“Don’t go provoking him like that, alright? I would even probably throw up if Diablo-sama were to intimidate me.”


Being called in, two beings walked in.

A man, having a laugh at Souei’s mistake, and a young lady, deeming it inevitable.

It was Laplace and Tia.


“Shut up. Diablo joining was also part of the plan. We don’t have time. Let’s get this program together.”


Souei casually made it so that it looks like he didn’t make a mistake and Diablo joining in was part of the plan from the start.


“Wha?! Souei-han, glossing over your mistake lik–”


“Souei-sama said ‘shut up’, didn’t you hear?”


Souka said, holding a kunai to Laplace’s neck.

Laplace, now having cold sweat, laughed and closed his mouth.

Completely ignoring all that, Souei began explaining.


“It is true, as you have predicted, I have received a secret mission from Rimuru-sama. And that mission is–”


Souei told Diablo everything about the mission he received from Rimuru without hiding anything.

He was thinking that he would need reliable pawns either way.

The most important part of the mission was to not let Shion, Shuna, and even Milim know of his whereabouts or his movements.

Although Shion and Shuna were already distracted by the body he left behind, Milim might come down from the sky to play like she does sometimes.

Souei explained that Rimuru was worrying that if Milim was to find out about this when she comes, she might spoil everything.


“Well, if it’s that Milim-sama…… If she were to know that we are hiding something…”


“Hmm. That is certainly true. So that’s why he went so far to not leave any traces.”


Diablo and Laplace understood.

With that as the base, the group began discussing on how to progress with the mission.

The mission objectives were the following:


First, kidnapping only the students riding on the plane as Rimuru and take them to the Maldolando island.

There, they would release all of them and reform them thoroughly with actual battles.


Second, investigation on each academy’s corruption.

The main point of this part was to confirm if there was anything wrong with the academies which might be the source of the students’ corruption. And upon confirming that, he also said to inform Ingracia that the students will be a week late.


There was a need to proceed with these two simultaneously.

And the problem was that the plane Rimuru was on had already taken flight.

It was a battle against time–to not only catch up to this plane, but to also bring along a plane which could take in all the students.


“Laplace, do you understand why I called you now?”


“Wha?! Don’t tell me you plan on using my air pirate ship–?!”


“What else is there? You were bragging about it happily before, weren’t you? Use it now.”


Laplace became pale.

It seems this air pirate ship was quite important to Laplace.


“By the way, what is this air pirate ship?”


Diablo asked Laplace as he was curious.

And immediately, as if he had regained his spirit, Laplace began explaining happily.


“Are you intrigued? Actually, I made it with the parts Rimuru-sama created, with my refined knowledge! I also had a battle with Benimaru-han’s ship the other day and it ended in my overwhelming victory, ya know? Rimuru-sama had said that it would increase the speed by three times if I dye it red so I did that half in doubt but doing that was the correct move! Moreover, I also used the chip from Rimuru-sama which I received as reward for the underworld job and got a high speed autocannon! And its majesty, man! It is definitely what you would call an air pirate ship. I am planning on installing electromagnetic weapons next but this needs optics weapons which can produce high output heat–”


“Wait a minute.”


Laplace was bragging on about his ship but Diablo stopped him.

There were many points to be concerned about but there was no time to be spent on Laplace at the moment.


“I feel like there are quite a few things I should be concerned about right now but did you just say that Rimuru-sama was also involved in this air pirate ship thing you made?”


“Oi, now’s not the time for that, is it?”


“No, it’s important, Souei. This chip point you used–you can get stuff like that from it? And Benimaru-dono is also in this?”


“Yes? There’s also Gabil-han and Gerudo-han. If nobody wants the object within a certain amount of time, the one who goes to ask for it the quickest wins. And if more than one person wants it, then they have to bid on it. It’s the most popular hobby these days! Gerudo-han is starting by polishing his keel–that man is an expert. And–”


Ignoring Laplace as he happily kept going on, Diablo turned around to face Souei.


“Did you know of this, Souei?”


“I did know that they were doing something but…… to think it had spread that much……”


Even Souei was not amused.


“You and I, the people who are supposed to be most knowledgeable about Rimuru-sama–but it seems like we still have ways to go. Well, that’s fine. Let’s leave that aside for now and move on with the mission.”


“Right. I shall investigate this properly once we are done with this.”


“At that time, I would like an explanation as well.”


Diablo and Souei nodded and moved forward with the plan.

They made Laplace shut up and gave him the job of kidnapping the students with the air pirate ship.


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