I got off point there.

The students gathered in groups consisting of the ones who know each other and started discussing.

They were thinking of what they should do, what has the highest chance of working.

Amongst all that–


“Hmm, ludicrous. Sage William has also grown senile, hasn’t he? To expect for the Great Demon Lord to help…… Such an embarrassing act would be too disrespectful towards the brave hero Masayuki-sama who saved my brother Elric! In addition to that, it is also an insult to us, the royal family. It isn’t something I can overlook as the rightful successor of the Ingracia kingdom. As the 2nd prince, I will take a different path than you rest!”


That arrogant noble kid Julius said with an anger filled face.

Eh… ah… hmm.

Now that I think about it, Ingracia kingdom fell into a national crisis, didn’t it?

Amidst the Great War, the people from the royal family and a part of the knights had rampaged.

Although they were people who hated me, they were own family to Julius. I guess it can’t be helped if he doesn’t see me in a good light.

At that time, while solving the problem, Masayuki saved the prince Elric from getting executed so it seems his position in Ingracia has been fixed.

Although I do think it was quite firm to begin with, he is probably treated as a God there now……

I remember him crying and accusing me of leading all this when he came last time.

I just ignored it, thinking ‘say your complaints to Ciel-san’.





Oh, it seems like Julius’ group had started moving while I was remembering Masayuki.


“I will welcome those who want to move forward under me! I swear by my name, Julius, that I will guarantee your safety!”


A cool phrase from a pretty face.

And with just that, a few of the female students started to get up and follow him.

What’s surprising is that there were also some instructors who were going to follow him.

That Yujilas lord or something instructor of course followed him but there was also another instructor from the Ingracia Synthesis Academy who followed him.

From the looks, this guy seems to be a battle type but he didn’t challenge Laplace before. It seems he is one of the rotten instructors like Yujilas. Or he might have a very cautious personality……


“Wait! Don’t do something selfish even in this situation! We need to cooperate with each other and leave the island, right?!”


The red demi-human is like a mass of sense of justice.

I also think he is right. Rather, I am wondering why that William instructor brought up 3 options in this situation.

It is true that he probably wanted the students to think for themselves but it will just aimlessly make them panic in this situation… Even though the normal practice here would be for the instructors to come up with a plan and make the students form a group to act.

Although I did predict the third option, I still can’t make sense why an instructor would suggest it.

This William instructor looks to be strict and wise so he might have something planned but……


The worst case scenario would be this–the students fall into panic and start acting separately.

If this were to happen, I would have no choice but to suspend the test. That is because I need to ensure the students’ safety.

On top of that, I planned on revealing my identity to discipline them forcibly.

In that scenario, as they will know that I am here, the escape play will also come to an end. I had to lead the situation properly so that it doesn’t come down to that.

Laplace, Tia and me.

While protecting the students from the shadows, we will continue the survival.

As such, it was barely within our permissible range for them to move in three groups.


It goes without saying that it would be ideal for them to move in unison.

But that is from the management perspective. For the students in an extreme situation, the most important thing is to stay alive.

When I consider that point as well, I can’t arbitrarily decide that Julius’ action is wrong.

After all, fastest way to form a group in this extreme situation for them is in a sense having the students under them.

It is certain that by abiding by the rules Julius decides, the order and chain of command will be upheld.


“Hmm, what a dumb dog. I am not just Julius in this situation. I am the second prince of the Ingracia kingdom, in a position to lead others. Isn’t it obvious that there’s a need for a leader so that the students don’t just follow your stupid suggestions?”


Hmm, it seems he did have some resolution when making that statement earlier.

In other words, he isn’t just a simple arrogant noble–royalty, eh.


“However, if we were to decide on a leader, we should have respect everyone’s opinion–”


“Now, now, wait, Karma. There is a point to what Julius is saying. This isn’t the time to be leisurely hearing everyone’s opinion.”


The one who stopped the red hair–Karma, was Magnus, who was flirting with me.


“Magnus, eh? However, we can’t just accept his judgement…”


“Like I said, just wait a bit. We haven’t even had food yet, you know? We have to prepare food and water by ourselves for a whole week. Although the people who can use ‘space storage’ can secretly have their preserved food. Everyone isn’t that thoroughly prepared, right? We were going to a presentation and didn’t prepare anything for extracurricular activities.”


“That is–”


“First, let’s see how he manages everyone before deciding, alright? It is true that we need a leader after all.”


“–That is, right. I understand.”


Surprisingly, Magnus was able to splendidly persuade Karma.

It seems he isn’t just flirty, his head works too.

Besides, I didn’t fail to hear Magnus muttering ‘for now, at least’ like everyone else.

He looks like someone who is kind to everyone at first but he might have a different face inside.

I braced myself, thinking it would be better to not let my guard down.


As Karma and Magnus persuaded others, the other students didn’t complain either.

Despite what they might be thinking inside, they had agreed to this setting for now.

It was fortunate that there weren’t any idiots here who would do as they please even in this situation.

As all the skilled people of each academy agreed to this, all the students were under Julius for now.


And like this, communal living for a group with Julius as its leader had begun.







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