Julius probably thinks he has been made fun of.

However, one would understand it if they thought about it normally.

There’s no way they can get stronger just by running.

That’s just proof that they are shocked by many things and can’t think straight.

Inversely, it can also be said that by just running all day long today, they have regained their presence of mind.

“–In other words, this was all to have us regain our calm, Satoru-kun?”

“Well, it’s fine if you take it that way. Also, call me sensei, Mondo.”

“Uh, yes. Understood, Satoru-sensei.”


I nodded.

There’s no need to add that it was all a revenge plan for getting back at Julius for his poor treatment towards me.

After all, the other students would just think they just got mixed up in it.

Besides, it seems everyone is content with that answer so I will just go along with it.

“Now then, it seems like you guys were able to cool off your heads. Then let’s start the strategy meeting.”

After the meal, we gathered around by a camp fire to discuss strategy.

Julius and Karma also seemed content with that explanation and didn’t complain.

It’s weird for me to say this but they are quite simple.

Now then, let’s start.

“First off all, lets talk about Magnus’ strength. Is there anyone who realized the secret behind it?”

Everyone seemed agitated in response to my question.

Not only the students, but also the instructors.

“Instructors as well, if you noticed something, please speak up.”

I also urged the instructors to talk about their observation.

Is there anyone who has noticed?

“Now that I think about it… Magnus was a very excelling guy but it didn’t seem like he was hiding that amount of strength…”

Karma, who seemed to have been in good terms with him, muttered.

I guess that’s true.

If someone has that amount of strength, a portion of it would show when they are taking the lessons.

At the very least, even if the students didn’t realize, the instructors would.

If a instructor didn’t even notice someone so strong, then they fail as an instructor.

“I don’t want to make excuses but I didn’t think he would be that strong of a student.”

“Rig…ht. It didn’t seem like he was hiding his strength, more like he suddenly gained strength—or rather, it felt like he borrowed strength.”

Jiddah, a combat type instructor of NNU muttered.

Heinrich, who had been observing the combat agreed with him.

As expected of researchers, they make good observations.

“Borrowed strength, you say? That makes it sound like—”

“Sounds like Element Fusion?

I cut off sage William.

And the place fell silent at once.

And that’s only natural too, since, Element Fusion is–

Using a superior elemental spirit, the final hidden technique for an elementalist

—after all.

That’s right.

It’s truly what can be said to be the strongest technique known to mankind, only permitted to those who are worthy of being called ‘hero’.

The only ones who can use this as a group are the strongest squad known to mankind, the Holy Knights.

“No, but—”

“There’s no way a student can perform Element Fusion!”

“The only ones who can probably do that are the legendary hero “Ruler of the Flames” or the new-generation hero and his allies!”

“Exactly. It’s not something a mere student can pull off!”

The discussion turned vigorous at once after that.

A display of denial rather than a discussion.

However, we won’t get anywhere if we were to discuss things here.

After all, even the instructors don’t really comprehend what actually is Element Fusion.

“Calm down. I will first explain what Element Fusion exactly is.”

The moment I said that, the noisy ones went silent at once.

They all turned to me in unison.

The instructor group’s gaze were more piercing than the related students.

“If possible, maybe we can get close to that secret ourselves”–it’s clear that they were thinking as such.

Well, that’s fine too.

After all, it’s not something you would be able to use immediately even if you were to understand it.

Element Fusion is—”

And like that, I started my explanation.




The most easy to comprehend example would be Shizu-san.

She had fused with Ifreet and had transformed into a demon of flames.

Although in Shizu-san’s case, it was due to a unique skill called Deviate so she might be an exception.

It would be extremely difficult for a normal person to fuse that much with an elemental spirit.

Ifreet, the superior flame spirit, possesses energy equal to a semi-demon lord class.

Fusing with that is basically becoming as strong as a semi-demon lord class while being human.

If I were to give that a human rank, then it would be an A+.

S rank is given to demon lords so that is the highest ranking.

Anything above this can only be a ‘hero’.

An existence completely opposite that of a demon lord—those who can be said to be the strongest beings in humankind, also get the S rank.

In fact, at this rank, it is also possible for a hero to fuse with the strongest elemental spirits, the light spirits.

That’s different from an awakened hero in sense.

To awaken, one needs the “hero’s egg” and other factors also come into play so that’s more complicated.

At the very least, I haven’t heard about Kenya’s “hero’s egg” hatching.

Although it does seem like he has acquired it.

That ‘blessing’ thing Ramiris was talking about was a ceremony to ascertain the adaptability percentage with the spirit.

The ones who can make the spirit’s strength their own and use it freely are the strongest of these practitioners.

Now then, about the ones below that…

Lower ranking Holy Knights would be a good example.

They are the people who have become able to borrow a portion of the spirits’ strength who are compatible with them.

The mysterious power these spirits possess.

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