he had gotten carried away. He was looking back and forth between me and his two sisters with a flustered expression.


“Well, you need practice. I’m sure even you will be able to use it if you try hard enough. You have to take it slowly. But first things first, you must help us defeat Velda.”


I decided to send Veldora a little lifeboat.

Part of it was because it would be annoying if he decided to sulk now, but I also felt bad seeing him quaking like this in front of his sisters.

And so I acted as if this was all according to our plans and there was just a little mishap.


“Ha, hahaha. Indeed, it seems that I was just a little overconfident in myself. One should always stay modest. Good. Now, I will go back inside of you and help you!”


Veldora said in a boastful manner, then went back inside of me as if running away.

He owed me one.

Well, since he wanted to help, I decided to have Veldora inhabit my katana.

He gave me his consent and transformed into a ‘True Dragon Core’ which I fit into my blade.

As was fitting for a decisive battle, I didn’t want hold back on anything.

It would have made Velda very cautious if Veldora had transformed right in front of him, so it was better that I was able to retrieve him like this, in a natural fashion.

It would look like I only retrieved him because he was injured, which would mean he wouldn’t realize the change in my katana.

Veldora’s mischievous actions were quite surprising, but perhaps it was all for the best.






Well now, preparations had been made, so the only thing left was to destroy Velda.

We were in the celestial world, which meant we could ignore the effect on our surroundings.

After all, using all of your power on the ground might result in something terrible, like the destruction of the environment.

Things like the dividing of the sea, that happened last time, would be a big hassle later on.

It’s even said that when Guy and Milim fought ages ago, it gave birth to a desolate desert.

With all that considered, this celestial world was the optimal place to do this.


“Hey, do you need any help?”


Guy asked.

I was pleased by the offer, but I was sure I could do this alone.

I was planning on swinging this Veldora Sword around, so it was best to not involve anyone else.


“No, I’ll fight him on my own. But, I intend to use all of my power for this, so it would be great if you could help Ramiris with the barrier. We wouldn’t want Velda to escape from here, so we should take all possible measures.”

“Oh? You seem very confident. Okay then, leave the rest to me.”


Guy nodded and began to help Ramiris strengthen the ‘world barrier’ that covered this celestial world.


“Rimuru, I’m counting on you!”


Milim looked at me with hopeful eyes, then she followed Guy’s lead and began to pour her power into Gaia, who she was holding.

It seemed that she was helping to strengthen the barrier.


“Lord Rimuru, may you be victorious!”


Diablo was looking after Testarossa and the others, while he sent the words of encouragement.


“Let’s get this over with and rebuild the country.”

“Kufufufufu. I look forward to it.”

“In case I somehow lose–”

“You are joking. There is no possibility of you ever being defeated.”


Diablo declared with the utmost feeling of trust.

I didn’t have any intention of losing myself, but that was not an insurance of winning…

But Diablo apparently didn’t have a hint of a doubt that I would win.



“I will end everything. It seems that I will finally be able to help you.”

“I, master… If it seems that you might lose–”

“Do not worry. Didn’t you hear them say it was not possible for me to be defeated? Well, whether or not that is actually true, is something I better hurry up and prove.”


I cheerfully quoted Diablo’s words, which finally brought a smile to Chloe’s face.


“Yes. I will be waiting.”


Her worried expression had softened and I could sense a strength in her words when she said that she would wait for me.

I had been a little worried about Chloe, who seemed a little unstable, but I knew she would be alright now.


Guy, Milim, Ramiris, Chloe, Diablo and Testarossa and the others.

The dragon sisters, Velzado and Velgrynd. Velgaia who was maintaining the ‘world barrier.’

All of their gazes were focused on my back, and so I raised one hand in answer.

I kept my eyes fixed on Velda.


“I’ve kept you waiting. Now, let’s begin.”

“…What a fool. Don’t get so cocky just because you’ve won over this rabble. It will not be a difficult thing for me to kill all of you if I used all of my power.”

