He probably doesn’t have experience of getting rejected as he’s talented.


“Hey you, you’re acting too friendly with Magnus-sama!”


I had been feeling it too but it seems that that is how it looked to others, as well.

But, it is upsetting how she says it, making it sound like I am the one being too friendly.


“Now, now, Rozari. This is Satoru-chan. He’s a new student enrolling this year. I was just about to ask him where he plans to get in to.”


Don’t joke around with me, I told you to use -kun, didn’t I?

Looks like he is quite the confident type who doesn’t really listen to others.


“But this kid… despite being less than a student who hasn’t even enrolled yet, isn’t he being too cheeky to a senpai?”


The female student called Rozari came butting into our conversation, judging me as cheeky.

Well, that’s fine and all but I don’t see any reason for them to be so self-important by being senpai when I haven’t even enrolled yet.


“Cheeky… now listen here…”


“Hmm. The only people allowed to talk to me are fourth year students. Either that, or people who are within rank 100 based on results. I am not someone people like you can speak to. If you understand then give up your seat already!”


Looks like she doesn’t plan on listening to me at all and acted like she was driving out a dog.

She probably wants the seat next to Magnus.

She probably likes him or something and I am in the way.

This is extremely bothersome.


“Even if you were to talk about being a senpai and what not, it doesn’t matter to me as I am not even a student yet. Besides, I couldn’t care less if you are a fourth year student or whatever. I don’t plan on giving up this seat so you better get lost.”


To my reply, Rozari began shaking in anger.

And then left, saying ‘you will regret this’ and giving me a scornful glance.


The general age at which students get enrolled to the academies is around 15, when the body is complete. It is normal to increase one’s fundamental academic skills at a near educational institute until then.

There’s an admission exam, so if one can pass that, they can enter the academy.

The highest grade is the 6th year grade so one would have quite the merit if they are in the fourth year.

And so it’s not like I don’t understand why she was being so pompous but I can’t accept the attitude of looking down on others.


“Oho, you can sure talk!”


“That noble, and now that woman and her meaningless pompousness, is the academy really okay?”


“Ahahaha. Well, it does hurt when you say it like that. I mean, you are considered an elite if you graduate from the academy, right? And so the people who rank high in results tend to be very arrogant. She isn’t a bad kid.”


“Hmm, I guess that needs to be fixed as well.”






I aborted the conversation to dodge the topic.

These kids are like problem children themselves.

Who knows what kind of problems my Tempest Development of Human Resources Academy is facing.

It’s a relief that that red-haired student had his ideals right but it is also a concern because he is being too docile. However, since there are some discriminating even among the teachers, this is a huge problem.

If there are students and teachers like these all over the academy, I can’t help but think there’s someone intently wanting me to know about this so that I can eliminate the corruption…

Right, for example–


<<I would like it if you stop doubting me. It’s upsetting how you are always pondering about what I am scheming. *fuming*>>


Eh, *fuming*……?

It is true that I doubted this might be one of Ciel’s scheme but she went and dodged the question before I even asked.

But, I too am learning. Judging from how she said that, she isn’t denying it.

‘I didn’t do it’–she isn’t declaring that. That was the moment I started doubting Ciel-san even more.


<<Negative. I exercise my right to remain silent.>>


Eh?! You had a right to remain silent? That’s the first I am hearing of it…

Well, that’s fine.

I do feel like that itself is like an answer.

Besides, this isn’t something I can neglect.


<<Well, then?>>


Yeah, it seems like I might need to take some drastic measures.


<<The forum is scheduled 10 days from now. There is enough time– >>


Then, is there an unpopulated island on this flight route? With a lower level of danger, if possible.


<<I have finished searching. It seems like there is an island called the Maldolando island. There are a few monsters over rank A living there and it also looks like there is a lower class demon lord seed living there. It’s an uncivilized island so I think it suits the conditions.>>


Lower class demon lord seed?!

That’s danger level low?–or so I thought but it seems like Ciel-san is also annoyed by the students’ attitude.

I guess it’s fine. It’s a bother, so that island will do.

I thought of a plan to give the pep talk.


Arrogant people who can’t rid their noble-like feeling.

Overconfident youngsters.

Even with a sense of justice, too docile youngsters.


There’s a problem with every one of them.

The teacher is out of the question as his disposal is confirmed but I would like to believe that the students can be rectified.

And for that…

I guess I will ask for cooperation from the person who probably knows my situation at the moment. And while I am at it, might as drag in the idle ones.


<<Understood. Then, I will immediately contact—>>


And like that, I got to know of the inside situation of the academy and decided on going forward with a plan to improve it.

10 days until the forum.

The question is, whether I will be able to rectify these guys without letting them find out who I am.

Looks like first time in a while, it’s time for the teacher part of me to take the stage.


While thinking of a plan to reform these distorted students, I was feeling excited.

And then, I contacted the only person who knew about my movement.


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