Chapter 258 Side Chapter – Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Plan – 02

Now that I could relax a bit, I decided to observe my surroundings.

Just like the conductor had said, there are many students on board.


As there are a lot of exchange students all year round, about 20% of the Tempest Airline’s customers were students.

The system of getting exchange students started after the thought of reviving the three academies by taking in each other’s good parts.

After all, education policy in each of the academies differ from each other, so I decided it would be best to have this exchange in order to broaden one’s outlook.




At the Tempest Human Resource Development Academy, we have the curriculum of training one’s mental and physical condition, on top of education, to make them into an immediate asset.

It seems that in the Ingracia Synthesis Academy they are teaching the culture, social etiquettes of nobles and economics on top of the general education programs this world had before.

At NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy, they are mainly focusing on research and investigating fusing other worlds’ science with magic to create new techniques everyday. It is a famous but strict academy which requires a high level of talent from the students and evicts anyone who is deemed talentless.

The reason Mai is affiliated with this academy is because it develops the most cutting edge tech officially. But in reality, the actual cutting edge tech is being developed deep within the labyrinth but only an extremely small number of people know of it.

Now then, these are the three academies at this point but what most of them generally do is learn the basics from Ingracia kingdom and then transfer to any of the other academies which suit them.

If you want to train yourself and be of use to the world, you go to Tempest.

If you want to deepen your knowledge about a particular field, you go to NNU.

If you want to use human resources and bear the responsibility of making living harmonious for the people, you stay in Ingracia.

To be honest, there is no age limit when it comes to getting admitted to NNU or Tempest but only the talented people can get in. The reason for this was simple–if they don’t have the required talent, they simply can’t follow the lectures.

This is why I came up with the exchange student system.

With this, you can experience each of the academies before deciding about your future.

The other reason behind the exchange student system is to readmit the students who can’t keep up with the lectures of Tempest or NNU back to Ingracia Academy.

It is all up to the students, whether they want to get better or stay down.

If they work hard and actually do get better, they can get admitted to Tempest once again.

But if they were to stay down, that is as far they go.

There’s the repeating a grade system in Ingracia’s academy but only up to two times.

It is because the country bears all the education cost, students who don’t have any will to study are expelled.

Although there were no superiority between the academies once a student graduates, it is generally acknowledged that the Tempest graduates are well-built in physique and the NNU were the brains.

And based on that, it was generally accepted by the public that graduating from Ingracia’s academy was easier.






And because of these reasons, the planes are used pretty much every month by students to move between Ingracia and Tempest.

Although the conductor thought I am one of those students, it is actually convenient for me that way for the time being.

And so, I feigned ignorance and continued my observation.



“Like I said, why do I have to use the same seats as these poor people?”


“You are absolutely correct, Julius-sama. However, it is decided by the academy so please overlook it this time–”


“Hmm, I understand. But, still. Couldn’t the academy prepare a better ship than this?”


“That’s right, Julius-sama. This is also proof that the academy is taking us, the nobles, lightly. I must ask my father and restrain the academy!”


“That’s exactly right! At that time, please let me help, as well!”


While I was gazing from the rear seat, a noisy bunch came in crowding into the general seats section.

They were wearing classy clothes so they probably came from Ingracia’s academy.

Although the Ingracia kingdom changed its name to Ingracia College Town, it seems like the previous nobles can’t shake off their noble feeling.

It is a problem seeing how there are people who still look down on Tempest as a city of demi-humans or monsters and scorn NNU, saying the Empire is uncivilized and what not…


The tall, smug-looking guy seems to be called Julius. Judging from the fact that he is still a student, he has probably not inherited his family’s leadership yet.

And the person trying to butter up to him was a well-dressed guard knight. Although uncouth, he seemed like a sincere guy. The guard was probably the noble kid’s aide who is now acting alongside him as the noble kid is now a student.

As he isn’t carrying any weapons because it would stand out here, I am guessing he is a knight from his demeanor. There’s a rule to keep all weapons of the customers in custody.

Well, there are many loopholes but I can’t be bothered to think about it all. The conductor will handle things if something were to happen but generally, one needs to take care of themselves, after all.

If one doesn’t bother other passengers, those things are overlooked to a certain extent.


Other than the noble guy, there were two noble girls and a butler for each.

The girls were wearing the girls’ student uniform. However, the butlers were wearing custom made-to-order battle uniforms.

Although they looked like normal butler uniform, they were made from special fabric for fighting, just like the conductor’s. They are probably ordered to protect their masters, the noble girls. They were more or less strong–about ‘C+’ in rank, I would say.

These kids seem like quite the elite.

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