Aside from that, magic could be done through contracts with spirits.

Spiritual power=spending energy to access the truth of the world or to command spirits.

To put it bluntly, energy=magic.

These magic cards were meant to be used by humans.

In other words, it turned energy into magic in the most efficient way, which allowed humans to use magic easily.



That’s what it all was.

A magic card that anyone could use.

It would sell incredibly well.

For instance, you could learn attack magic like Fireball. It would be great for defending yourself.

Convenient magic that could control gravity would become vital for transporting heavy loads.

As for flying magic, there will definitely need to be some training to be able to control it.

And it was these kinds of magic skills that would be carved into the cards.

It would make it possible to activate these kinds of magic through combining words.

These combinations would be studied for the purpose of allowing normal people to use them and so they can spread.

And I planned to have the students of Sarion participate in the research. With free thought, they could create all kinds of new magic.

All kinds of magic would be carved into the cards.

Users would have to buy the cards that they required, which meant I could expect tremendous profits.

And to the most advanced users alone, I would sell all-purpose cards that were simplified versions with some limitation.

They would allow you to bring about all kinds of effects with your imagination alone.


“…Something like that. It won’t be right away, but after thorough preparations over ten years, I think. That is when I could announce it to society?”


And with that, I ended my explanation.

If it was made public, it would mean the birth of a new type of magic, following Element magic and Spirit magic.

Its high applicability would mean that it could be used in combination with Curse magic to do all kinds of things.

There was no doubt that it would do wonders for the development of magical science.


“It is like a dream…”


Old Willaim said with an emotional sigh.


“Right? I had planned on doing this secretly at first, but I revealed it here because I believe in you all. Besides, I found someone with incredible talent who I thought would able to really use this magic.”


The teachers all exchanged glances as I said this.

And then Old William spoke for all of them and asked me.


“Do you mean Marsha?”

“I do.”


I nod.

To be honest, I did intend on taking my time with revealing it. I hadn’t decided on who I would leave it to.

But amidst all of that, there was something about Marsha’s ability that was head and shoulders above the rest.

Magic for humans, not demons or monsters.

Needless to say, it had to be a human who researched and developed it.

I would give texts and hints, and leave the rest to them.

And the academy was the best possible place to conduct such research.

However, I could not allow the Humanity Emancipation Alliance to exist at the same time.

I wanted everyone to be friends and cooperate with each other while they did their research.


“Teach and lead Marsha. You must all work together as you study it. Well, before that, you will have to teach the magic students at least one magic spell each.”

“Of course!”

“I will try and meet your expectations!”

“Please leave the healing to me. And then a little danger won’t matter.”

“We will have to work hard, so as not to lose to Marsha.”


It seemed that the teachers understood my meaning very well.

Now I knew I could leave it all to them.


“I look forward to your future accomplishments and seeing you meet my expectations of being worthy of being named one of the founders of this magic!”


All of the teachers nodded strongly at these words.


By the way…


“But, what if this information were to leak…”


Blum asked as sweat dripped down his face.

I replied with a smile.


“My subordinates will not hold back when dealing with people who are careless with information. This is something that William Roaz knows very well. I want you to tell them very clearly what my subordinates do.”


Old William must have remembered the time he spoke with Souei directly when I addressed him.

He looked a little pale as he faced the others. He then told them earnestly that they must keep it a secret at all cost.

And there was one other thing.


“Um, I have a question…”


Pyuri said hesitantly.


“What is it?”

“Yes…Irina. The Humanity Emancipation Alliance. What will you do with them? Do you really think that students can beat them?”


She asked worriedly.

Hmm. As for that, there was only one way to find out.


“I have a plan. But, the most important thing is that my identity remains hidden. Winning alone would be easy, but the most desirable outcome is if I could have the students win without drawing attention to myself. If not, it would be rather troublesome for you all, wouldn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”


William asked me. His expression suggested that he had a very bad feeling about what I was about to say.


“Yes. The moment that my location is discovered, I expect troublesome people to force their way here. The truth is, I’m here in secret, and am on my way out while trying to remain undiscovered. In a way, I’m trying to escape. So you know, do I really have to explain the rest?”


What?! The teachers looked as if they wanted to scream.

Oh, well.

I guess I could understand why they would look like that. I had just told them that they were now involved in my little escape plan.

If something went wrong, they could be mistaken for abductors.

This small suggestion was enough to ensure that the teachers cooperated with me from the bottom of their hearts.


“Also, around now… I think that one of my most dangerous subordinates is using his brain to profile and purge each school. So it’s only a matter of time before these Humanity Emancipation Alliance people are smoked out… If anything, it might be kinder to have the students defeat them first…”


I said, keeping my words a little cryptic.


“…Do you mean Diablo?”


Pyuri asked, and the rest of them became tense.


“Uh, well, I guess?”


I answered.


“AHHHHHH!! That means I might be able to meet Diablo?!”

“Ahh, those guys are finished.”

“They were so foolish. So very, very foolish…”

“Ah. With innocence being proven. I am so relieved from the bottom of my heart.”


Each teacher blurted out their reaction.

One of them was strangely excited, and another seemed a little weird…but nevermind.


“In any case, you all might become targets of Diablo’s judgment if my identity is exposed. So, do your best!”


It was a simple threat, but the effect was amazing, and all was good.

Now, as the teachers braced themselves, the virtual meeting came to an end.

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