“Is that so. I doubt that, but you might as well try.”


I and Velda’s eyes met, and at the same time, so did our blades.

At that moment, a clear sound echoed in the area. The shard that was his blade’s tip flew in the air and pierced the ground.

Velda’s face turned to one of shock.

Which was not surprising as my katana had just sliced through his sword. Now only that, but the slash had caused such an impact that the shockwaves blew away the remaining half of the castle.

The delayed sound now echoing was that of the castle being destroyed.

I think I’ll put an end to Velda now, so that this sound could be his requiem.

Velda did not panic but instead created a completely new sword.

I was impressed that he had immediately taken hold of himself, but we already proved that such a sword was no match for the Veldora Sword.

I swung the katana once again and blew off the top of his blade.

It was great that he could create numerous God level swords, but I could do something similar as well. It just wasn’t the kind of ability one should fixate on.


“How can… This may be a lower level sword, but it’s still a God level blade that you easily–no, what is that sword? It’s impossible… Could that be a Genesis level!?”


He finally realized it.

My katana, the Veldora Sword.

I’ve never heard of this Genesis thing before, but it didn’t really matter.

The platinum blade was thin and enveloped in an unearthly air as it emitted a pitch-black light. On the blade was a rippling, golden crest, which gave it a mystical beauty.

It was almost a waste to lazily call it the Veldora Sword.

Well, his jet black main body was also majestic and beautiful if he would just shut up.

(Hey, did you just think of something that was incredibly rude?)

Don’t worry, I would never do such a thing.

I thought I heard a discontented voice of some sort, but I decided to not think about it.


“I don’t know what grade this sword is. It’s not important to defeating you! Now, why don’t you stop it with these tests and bring out everything that you have? While I do have plenty of time, I’m not going to use it just to play with you!”


I spat in his direction, wanting this to be over already.

There was no point in going on like this. I too was thinking about going all out.

But then I noticed that there was something wrong with Velda.


“–Tsk, everything that I have? Don’t mock me, I am Veldanava’s true successor!!”


His expression was twisted with rage over the insult. Then he put his hands together.

He shouted, ‘God Sword Summon’ and then summoned a sword that was imbued with a sinister power.

Unlike his previous creations, this was a mystical sword that was clearly a rank above the others.


“This is my secret weapon. You should be flattered that you were able to make me use it. The Genesis: Veldanava!!”


It was a beauty.

An impressive great sword that curved slightly upwards.

The blade had a blue glow to it as if a light was shining from the blade itself.

Contrary to appearances, its mass looked comparable to a star. It was a mass of extreme, highly concentrated energy.


It was apparently one of those Genesis things he had referred to earlier, so I guess we were now equal in terms of weaponry.

While it was no longer likely to be an easy victory for me, even this was within what I had anticipated.


“It was more than I expected from you Rimuru, that you would have a sword to rival a sword like a Genesis. But now that I’ve unsheathed this blade, you’re time is up.”


Velda declared with a renewed confidence.

And then he swung the sword down in my direction.

It was what could only be described as a godlike speed, and I doubted anyone other than I would have been able to react to it.


From my point of view, Velda’s movements were as sloppy as it gets.

He had declared that he was finished testing me, but that did not seem to be the case?

Or perhaps he was underestimating me as if I were now a rank below him…

I didn’t really care whichever it was. I just needed to do what I was supposed to.


“Too slow.”


I mutter and my katana flashes out.

Velda frantically changed the course of his sword and blocked my katana. However, he was unable to withstand the overwhelming wave of impact from our blades colliding, and his body was blown away as it rolled along the ground in the rubble.

However, something was strange.

While it was a most immense shockwave, it was little more than a gentle wind to me.

Could this really be…

Was this him going all out?

It was almost too stupid to be true, I think, and reject the thought.

When I had met Velda at the imperial capital, I sensed a presence that was almost horrifying.

I still believe that I would have been completely outmatched had I fought him at that time.

