Slime 272

Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 16

The course of education for the students who use magic had been decided.

And right in time, those students came back, all worn out.

About an hour had passed in real time, so it would have been quite a tough long run for the students who mainly use magic since they don’t have much stamina to begin with.

The magic users also need stamina but this should be sufficient.

Leaving the rest to the instructors, as we planned in the meeting, I turned to look towards the leading actors, the combat-type students.

And then–

“Run, run! Even in your dreams, you can’t even win with Magnus and his party like that!”

The combat type instructor Brown shouted passionately, as if he was a different person. Even the three other accompanying instructors also looked like they were having a hard time. Instructor Brown’s last spurt was that bloodcurdling.

One of the instructors, Peter, even said,

“B-brown-sensei, the-there’s no need to be that intense from the start now—”

And acted as proxy for the students.

However, such a remark from instructor Peter too was thrown away easily.

“Be quiet! If we’re doing this, we’re doing this to win! Shouldn’t we make frantic efforts with that spirit? Am I wrong? If you’re going to be like that, you’re never going to get the reward from Rimu—Satoru-sensei!”

But still, this guy…

Hasn’t his objective changed?

Moreover, wasn’t he just about to casually call out my name? That is kinda worrying.

“Right, it seems I was in the wrong. Rimu—I mean, Satoru-sensei is watching. We are not allowed to be lenient—You guys, get psyched up!!”

“That’s right, Peter-sensei! We are in no position to be compromising! Now, you guys—run as if your life depends on it!”



It seems instructor Peter was also the same.

Why are the instructors being all serious?!

You’re leaving the students behind.

But, that’s fine.

That’s fine but… the students, did they get brainwashed over this past week or something?

Their eyes fired up and they started running desperately.

They ran at full speed, using all their remaining strength and even more perhaps.

Using the optimum distribution of their energy and magic to reduce their exhaustion simultaneously.

What is it that’s stirring up these students this much?

Don’t tell me… they aren’t aiming for the reward I talked about… are they?

I could only pray that it was my imagination that made it look like they wanted the reward more than letting Magnus and the others have a piece of their mind.




Until night came that day, they had been doing the long runs.

As expected, everyone was completely exhausted.

They were flat out empty of mana and couldn’t even stand up properly.

But after drinking the drink I made, with a hint of the restoration medicine mixed in, they were able to recover enough to at least walk.

One shot for stamina!

I didn’t add taurine in it but seems like the effect was amazing.

Not only did it heal wounds, it also recovered their stamina.

“Satoru-san, this is…?”

“Ah, it’s a drink I made with a secret recipe. I had the ingredients so I prepared enough for everyone.”

I answered with a smile.

It’s a complete lie but I can’t really say that “I made it by mixing with the restoration medicine I had on me all this time” so I don’t really have a choice.

Ah, that reminds me, this is a bit late but I am glad that the “monsters can’t lie” thing has no effect on me.

It’s not like I like deceiving people or anything but considering my personality and position, I am in situations where I can’t say the truth a lot.

….No, it isn’t really a lie either, is it?

If you were to broadly interpret it, “secret recipe”, “I had ingredients”, or “I prepared for enough for everyone”–all these aren’t really lies.

Just the “I had ingredients” part would be more accurate if I had said “I had it in my Imaginary Space so that might just be a bit strained.

Well, that stuff doesn’t really matter either way.

The moment everyone recovered from their exhaustion after drinking the beverage I prepared, they realized that they were starving, as well.

And it immediately became time for the left over squad to prepare dinner.

It seems the group in charge of cooking gave it their all so the dishes this time around were satisfying, as well.

I had the magic using students go through practical training of making containers using earth magic and tempering using combustion magic.

As a result, everyone’s tableware was also prepared.

Although there are some which are oddly-shaped, they have their own attractiveness.

And like this, we were able to enjoy a good meal on the night of the 5th day as well.

Now then, hunger has been satisfied but…

It is about time their ability to think also recovered and they start to feel discontent.

“Satoru—sensei…. there’s something I would like to ask.”

Julius said and stood up.

It seems he had some resistance in calling me sensei but he appears to have suppressed his pride and acknowledged me as their teacher.

A more honest guy than I had first thought.

“What is it?”

“We didn’t really do anything other than running today but will we really be able to beat them like this?”

“You stupid? Of course you won’t get strong by just running. If you could win with just that, nobody would have to work hard.”


It seems my words offended him as he looked on the verge of losing it.

We made them run all day long without letting them think. And on top of that, I just said something that could also be interpreted to mean that there’s no point in running.

In a manner of speaking, it is like saying that you wasted the entire day.

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