It was a difficult thing for the president, but as it had not caused any serious trouble yet, he had remained silent. That was the situation.


Diablo thought.

Until a moment ago, he would have decided that they should all be killed. But not now.

If there was an enemy, he should find out what they were thinking so he could rout them out completely.

He would not just pull out the stem and leaves and allow the roots to remain.


“Also…they, in fact, have tremendous abilities as well. The men in white robes are significantly stronger than our school’s combat teachers. Perhaps it will be a good stimulant for the students…”


The president finally added.

Hmm. Diablo continued to think.

After hearing this explanation, he was sure of the enemies existence.

The group of people in white robes that he had passed by must be the men that the president was talking about. They did seem quite capable, and he would not be surprised if they were stronger than the instructors of the Tempest Development of Human Resources Academy.

Diablo was now happy that he hadn’t carelessly approached them.

He was thankful to Souei for stopping him. He was letting his guard down recently, since things were so peaceful these days.


They must be the enemy.

But what was their aim?


By making this clear, he would be able to understand the scale of their operations and plan accordingly.


Was it to make the students feel inferior?

Or perhaps it was to corrupt the students themselves?

And if that was the case, what would they gain in return?


Diablo’s thoughts moved rapidly.

He made predictions, checked the results and gains from it, and began to select plans that seemed to add up…

There were a few possibilities that he came upon.

These led him to one final possibility.


“Hehehehe. President. I have one question, if I may?”

“Uh, yes, of course. What is it?”


Diablo had suddenly addressed him, and while he seemed very surprised, the president turned to him.

He did not expect Diablo to ask him a question in such a polite manner.


“Oh, you don’t need to act so seriously. What I wanted to ask is this; among the teachers who were sent from the Ingracia Academy, did any of them make any requests regarding the dispatching of personnel?”


Upon hearing this question, the president became silent for a while and thought.

But then he looked up and straight into Diablo’s eyes and said, ‘I do not remember ever receiving such a request.’

But his words didn’t end there.


“Indeed, I have never heard of such a request from the teachers that are former nobles. They only introduced us to those men in white robes, the Glory Knights. However, I heard that a number of these Glory Knights were sent to NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy, so there is a possibility that some kind of request has been made there.”

“Hehehehe. Good. That will be most helpful.”


Diablo thanked him with a gentle smile.

This fit with what he had been considering, and he felt that the possibility he had arrived at was practically confirmed.


“Diablo, did you realize something?”

“I did. Well, the enemies purpose, anyway. However, I don’t even know the size of their forces or who is behind it all.”

“…Hmph. That should be enough. Let’s go.”


The two of them whispered so that the president could not hear, and then they quickly got up from their seats.


“Well then, we will be leaving now.”

“Please keep this visit a secret between us.”


Diablo and Souei said. Then they left the room behind them.



The president who was left in the room had a vague idea that something was about to happen. But the only thing that he could do was keep silent, just as they had told him.

–He was the only one here who was confused, and the rest of the academy went about their day as usual.





Diablo left the academy and headed to the airport.

Souei followed him without saying anything.

But then he finally opened his mouth just as the airport came into view.


“Are you going to tell me, Diablo?”


Hehehehe. Diablo smiled and then nodded.


“Of course, Souei. But first, we must buy our tickets.”

“Are we going to the empire?”

“…No. We’re going to Ingracia.”



He kept quiet after that, and the two of them bought their tickets for the airship.

And then they used their spare time until departure to visit the luxury restaurant on the highest floor of the airport.

They entered a secluded room that was completely soundproof.

Even here, the two of them tended to draw attention, but they no longer cared about that.


“Now, let’s hear it.”


Souei began.

Diablo wet his tongue on the expensive fire wine he had ordered, then he opened his red lips.


“Hehehe. But first, let me ask you. Why did you stop me earlier?”

“It’s simple. Lord Rimuru has strictly forbidden any acts of violence against persons who have not taken clearly aggressive actions towards us.”


Setting aside the killing of traitors and punishing those who cause harm, that was the general rule of Tempest. And he had to follow it, even if he was of the elite.

This was the same for Souei as well. He did not intend on purging without Rimuru’s permission. And so Souei found it necessary to gather evidence first.


“And you were right, I’m sure. However, I don’t want to bother Lord Rimuru over such small matters. Surely you can understand my stance as well?”


Diablo looked at Souei with narrowed eyes and used ‘Demon Lord’s Haki.’

But Souei replied with a cool expression.


“Are you still going on about that? That is blasphemy, and unforgivable.”


Diablo listened and then nodded happily.

Yes, as if it were the answer that he had wanted to hear.

And then he continued as if erasing all of the pressure he had been exuding a second ago.


“Very good, Souei. Even when I was pressuring you, you stopped me without flinching. I was actually trying to threaten you rather seriously just now.”

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