And yet, the person who was here did not feel like a threat in the same way that he did before…


[Of course, he doesn’t. You have evolved every single day, master.]


As if answering my question, Ciel proclaimed as if it were the most obvious of facts.

Hey, now. Weren’t you saying a moment ago that extreme strengthening was impossible? But now you’re basically saying that I became stronger to the extreme!?


[You master, are an exception. And there are exceptions to everything.]


Well, that sure is convenient!

Even Ciel’s excuses were just her brushing it aside conveniently, how formidable of her.


“Damn it. With ‘Wisdom King Raphael,’ if only I had my hands on ‘Wisdom King Raphael.’ I would have had the ultimate form!!”


For some reason, Velda began to scream regretfully.

Wisdom King Raphael? Was he talking about that ultimate ability I had?

Ciel had said that it wasn’t necessary, and had combined and erased it. Was it really that important of an ability?


“I used to have that, but it’s gone now. Too bad, eh? There was no possibility of that hope of yours becoming true.”


I coldly informed Velda. There was a little pity in my words, but mostly I just wanted to break him.

In this fight of ours, the one who loses heart first would lose the fight.

And so this declaration against Velda was one that could be the decisive blow.


“No, it can’t be!? ‘Raphael’ is gone–? Then I will not be able to prove that I am Veldanava…”


His expression became hollow as he began to mutter meaningless words.


[You fool. Even if you were able to activate it as your ability, it is quite impossible for an imposter to be accepted as Veldanava.]


Ciel sent her thoughts as if they were meant to be the finishing blow to Velda.

So, you can send your will to just anyone? Also, what do you mean about accepting someone as Veldanava?

[There is no meaning behind it. Do not worry.]


What, are you serious?

Apparently, Ciel only said that to help me in breaking Velda’s spirit… But I felt like she might be hiding something?

I hadn’t even known she was able to transmit her will to other people. She really was full of mysteries.


[It is fine. There is no problem.]


No, that’s not what I… Oh, never mind.

Perhaps she was not lying, but I also felt like she was not telling me the truth either.


“This can’t be. It is I–I am Veldanava… Won’t accept… If only I had ‘Wisdom King Raphael,’ the real Lucia would have accepted me!!”


He let out a crazed scream. Velda was now carelessly swinging at me, but of course, such lackluster attacks would have no effect on me.

I lightly brushed off his sword and he went flying away once again.

Well, the fight was certain about to be over now.

His spirit was broken, and the only thing left to do was deal the finishing blow.

I thought this, then–


“Rimuru’s won this one.”


I heard Guy say.

Hey, saying something like that was–


“No, Guy! When you say something like that, I think– it activates a flag, it’s quite famous in the industry!”

“That is true! I too read Rimuru’s manga books and studied them. It is prohibited to say such things you know!?”


Ramiris and Milim stopped Guy before I could.

However, the dragon sisters quickly came to Guy’s rescue.


“What are you saying? It is very clear that Rimuru has won.”

“Indeed. Velda may have a fearsome power considering he’s a fraud, but he is still no match for the real brother. He cannot pose a threat to that ridiculous slime.”


Such were the things they said. They had completely lost any sense of danger.


“As I already said, those kinds of words become precursors to the enemy becoming stronger, so stop with that.”

“Exactly, that is right! This is what they call a very predictable scenario, you know?”


Milim shouted and Ramiris agreed.

However, it was already too late…


“Fufufu, ahahahhahahaha!”


Velda roared with laughter as he got back up.

Had he given up? No, that expression said something else–


“I knew it. It was just as I had imagined, Rimuru.”


It was a smile that I knew well, and the voice was smooth.

This way of acting, it was unmistakable–


“Is that you, Yuuki?”

“Yes, it’s been a while. And it was just as I had thought. Velda was not enough to beat you. But that’s no problem. I was able to buy enough time. Now, let us begin– You and me, the final battle.”


Yuuki said with a smile as he thrust Genesis: Veldanava in my direction.


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