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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 265

Side chapter – Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 09


Diablo and Souei were led to the president’s office.

Diablo was deep in thought and did not even glance at the person who had guided them and bowed politely before leaving.

He understood Souei’s argument. And he knew that it was right.

What Souei thought, was that if the academy was decaying, the reason must be that someone was doing it deliberately.

If that was the case, he was right to stop Diablo who was just going to purge it.

Unlike his master who wanted to save everyone, Diablo felt that it was his role to convict people. However, if there was a possibility of self-correction still left in the academy, then it was his job to watch over it.

Politics and finances, research and culture, and military defense.

They needed to nurture personnel who could be active in these fields.

And in an ideal environment where people helped each other and did not allow corruption and in-fighting.

That was the ideal the Rimuru had established.

As for the realization of this ideal society, Rimuru himself had said that it was impossible. But he had also said that the process of pursuing this ideal, and the effort put into eradicating the foundations for corruption, was his true aim.


Veldanava tried to lead people through having a Demon Lord become the enemy of humankind.

Emperor Rudra tried to make humankind unite and stop fighting by having the angels strictly monitor civilization.

As for the great Demon Lord Rimuru, who Diablo loved and respected, he wanted to decrease the corruption itself through changing the very nature of humans and increasing their ability to self-correct.


And so attempting to corrupt the academy was to go against Rimuru’s aim completely. It was the actions of an enemy.

It was a challenge against Diablo.


(Hmm. I thought that it was just that the self-correction wasn’t working, but there’s a possibility that that isn’t the case. Indeed, if that’s the case, I was imprudent to try and deal with it so simply. Still, it’s hard to think that there is anyone so foolish to try and sabotage Lord Rimuru’s plans…)


Diablo switched his way of thinking.

He had intended to deal with the incompetent people in Rimuru’s place, but that was a mistake.

If there were people who were so foolish as to try and upset Rimuru’s policy for the academy, and they were successful, then it was him who was the incompetent one.

–He would crush these enemies.

With a clear will, Diablo listened to what the president had to say.



As Diablo and Souei sat on a sofa in front of him, the president began to explain the situation.

This president was one of the early goblin members who had evolved after being named by Rimuru, so there was never any fear of betrayal. However, he was aware that he was being tested as well, and so he dripped sweat as he desperately spoke.

He seemed to be acquainted with Souei, but the fact that both Diablo and Souei had visited him, seemed to suggest to him that he had failed in some aspect, which made him very uneasy.

There was a report from the collaborator that Souei had prepared.

According to it, there was no chaos that could be observed from any awareness of rank or prejudice with the Tempest Development of Human Resources Academy.

Souei checked all of these and had them confirmed.

Diablo observed these details and determined whether or not there were lies mixed in with the president’s words.

Souei’s questions continued without trouble.



“Now, the last question. It seems that some of the teachers have taken an arrogant attitude towards the students. Why is this?”


Upon hearing this, the president’s face looked severely bewildered.

Diablo continued to smile as he observed his face carefully.

It seemed that Souei had used his own routes to gain various information.


(He’s a very reliable man at these times. It’s no wonder that Lord Rimuru assigned ‘secrecy’ to him.)


Diablo was impressed as he watched the scene unfold.


“Yes, this problem has been bothering me…”


The president said while looking very troubled.

He was apparently going to lay everything out honestly, instead of doubting Souei’s words.


Diablo and Souei listened to him.

This was his explanation.

There was a system in place for exchanging students between schools, and the same system also exchanged teachers.

However, there were times when the teachers of nobility from the Ingracia Academy would take an oppressive attitude towards the students.

And it was these noble teachers who brought these men in white robes with them as guards.


“Preposterous. The three schools are all equal. I cannot understand why these teachers would treat the students in this way.”


Said Souei.

And this was the president’s answer,


“About that, they insist that they are teaching the students about how to behave towards nobles before going out into the world… Additionally, it seems that the NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy is receiving financial aid, and so they have sided with their stance. And because all three schools are supposed to be equal, their case has gone through…”


Not only didn’t they have a clear reason for objecting, but the other schools were in agreement. And so he had no choice but to allow them to continue, explained the president.

And while he said ‘noble,’ all of the teachers who worked at the Ingracia Academy would have to add ‘former’ before it. But there were still kingdoms who kept the noble class, so they were not entirely wrong, either.

It was not a bad thing to learn how to deal with people in a polite way.

And while it was practically bribery to change one sides opinion with monetary aid, there was no clear proof of it.

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