Or rather, if they went to do that seriously then it would disrupt the ecosystem of the island and I doubt the king of this island would permit it.

So logically, that’s a no-go.

The fact that the number of monsters is less means that the danger is also less.

And that is why we chose this island–because we can confirm their safety. It would not be dangerous unless they challenged the semi-demon-lord by themselves.


As for me, I want them to learn how to cooperate with others here.

The ones who are arrogant, the ones who are insensitive and even the ones who don’t believe in themselves.

By working hard here, they will learn about their powerlessness, about how important it is to work together with others and about how they can prove to be useful.

It is my aim to make them find something that they are lacking.

There’s no need to go out of their way to challenge the king of the island or do something risky.


And so I explained to Laplace.

Laplace and Tia listened closely.

Seems like they agreed.


“Then, let’s make the passing score to be 30. But what about the punishment?”


“Just do whatever you like.”


“Ha? In what sense are you implying……… don’t tell me?!”


“Yep. Don’t you think such an idiot being in the academy itself is unforgivable?”


“I do think that, yes! I very much think that!!”


Laplace looked extremely happy.

It seems like Tia didn’t quite understand but she understood after my next line.


“One year. I will leave them to you for a year, Laplace-chan.”


“Thank you very much! I feel pumped up already. Also, about the letter of marque, is it really…”


“I don’t mind not giving it to you if you doubt it, you know?”


“I am extremely sorry! I believe Rimuru-sama from the bottom of my heart!”


Laplace looked so happy that it felt like he would go jumping saying ‘yahoo!’ any moment now.

It seems Tia also caught up as she gave a complacent smile.

I guess that is how it is for them, huh…?

After all, I just officially admitted that they can take low level students as their subordinate.

These two are special agents under Souei’s control so they generally don’t really get along well with others.

And that’s exactly why, even if it’s only one year, they are so happy to get allies.


There’s also the letter of marque on top of that.

If some country tries to experiment aviation, he plans to instantly go and crush it.

If he has subordinates when doing that, that would be the best stage for Laplace.


Even for Tia, a subordinate worth grueling training would be a good toy to her and that also reflected on her smile.


“However, if a youngster with a future was to get involved in an illegal act–”


“Stupid! I’m the one giving you permission, so it’s legal, alright?! Listen closely, I am the Great Demon Lord. Although I acknowledge the countries ruling their territories in the land, I do not permit it in the sky. As such, it is only natural for the person who announces his right of exclusive possession first becomes the owner, right? Well, I did need Milim’s consent as well but…… look at this!” *


Saying that, I brought out a high class paper with ‘intracerebral imagination’.

The paper has been hardened through magic and it does not degrade. It’s the best paper out there which doesn’t have creases, even after being folded.

However, what’s important isn’t the paper but what’s written on it.

There, under Milim and my joint signature, freedom related to specific objectives in the vast sky were written in clauses.

Maybe Laplace had thought that it was only a license to freely use the air above the Juura’s great forest, which is under my rule.


However, the paper I prepared is more of a right to rule the sky permit rather than just a letter of marque.


“Wh-what in the world?! What… what kinda thing have you prepared……”


He was surprised. Or perhaps exasperated.

Laplace couldn’t even speak.


“That means, that means? We will really be, able to freely……?”


“Hmm. That’s right, Tia-kun!”


She screamed ‘kyaah!’ and clinged onto Laplace.

And so, as I also showed them the proof, Laplace and Tia also believed me.


“That means, in other words……”


“Hmm. Even if a student were to become your subordinate and work under you, that won’t be a crime. After all, any ship flying through the skies without asking my permission is basically illegal trespassing. Besides, it would be the students who would be troubled if they talk about it after a year when they are released…… Moreover, won’t they be able to use that experience they gained over the year and make it their own?”


“Please leave it to me! I will properly educate them!”


“Me too! So much that every day will be paradise!”


It seems Tia and Laplace both were passionately thinking about their future plan.



“Now then, since you two properly understand now, let’s get back to the topic at hand.”


Saying that, I switched gears.

And like that, in the period of not even a second, we discussed many different things.








And we came to a conclusion.

As soon as the ‘thought transmission’ was released, this time, Laplace didn’t hesitate and started to explain again.

And then—




“Well, everyone, do you understand? It’s 30 points~! Incompetent fools who can’t even cross 30 points are not needed in my team~! But, but, I need to use my resources effectively so I will have you work on a secret base over here. You’re free to choose~. And so, please do your best and not die!”


“Alright, attention! This is important so listen closely! We don’t need garbage who pull back others! Our leader is kind so I think he will take really, really good care of his subordinates. But, you know, selfish people won’t be able to become his subordinate. If you want to stay and live here, I won’t stop you but during this one week, don’t you dare betray your allies, alright~!? Keep in mind that all your moves are being seen through that parasite bracelet so act such that you can be proud! Well then, have a fun week~!!”


And like that, the two brought it to a finish.

And just like that, they left the disordered students in the island.


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