“That is, true. That’s exactly right!”

It seems the sage William also got my intentions and was gushing with motivation.

He didn’t look hesitant anymore and a strong light was burning in his eyes.

“If there’s anything I can do, please let me know!”

William vigorously nodded.




The students who had lost all hope also regained their liveliness after having the freshly baked bread-like food and the soup.

Delicious food is the best medicine.

After all, it’s a special recipe made by Ciel-sensei which even I get to eat rarely.

As I made it with ‘auto-mode’, it would be impossible to recreate it by myself.

If I want to eat it again, I will have to ask Ciel.

And since they had such a God’s (Ciel) cooking, of course the students’ reaction was this.

“So deliciouuusssss!!”

“Seriously, what is this?!”

“Wha—the stew last night was amazing too but this is even better?!”

“Satoru-kun, you were a cooking genius, huh?!”

“I would very much like you to be my bride.”

High praises here and there.

Although there were some idiots asking me to be their brides, I guess it just shows that they are lively enough to say that.

And like this, the gloomy atmosphere was blown away with one shot and the youth-like cheerful atmosphere returned.

Seeing that, I stood up.

“Well, what will you guys do? Will you cry yourself to sleep here and beg Magnus for help?”

“No… well, even if you say that, Satoru-kun…”

Karma answered me as the representative of the students.

The instructors only watched over.

Exactly how I planned it with William.

“Oi, Karma, was it? What about you? if you lose then that’s the end? Aren’t you frustrated being called a dejected loser?”

“What did ya say?!”

Karma’s burning eyes filled with anger glared at me, unlike a honor student.

That’s fine.

Anger will fuel your will to live.

“Oi, Julius. You too. You act all high and mighty all the time but you aren’t anything special, are you? ‘It is the royalty’s job to protect the people’, ‘it is the responsibility of the people who stand on top’–these are phrases someone with strength should say. What kind of a leader are you? Can’t even see through a guy like Magnus’ real intentions?”

“Real intentions? He has been fooling us from the start. He easily abandoned me after asking me to join him. I also believed my envoy, Clad, because he introduced him to me… In reality, I actually thought of him as my best friend… I had thought of him as my best friend.. who would bind us together… me, who can’t live as I will because I am royalty… with the school friends and Karma…”

It seems Julius was shocked the most.

After he was defeated by the monster, he was being protected by Moss. And even in that vague state of consciousness, he probably heard their conversation.”

And then, after being healed, he got to know of Magnus’ true strength and realized that they had been abandoned.

Above all, it was all clear when his envoy Clad didn’t move.

If they didn’t cooperate, then their half-hearted strength would only be a hindrance.

Julius was probably thought as the epitome of that and a target to be dispose of right away.

“Then, why didn’t you speak freely with him?”


“Shouldn’t you have spoken freely with your hearts out with Magnus before something like this happened?”

“That is—”

“Did your title of royalty hinder you? But you know, that’s just an excuse!”


Julius frowned but couldn’t talk back.

It seems he is looking back at his actions without trying to talk back imprudently.

“Well, what will you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Will you cry yourself to sleep like Karma here?”

“But—Magnus is way stronger than….”

“Oh what, you will give up just ‘cause you can’t win? You know, if there’s one thing that bastard Masayuki didn’t do, it’s giving up?”

“….That bastard Masayuki?”

Ah, this is bad.

I ended up calling him as I normally do.

“Ahhh, no, no, I meant the Hero Masayuki-sama, yes. What I want to say is, basically, you need the spirit to at least be able to call that hero-sama a bastard!!”

The group of instructors were watching over me with warm eyes as I tried to gloss it over.

When I glanced at them, thinking I would reduce their salary, they hurriedly looked away.

And among all that,

“That’s right, it’s exactly as Satoru-kun says. You people, it’s unforgivable to stay defeated like this when you are the proud students of the academy. It seems the battle instructors are also going to train so you people should also work hard! Even if you get wounded, I will patch you up properly. The founder of the academy, the Great Demon Lord Rimuru-sama is also probably watching over us from our country so show him your pride and dignity as the students of the academy!”

The health doctor Pyuri came following up.

Her fluttering gray waver reflected the sunlight, making her look truly as the Goddess of victory.

It seems the simple male students were motivated with just that.

“That’s right! The hero Masayuki’s divine protection will surely protect us as well!”

I don’t think there’s even a tiny bit of such protection but I guess I will nod to William’s words as well.

“What will you do, Julius? Won’t you stand in front of everyone and lead us? Decide already!”

In response to my words, Julius discarded all hesitation and looked me in the eye and said.

“I will do it. I won’t be able to settle down either if I don’t say a thing or two to Magnus. The next time, whether it’s some monster or Magnus, I will win!”

It seems Julius is also motivated.

Just as I had predicted.

“Alright! Let’s all work hard and show them what we’re made of! If we win, I will consider treating you all!”

I declared with a complacent smile.

And immediately afterwards–

“Uuuwwooohhh!! I will do it!!”

“Leave it to us, Satoru-chan!”

“Kyaaa—-Satoru-kun! This onee-san will protect you, alright?!”

“Would we perhaps have any right to that reward as well?”

Such excited cheering shook up the place.

The frenzy was so much that I had to put myself on guard for a moment there.

It seemed like the plump instructor said something about the reward there as well but I will pretend I didn’t hear it as the other instructors took him away.

Either way, I succeeded in lighting a fire in them.

And like this, the special training for the day of counterattack began.




Author note:

It seems the complacent smile was = divine smile.

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