He had already lost all interest in the group with the white robes.

To Diablo, the only thing that was important was the movements of Rimuru, his master.

It was because Souei understood this, that he brought it up.


After Laplace had left, Diablo had called for Moss.

And then he ordered for the smallest ‘Clone’ that was made from Moss to be relocated close to Rimuru without anyone noticing.

This mission was put into effect by Moss’s ‘Clone’ using ‘Shadow Movement’ through the ‘Sticky Steel String’ that connected Souei and Rimuru.

‘Spatial Travel’ allowed you to arrive immediately, but they could not do anything like that since it would draw attention.

And just now, after flying through the shadow space at super high speed, Moss contacted him to announce that he had succeeded in landing on Maldoland island.

It would be best if Rimuru did not notice, but it didn’t really matter either way.

Just like Diablo, Rimuru’s power had also been weakened.

Actually, he had dropped it to be level with humans, so it had dropped at a much more severe rate compared to Diablo.

So perhaps he would not find out, but Diablo would not get his hopes up regarding this.

(Normally, it would be ideal to protect him from the shadows…but it’s not possible to hide things from Lord Rimuru.)

That’s what Diablo thought.

Moss had landed on the island and made contact with this William.

He gave the new ‘Sticky Steel Ring’ that Souei had entrusted to him to William, and they had communicated through ‘Thought Transmission.’

He had likely used this direct method of contact to avoid the possibility of it being intercepted.

In this aspect, Souei was very cautious. Diablo was so impressed that he left a lot of matters to him.


“So, what did Moss say?”

“Don’t get so excited. According to the collaborator–William, Laplace is doing well. The combat instructors were better than expected and were trying to resist.”

“Well, that’s obvious. The academy is sponsored by Lord Rimuru. They have no need for useless people there.”




Souei ignored Diablo’s words and talked about the report from William.

And he knew full well that Diablo would be furious upon hearing it.


“It seems that there were teachers who didn’t try to protect the students.”


Diablo became enraged in an instant.


“Kill them all. That’s what we should tell Moss.”


Diablo said with a smile.

There was no need to differentiate there. He wanted everyone other than Rimuru and the students massacred.

Souei sighed deeply and then continued without changing his expression.


“I told you not to get too excited. Lord Rimuru has gone through the trouble of going out there for the very purpose of exposing those wretches. Lord Rimuru is not one to throw away the entire box because of one rotten fruit.”


Behind those words lay a certain sentiment: Lord Rimuru would never allow such a thing, you idiot!

Diablo realized this and retaliated to Souei.


“…That may be. But Lord Rimuru shouldn’t have to be bothered by such a small thing…”

“Indeed, I agree with that. And that is why we will deal with whoever mixed the rotten fruits in the box. It will have to be severe, so they will never think of something so foolish ever again.”

“Oh? So, there is a possibility that someone is deliberately meddling with the academy. Is that what you are saying?”

“Exactly. However, it is still under investigation whether it is coming from within the academy or from the outside.”


After hearing these words, Diablo’s eye narrowed and he smiled.

It might have seemed like a gentle expression, but it was actually an incredibly cold one.

So much so, that some of the women who saw him as they walked passed them on the streets ended up losing consciousness.

This both satisfied and calmed Diablo to a certain degree, and so he asked Souei to continue.

He had decided to hold back on his wrath until the time came to differentiate and judge those who were to be dealt with.

Souei had been right all along.

Once Diablo had become calm, he could immediately realize that there was no way that Rimuru would allow them to waste the personnel that he had spent so much effort in raising.

It was only normal for him to work to remove the root of the problem instead.

Souei saw that Diablo was satisfied with this, and continued his explanation.

Currently, the only people who know of Rimuru’s identity were the teachers who William, the collaborator, had seen as trustworthy.

Souei had also agreed to this and had seen it as a convenient thing for Rimuru in the reeducation of the students.


“Hmm. However, what if this William doesn’t have the best judgment?”

“If that happens, then we’ll have to kill them all, including William.”


Souei said bluntly.

Souei himself felt that it was his error that he had not realized the current situation at the academy until Rimuru had pointed it out. And while he would make distinctions unlike Diablo, he meant to still put a purge into effect.

Diablo liked his answer and readily agreed.

It would not be good to bother Rimuru while he enjoyed the island. Both of them agreed on that point and also on the point that they should avoid any meddling past a certain point.

Because of this, they should also respect the decisions of the teachers there and leave the rest to Rimuru.


They would carry out the orders that they had been given.

That was the answer that they settled on.

Diablo and Souei looked at each other and nodded before walking through the gates of the Tempest Development of Human Resources Academy.


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