Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 276

Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 20



Melhis, who was Godama’s secretary, was shocked.

The scene of destruction was not something that the mind could easily comprehend.

That was the degree that Diablo was outside of the norm in Melhis’s mind.


She had been monitoring Diablo from the security room, just as Headmaster Godama had ordered…

And after having measured the energy, it had been unmistakably 7,000.


(Lower than I expected. He should not have much trouble in that case.)


She thought as she made the report to Godama.

The result of this, was the horrible sight beyond the screen.

Since Melhis was examining the situation, she knew what was now happening to Godama.

And yet, when put together with what she knew to be normal, it was nothing short of ludicrous.

The Destroyers that they were so proud of were ultra powerful machines with energy up to 15,000.

And there were thirteen of them.

It was overwhelming power. If anything, it seemed like too much to throw at the likes of Diablo.

Melhis had been sure of Godama’s victory the moment that Diablo fell into the pit.

And yet this Diablo, who only had 7,000 in energy, he had easily defeated the thirteen Destroyers.


And there was even more shocking information that made her tremble with fear.

As she had watched them through her monitors for a while, and been able to measure the combat data, she had come to the conclusion that Diablo’s energy was constantly at the same level.

But for the numbers to stay exactly the same throughout the whole time–that was just not normal.

For instance, a single punch from a Destroyer would have to have energy that is less than 15,000.

They had found out through a mountain of combat data, that it was usually about 0.2%.

This was obvious, as energy was the combination of all of the person’s abilities.

Mobility, reflexes, attack power, defense power, intelligence, mental strength, luck(uncertain element), all of these and more were combined to create this number that was energy.

The actual energy that was used in an attack was very low. This had all been established even before they began their research.


Diablo’s numbers were at 7,000.


(It was impossible…how can this happen…!! It doesn’t make any sense. I will not accept something so preposterous!!)


There was always a fear that your reality as a researcher was in peril.

However, the data right in front of her proved that the results of the tests were correct.

She was watching a person who could freely control his energy at MAX level at all times. If someone had ten times as much energy as him, they would still not be able to beat him.

With this fact in front of her, Melhis could not be blamed for feeling such fear.


Melhis was usually a calm researcher, but she was now at the height of confusion. However, the fighter within her remained calm, and was telling her to escape as quickly as possible.

At this point, Melhis had already abandoned Godama.

If anything, she was already thinking how this sacrifice, called Godama, would distract Diablo and give her time to leave.

And so without further delay, and without seeing the end of Godama’s fate, she started to make her leave.


That is why she didn’t notice.

She had been the one who was monitoring him, and yet, a demon with bright red pupils was looking up through the screen with an evil grin.

Melhis’s fate had been decided the moment she made an enemy of Diablo.




Melhis was afraid of being followed and so she was extra careful while fleeing.

To Melhis, Godama was not so much a respectable superior, but a pawn to be used.

And so she had no regrets over betraying him.

The only thing that was important to her now was that she protect herself and run to a place of safety.

She had to share this newly acquired information with the others. And now that they knew where Magnus and the others were, it would be bad if she didn’t contact them.

Because of all these thoughts, Melhis was full of anxiety.

Still, she was able to calm herself and act carefully because she was a first-rate warrior.

It was late in the night when she finally arrived at the secret hideout of the Reformists.


Melhis was so worn out that she looked like a different person in just one day.

The people that greeted her realized that something must have happened, and they ran to her with pale faces.


“Melhis, what happened?’

“What is going on?”


Melhis stopped them with a raise of her hand before opening her mouth.


“Headmaster Godama has been caught by Diablo. He may even be dead now. As our rules demand, I prioritized the sharing of information and fled instead of rescuing him.”


She paused with a sigh.



“So then Godama is…”

“How did this happen? How are things now?”


They asked her excitedly.

And just as Melhis was about to open her mouth again–




Came a shout from one of the people in charge.

It was a group of Glory Knights in their white robes–they were the strongest of the ‘Humanity Emancipation Alliance’.

There were some who were a part of the Accommodationists and Moderates, but the majority of them sided with the Reformists. After all, it had been the results of Godama and Mehlis’s research that had allowed them to devise ways to fuse demons and control them.

Furthermore, Melhis herself was one of the Glory Knights, and also had a demon dwelling within her.

In a way, it could be said that Melhis herself had given the Glory Knights the power of the demons and made them powerful.


“Melhis. How did this happen, with you there?”


One of the knights asked Melhis.

The others seemed to have calmed down now that the Glory Knights were present, and so they decided to listen to what she had to say.

Melhis nodded and explained to them the events of the day.


“Alright, I will tell you. But first, at least two people must guard the door. We cannot be too careful.”


They obeyed her order and two knights stood by the door.

Melhis was very relieved by this and so began to talk.


“The truth is…”


She told them that they had been contacted by Magnus, who had been missing that morning.

According to a message from the Great Demon Lord Rimuru, Magnus and the others were supposed to be in the middle of training. And yet it was said that they had attacked teachers from the other schools and the students as well.

In other words, Magnus and the others did not know that they were being monitored by the Great Demon Lord.

But as they had already acted, there was no turning back now.

They had been trying to contact him to abandon his position as not only a student, but the entire plan and run away as soon as possible.

And it was then that Diablo visited.

In any case, if it was discovered that the students had accomplices, then the school’s management would come into question.

Both the headmaster and Melhis assumed that they would be replaced.

And so they had decided to be rid of Diablo while his guard was down, before he realized that they were his enemies.


“Diablo. You tried to…”

“How reckless…”


They audience muttered with shock.

Diablo’s reputation was known far and wide. He represented a kind of terror that exceeded even the Great Demon Lord Rimuru.


“Yes, I will not deny it now. But when I measured his energy, it was only at 7,000. I assumed we could easily kill him with the Destroyers hidden underground…”

“Thirteen Destroyers should not be able to be defeated by someone who is at 7,000…”

“Did you make a mistake when trapping him?”

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