“No, he fell right into the trap. He was in the absolute magic space. The situation was to our advantage. And yet, we could not win.”


“They were utterly defeated. Diablo came out without a scratch.”



They all gasped.

This report was so shocking that they did not want to believe it.

Melhis continued, as if to dispel the oppressive air.


“It’s true that Diablo’s power was stronger than what we imagined. The Accommodationists are not worth discussing, but the Moderates did have a point about being against hostilities. I understand that now. He saw my face, but the rest of you who have not made contact, it’s not too late. You should join the Moderates-”

“I cannot allow that. All of you are to be arrested right here.”


Melhis’s words were interrupted by a cold, echoing voice.


“Who-who is it?!”


The person who answered Melhis was a single man who stood in front of the door.

The dark skin and blue hair–it was Souei.


“Hmph. There’s no need for you to know, but I will be polite this once. My name is Souei. One of Lord Rimuru’s faithful servants.”


Souei said in answer to Melhis.


“Tsk, what happened to the guards?”



Melhis looked around frantically. Their mouths had been sealed before being made unconscious on the floor.

And not one person in the room had noticed. It was done silently.

Damn it! Melhis cursed inwardly.

She had been so careful about being tracked. This was the worst possible thing that could happen now.


“Do not panic! Glory Knights, prepare for demon fusion! There is no future for us unless we defeat him first!!”


Roused by these words, the Glory Knight started to act.

They called the demons within them and made the power their own.

With such comrades surrounding her, Melhis told herself that it wasn’t too late.

The enemy was alone.

And there were five of the Glory Knights here.

Diablo was one of the 12 guardians of the Great Demon King. But they had never even heard of this Souei before.

They could win! This single demon could not stand against them.

That’s what Melhis thought.

No, that’s what she tried to believe.

She could never have imagined that the person standing in front of them now was the equal of the guardians.

In spite of her instincts raising the highest alarm in her head, Melhis made the worst decision.

Go hostile–immediately.




Five Glory Knights stood in front of Souei.

However, they did not act against him.

No, they were not able to.


“Wh-what? I cannot move my body?!”

“What’s happening? Damn it!”

“What the hell…!?”


The knights realized the change and became frantic.

But there was no answer coming, and Melhis was left confused, unable to understand the situation.

The only person here who grasped everything was Souei.

And Souei did nothing.

He had no need to.



“Souei, would you like me to finish them for you?”


Out of nowhere, a woman had arrived and stood in front of Souei.

The beautiful dragonewt, Souka.


“Don’t let a single one get away.”



Touka, Saika, Hokusou and Nansou were also there.

This hideout had already been completely surrounded by the information department working for Souei.


“Damn it!”


The Glory Knights shouted.

However, their shouts faded into the air.

To Souka and the others, these knights, who had merely overcome the barrier of A-rank, were nothing.



“Well then, I think it’s time we take our leave…”


The greater demons that had been fused with the knights now attempted to escape.


“Wait! Do you mean to ignore the contract!?”


The knights shouted in horror. But the demons snorted.


“Fool! Our contracts are voided if we are not able to run wild as we please!”


So saying, they began to escape.

Unlike spirits, demons tended to be self-centered. And so they often abandoned their masters the moment that the situation became unfavorable.

However, this time alone, the demons were unable to avoid the disaster.


“Do you really think I will let you get away? Souei said that I was to let no one escape.”


Souka’s cold voice rang in the room.


“What? How!?”


But it was too late for the greater demons.

Because now the entire building was surrounded by a magic circle of envelopment that isolated the place.


“I have no use for those demons. Kill them so they can repent for a few hundred years.”



And so the demons were dealt with just as Souei ordered.

Before the demons could even say anything, Souka and the others had turned them into dust.

It all happened in an instant.

The members of the ‘Humanity Emancipation Alliance’ were speechless.

Some of them fell weakly to the floor while others moaned audibly.

Seeing the greater demons disposed of like this had made them certain about their fate.

Melhis as well.


(…It’s over. Great Demon Lord Rimuru’s subordinates are so… Magnus, I am so sorry…)


They were strong on a level that defied her understanding.

Like Godama, Melhis now realized that she had come in contact with something that should have been avoided at all cost.

But it was much too late now. And there was no way for them to get out of this.

That was enough to break her spirit.

And like that, the majority of the Reformist members fell at the hand of Souei.




“Hahaha. So it is done, Souei?”

“Yes. Thanks to you scaring them out of the nest, I was able to find them all gathered together.”

“That is wonderful. I too was able to capture one of the leaders. And don’t worry, I treated him very carefully and without killing him.”

“Hmph. I’ll be the judge of that.”


Souei brushed this comment aside.

In fact, he thought it would not have been a problem to kill one or two of them.

No mercy for our enemies! It was an unspoken rule, and Rimuru was not likely to be angry about it.

The only reason he hadn’t related this to Diablo, was because it was too much trouble.

Besides, there would be no stopping Diablo once he went out of control. And so it was best to avoid the possibility altogether.

Especially since he would likely be given the role of having to stop him. And Souei did not care to be bothered with that.


“Even now he is being eaten by demon bugs. Can you hear his gleeful screams?”


Diablo said as he threw the tree-like thing off of his shoulder.

It was a ravaged Godama.

His entire body was being eaten by bugs and he was barely breathing.

Of course, Godama’s fate was more than that. The places that were being eaten were slowly turning into tree bark.


“He-help me. It hurts. My whole body hurts…”


In this pitiful state, he plead for mercy.

However, Diablo did not respond to his pleas.


“…Hey, while he is alive, there will be little point if he loses his mind, you know?”


Souei said. Diablo nodded as if he understood this perfectly.


“Hehehehe. Don’t worry. These Majuju do not eat the brain. And they excrete two kinds of liquids when eating flesh. One has the effect of turning the host into a tree. The other is a pleasure substance. This means that while they can feel pain, it is not so bad that they would lose their minds. Besides, he had something that was perfect.”


So saying, Diablo pointed to the staff that was practically a part of Godama now.

It was the unique magic rod that Godama had carried for many years–the ‘Staff of Heart Protection’

Due to Godama’s excellent equipment, his heart was protected, preventing him from going mad.


“I see. Well, he did insult Lord Rimuru. So it is his own fault.”


Diablo nodded with satisfaction at Souei’s words.

And then in a rare display of affection, Diablo slapped Souei on the shoulder and said,


“Very good, Souei. I am so glad that you have an understanding of my hobbies.”

“…No. I’m not saying your hobbies are acceptable…”


Souei had a bitter expression, a strong contrast to the one of pleasure that was on Diablo’s face.

However, Diablo did not mind. He laughed happily at the prospect of having someone who was of kindred-spirit.



And with that, they left the rest to Souka and the others, and headed for their final destination.

Maldoland Island.

–The place where their beloved Rimuru was.

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