Chapter 259 – Side chapter – Rimuru’s Elegant Escape – 03


After pondering for a while, Diablo set out without hesitation.

He hurried towards someone who certainly knew about Rimuru’s whereabouts.

And the place Diablo arrived at was the Information Control Room–in other words, Souei’s room.

As Diablo knocked, Souka answered the door and asked what business he had.


“Kufufufu. I have something to request of Souei-dono. I want you to convey the message.”


“Souei-sama is currently busy. Please come again later.”


Souka went and rejected his request straight out.

However, Diablo wouldn’t give up just like that.


“Now, now, don’t say that. Or what is it, you plan on getting rid of me by force?”


Diablo radiated overwhelming intimidation while still having a smile on his face.

Souka tried to endure it even while biting into her lips and making a grim face but–


“Stop it, Diablo. If you want to come in, just come in.”


As a voice came from inside, the tense air was also lifted.


“Yes, then I shall intrude.”


And like that, as if that was the natural procedure of things, Diablo casually went in and sat down on a sofa with an air of composure.


As Diablo relaxed, a demon chevalier appeared out of nowhere and began serving tea on the table.

Seeing all these with a side glance, Souei coldly asked,


“What do you want?”


Diablo did not answer immediately–he first took a sip of the black tea the demon chevalier prepared.

And then, he surveyed the room.


(Hmm. Now then, judging from his subordinate’s (Souka’s) actions, it seemed like he was having some sort of a conversation with Rimuru-sama just now but–)


Souei is tight-lipped.

There was no way Diablo would get an answer if he asked normally. However, he could try going straight ahead this time on purpose.

Diablo decided on that after thinking a bit.


“Kufufufu. It’s simple. Where is Rimuru-sama at the moment?”


“What are you talking about? Shuna and Shion are with him.”


“Surely you jest. If it’s you–you probably know where the real Rimuru-sama is, don’t you?”


As Diablo went silent after saying that, Souei also looked at Diablo in silence.

And at that moment, both of their calculations intersected.


As for Diablo, he planned on following around Souei wherever he went.

As long as Souei doesn’t confess, he just had to follow Souei around.

And Souei had accurately read Diablo’s thoughts and instantly came to the conclusion that that would prove to be an obstacle to what he was going to do now. However, it would be difficult to say the least words to get rid of Diablo and he isn’t someone Souei can deceive easily either.


“I don’t think I need to say this out loud, but you do understand that I won’t leave you until you answer me, right?”


“Thought so. You won’t believe me if I said I didn’t know, would you?”


“Of course I wouldn’t. There’s no way you, who is connected to Rimuru-sama physically to always be able to have contact, doesn’t know of his location, right?”


Diablo answered with a smile.

And in fact, Souei indeed was the only one who had a physical connection to Rimuru among other connection methods so that he can make contact if by chance things were to go wrong.

And that physical connection method was a connection formed with ‘Sticky Steel String’ and ‘Shadow Space’.

It is an application of the string telephone method but with this, it is possible to convey thoughts even faster than normal conversation with the help of complicated encrypted transmission.

As there are some beings who can trace communication between the subordinates who use ‘Thought Transmission’, they came up with this analog method.

It is something Rimuru came up with in case of the worst case scenario but Souei was supposed to be the only one who knew about it…


“How do you know of it?”


Souei was menacing.

In response to that, Diablo was still composed but, unusually enough, he laid bare his emotions. And in his beautiful face, he deepened the devil-like smile.


“Kufufufu. So it really exists? I had thought Rimuru-sama would come up with something like that. I didn’t feel the need for it till now so I didn’t bother but the situation calls for it now so I had to confirm it.”


‘He got me’–was what Souei thought.

To fall for a leading question–an unlikely miss for Souei.

However, it wasn’t just a miss on Souei’s part, it was also the result of Diablo’s skillful ‘Thought Guidance’.

Souei wouldn’t have fallen for it under normal circumstances but the situation was different this time.

Souei was in no situation to have a prolonged conversation with Diablo–he needed to act immediately.

As such, he fell for it due to a slight impatience.

Souei clicked his tongue and sunk in his chair.


“You will have to cooperate as well then, is that fine?”


“Yes, of course.”


Souei asked Diablo with a sour expression, to which Diablo replied with a satisfied nod.

And like this, Diablo and Souei began to cooperate and move accordingly.






Giving up on trying to evade Diablo, Souei decided to insert him into the plan.


“Come in.”


As soon as Diablo accepted, Souei called out to the next room as they didn’t have much time.


“Hahhahha, Souei-han still has ways to go, huh? Being completely trapped by Diablo-han like that.”


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