Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 271

Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 15



And like that, the fourth day ended. It was now the morning of the fifth day.

With all of the students standing in a line in front of me, I put on a pair of swirly glasses and stood in front of them.



After eating lunch yesterday, the students had taken baths and focused their attention on recovering from their fatigue.

We had plenty of meat from the monsters, and Julius had even offered some vegetables from his ‘space storage,’ and it was clear that it would be possible to feed everyone here for two to three days.

And so there was no need to go exploring. So instead, everyone rested.

In the meantime, I talked with the teachers as we prepared for this position of ‘new teachers for the study of a new type of magic.’


“This introduction comes a little late, but this is Satoru, my confidant and a leader in magic research. In fact, I had requested that he become a teacher before, but he refused. However, fortunately, he has agreed to help you all after hearing that you want to become stronger! Now, Satoru. If would like to say a few words.”


Old William came out and introduced me to everyone.

I generously nodded back to him.

All of the students had expressions of shock upon hearing that I was an acquaintance of William, and was also a leader of magical research.

Which was no surprise.

I looked younger than all of them, and yet I had the qualifications to stand with the teachers.

Among them, George, Mondo, and others of the same group, were especially surprised, which was quite entertaining to watch.

But perhaps Marsha had realized that the magic cards were my idea, because she seemed quite satisfied with this explanation.

She must have been suspicious of the conversations between me and Old William.

Marsha wasn’t only good with magic, but she had great intuition. I felt as if I acted too carelessly, she would find out my true identity. And so I had to be careful.

Well, there were only three days left. And I would deal with it when or if it happened.

I observed the students’ reaction like this and then said:


“I am Satoru. I was actually thinking about waiting for help and keeping out of it, but I changed my mind when I saw how driven you all were. I want to meet your expectations and lead you to raise your base combat abilities within a short time. Well, then. Did you all get a good nights sleep? From today on, I and the research students will be in charge of the cooking, so the combat and magic student should focus on bettering themselves to the best of their ability. I want you to prove to me that what you said yesterday was not a lie! Now, let us begin…”


Here I raised the swirly glasses again and looked at the students.


“Sato-, no, teacher. What are we supposed to do…?”


I smiled mischievously at George’s question.


“For now, I want you to run.”


The students looked at me and gulped as I made the order and then smiled.




The first thing was to run.

That was the basics.

Well, I set the quota for magic-type students quite low, so they would return without taking too much time.

Until then, I would discuss our future direction.

But before that, I also had to instruct the remaining students on how to cook.

I was very, very busy.


I had the students who were in the research field gather around so I could teach them how to cook.

There were the girls who were always close to Julius, Maria, and Carol.

Apparently, it had been the butlers, Niel and Cast, as well as his guard knight, Clad, who prepared the food for Julius and the others.

While Clad was a knight, Niel and Cast were very good at cooking.


As Clad had been helping, it would have been easy for him to mix in the spices.

The problem was whether or not he knew about the effect they would have.

What I did know, was that a researcher named Irina was behind it, and had given the order.

But did Magnus know about it?

I’m sure they were trying to get rid of anything that could hinder them, but perhaps they had not intended for everyone to die.

But the result…

Had I not had Moss protect them, the teachers, Julius, and the others. The truth is that they would have all died.

In my opinion, they were guilty. But it would be hard to prove whether or not they meant to kill.

And so I wouldn’t bother.

It would be easier to just ignore the details of the plan, and just completely crush the entire organization.


Well, enough about that.

I watched them for a while. They were doing their job well.

They knew how to make use of the help that the students offered, and they cooked while following my orders.

There was no problem here.

I think we would be enjoying a fine dinner tonight.

I looked forward to it as I left them there.


And then I went over to the tent where the teachers of magic had gathered.

The combat teachers were participating in the running, and so they were not here.

They wouldn’t understand it anyway, and would be in the way.

Within the tent, Old William was holding the magic cards and explaining to the other teachers what they did.


“Ah, Lord Rimuru. I just finished explaining it to them.”

“Oh, thank you. By the way, I hope you can be careful to not call me that in front of the students?”

“Hahaha. Of course.”


Old William laughed. It seemed a little forced.

But I needed him to be very careful. It wasn’t something that I could just shrug off.

And I was scared that I needed to warn him before he made a mistake.

I needed to hammer it into him once and for all before beginning.


“I want you to take charge of the magic-type students. You will use these cards and oversee their training.”


I said. Then one of the NNU researchers raised their hand and looked at me.

I think his name was Heinrich. He was one of the first to see what was happening on this island.

I nodded and allowed him to speak.


“First, allow me to apologize. To think that someone from our own school was involved in this incident…”

“I know. I accept your apology and so there is no need for you to worry. Let’s think about the future now.”


I accepted his words with this answer, but…


“…But, how can you easily trust someone who is associated with a teacher who would do such a thing? Though, I do intend to follow any order that is given…”

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