This way, the ones remaining in the base will know about the exploring group’s whereabouts and can rest easy.

This Julius kid–although his aristocratic attitude can get very annoying, he is quite smart.

He has all the good points down and is making exactly the right decisions.

There might be a ‘brain’ in his group but he still deserves praise for implementing it.

These 3 might not just be your regular problem children.

I guess I will have to see it to the end.






A total of 25 battle type students departed in high spirits.

The ones remaining split into two groups to prepare dinner and secure a place to sleep.

The place we are currently at is an open grassland between hilly areas and is spacious enough for the ship to land.

Although the surrounding is covered with hills, on the other side of it are mountains and deserts.

If you head for the center, then you will be faced with mountains and if you head for the edge then you will find deserts.

And there, each of the rulers should be present. Or rather, because of them and their leaking aura, the terrain transformed into this abnormal environment.

On the other hand, there is a forest but as there’s also a ruler living there, it was connected to a jungle.

To be honest, as there are rulers on all four sides, it will be difficult for the search team.

There’s no doubt that it will be easier for the people staying back.


And as such, I am in the staying behind group.

Tear is supposed to be protecting the search groups from the shadows so I don’t have a role to play there. *


Or rather, now that I am at human level, I would have trouble even with unique monsters, semi demon lord seed level is way out of the question.

To be more precise, if I get even a bit serious, my identity will be revealed and it would be game over.

And so, I will be among the non-combatants.

I want it to be clear that it’s definitely not like I want to relax.



Now then, about the work for the ones staying behind–

The job that looks most easy is setting up the tent for the equipments.

A very thoroughly prepared instructor had outdoor training camp equipments in his ‘space storage’.

It might just be that he thought it would be more troublesome to put them in storage but some things are better left unsaid.

After all, he’s all happy and what not from all the respect he’s getting from the students so I will just leave it as him having a careful personality.

Besides, the tent even has an insect repelling effect due to a simple magic circle. With space magic, the insides are also a bit more spacious so it’s perfect for situations like this.

There were 30 tents of which each can fit about 10 people and so we have more than enough space even if we make the tents gender-segregated.

The way to set it up is rather simple–you just need to break the magic seal on a flat surface and spread the tent. After that, you just need to put up all the sides.

However, I am not a student of any academy so I am not supposed to know about breaking the magic seal.

It’s actually quite simple but if I were to do it, I would completely be labelled out as a suspicious person.

And like this, I was inevitably put into the food supply group.


Looking at the other students put up the tents with a backward glance, we headed into the forest.

Beside me was Mondo-kun–the fat student from before.

Although two instructors were leading about 30 students, that alone wouldn’t be very secure so a battle type student was included in each group.

We were also working with 5 members in a group, like Julius and the others.

The relief squad was in the middle with the four collecting squads protecting them from all four sides.

The relief squad also had registered each member of all groups so this arrangement was appropriate.

Instructors are not included in the groups so we had a total of 27 people.

Mondo-kun was also a battle type if it matters so he was chosen as one of the escorts for people heading into the forest.

I don’t know all the students so I will just have to trust the instructors’ judgement on the personnel selection.

Well, Ciel-sensei isn’t saying anything either so it’s probably fine but…


“Ahh~ahh, this is the worst~ To be protected by Mondo, out of all.”


The one who was whining beside was a girl named Marsha.

She was the same girl who was with him a while ago and it seems they are childhood friends.

Although she is complaining, she seems like she is having fun.

However, the same couldn’t be said about her friend.


“Oi, oi, I am here so you can rest easy. Well, sure, my results aren’t as good enough for the search group but I am still quite good in actual battles, you know?”


“Right~ Compared to Mondo, I guess George is better.”


“Oi, what do you mean better?! Sure, I am in middle in the ranks but it hurts when you compare me with this low rank.”


The George kid said.

And a red-haired girl nodded to that.

Apparently her name is Aina. She has freckles but is a cute girl.

George, Aina, Mondo and Marsha were my group mates.

I was observing to get a grasp of the collecting group’s personalities but it seems like Mondo-kun isn’t really valued highly.

Excluding me, it seems he has the lowest grades among the 4.

However, it didn’t seem like he was hated or anything. Rather, he felt like the mood maker of the group.

It might be because of Mondo-kun that this group doesn’t seem anxious.

Although Mondo-kun might not be willing to be made fun of, it definitely is making the rest feel less stressed.


“E-even though you say that, I have things I am good at too, alright? I might be lacking stamina but my explosive power is above average, you know?”


“Stuupid. Being able to continue fights for a long ime is the most important–even the instructor was saying that, remember?”


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