(Lord Rimuru. Sorry that I’m late. The matter has finally been settled! The ruler of this island, the Rock Elephant, that is, has more than just instinct. There is intelligence as well. However, not much common sense. It took so much time for it to understand my ideas. Still, eventually, it accepted my talk of the building of the secret base. So everything is fine!)


I received a thought transmission from Laplace.

But wait, Laplace? How far are you taking this negotiation?

How about a little restraint?

It seemed like Laplace had just interpreted my orders in the way that suited him best.


(What! You even negotiated about building a secret base?!)

(Of course! And it was readily accepted. Ahh, it was a lot of work, you know? I had to make it understand my power and then took four days to teach it. Thought transmission is very useful. Thanks to it, this Rock Elephant gained quite a lot of knowledge!)


Laplace proudly made the report.

This seemed completely different to what I had intended when I said ‘greeting’…but it was too late.

In any case, this was fine in its own way.


(Well then, can you order all the monsters on this island to stop attacking the humans?)

(Very easy! They are like my underlings now. The will listen to anything I say.)



I hadn’t sensed any great movement of mana, so Laplace must have showed his power very carefully.

It was rather clever, I guess?

Or maybe he was just that passionate about this secret base?

Well, it didn’t matter what it was.

If a base could be built, then my plan to build a giant leisure land should also be fine.

Oh, I was about to forget our main objective.

Magnus was the problem we had to deal with first.


(Alright, Laplace. You continue to wait there. I still have some things to deal with. I will clean that up first.)



I had decided to prioritize the Magnus matter, and ordered Laplace to wait.




I looked at the reactions of the students.

As I thought, it would not be easy to think of an alternative.

Everyone’s expression was dark, as if they were once again locked in the shadows.

My complete rejection of their plan had made their outlook turn very tragic.


“Then Master Satoru, what will you have us do!”

“Even if we can’t win, is it so wrong to want to fight back?!”

“Do we have to obey Magnus and the others…?”



The mourning voices rang throughout the group.

They weren’t wrong. I would cry too if I were rejected so bluntly.

I had thought that buying time was the best strategy…

Ciel had also suggested taming the Poison Tiger–


“Poison Tiger, huh…”


It was easy to say, but asking these students to capture a semi-demon lord ranking monster was insane.

It was impossible, reckless and unreasonable. Yes, all three of those things.

But, just then.


“–Did you say, Poison Tiger…?!”


Marsha had heard my muttering.

And she shouted as if coming to a realization.


“Could it be…! Satoru…Master Satoru, are you suggesting that we should capture that monster?”

“Are you stupid, Marsha? There is no way that we could do that.”


Aina said as if to calm Marsha down.

Indeed, you would think it was impossible.


“But, wasn’t this Poison Tiger weaker than Magnus? In that case, maybe it will be the perfect practice partner for us to judge our teamwork?”


That was what I had thought, but Marsha continued with bright eyes.

The students reacted in their own unique ways, but they were all against it.


“I told you, it’s impossible, Marsha! You say that it’s weaker than Magnus, but don’t you know, that monster is so strong that you’d have to call the Knight’s Order in order to do anything!?”

“That’s right, Marsha. And since we cannot communicate, the burden will be heavier for the vanguard. That’s not going to buy us any time.”

“In the first place, Magnus has a time limit, but the Poison Tiger does not. Do I really have to say which of them is more dangerous?”


That’s how it went.

It was nice that they said everything that I had wanted to say.

But Marsha did not back down.


“We have lots of meat to feed the monster. We can get it used to feeding like that maybe? And besides, if I combine these magic cards, I might be able to control the monster.”


She began to say.

Indeed, if she could use anagram magic, then the forced control of monsters would be possible.

However, that required a lot of understanding and immense magic–

That being said, Marsha did have a lot of magic. And I think she still held the original cards?

It seemed unlikely, but what if she did understand it? If so, she wasn’t so much a genius, as a child prodigy who would one day represent the age we lived in.

A Hero…


<<Finally, a student appears who understands what you were thinking, Master.>>


Ciel said with satisfaction.

This confession from Ciel meant that Marsha was–

She was moving just as Ciel had thought she would. And so I decided to believe in Marsha and keep my mouth shut.


Marsha’s words reignited the heated debate.

They argued about whether it was possible and what the success rate would be.

And then they assigned roles in the event that they would carry this plan out.


The result was, that their eyes burned with enthusiasm and their faces were filled with hope and expectation as they looked at me.




Julius began, representing the others.

I nodded for him to continue.


“–that is our new plan. May we hear your opinion on it?”


It all came together very nicely.


<<It is rather good, but if I could make a suggestion–>>


I repeated Ciel’s words to them.

It hurt that their expressions were filled with such awe and respect.

I was hiding most of it with my swirly glasses, but my cheeks were quite red with embarrassment.

It really was not good to pass on other people’s ideas off as your own.

I would be more cautious about it in the future.




The direction they would go in was decided during the night, and it was the sixth day that it was put into action.

They went outside of the barrier that Magnus had placed around the camping grounds and cooked some meat with herbs that would attract monsters.

After a short time, the monster they were after appeared.

The Poison Tiger.

It looked just the same as on the night of the attack, but the fiendishness in the eyes were now gone.

From what I saw, it actually looked like it was wagging its tail.

It seemed that Laplace had convinced the Rock Elephant to send out the message. That was a relief.



The students carried out their plan to capture the monster, and they succeeded.

At this point, all of the surviving students had exceeded 100 points.

After all, they had not only fought an A-Rank monster, but had captured one.

So they had all exceeded the passing mark.

And their preparations were complete before the day of the battle.

Now, it was time to end things with Magnus–





Q & A


Q: Did Milim get a makeover?

A: She did! There will only be one goth loli.

Q: What color is Milim’s hair?

A: It looks like an ordinary pink, but it is supposed to be platinum pink.

After all, silver hair sounds night, but I was told that it’s actually kind of dull…

And there are already many characters with silver hair.

Q: What about Milim’s clothes–

A: Clothes change. There will be many types!


That’s it.

The end. Sorry for hurting your eyes.



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