Still, that had not stopped him from having convenient delusions, and he continued to give out orders in a pompous manner.


“Mister Jujilas… It’s…over…”

“What? What is? What is over?”

“Jujilas. We have been defeated. Any further fighting would be meaningless. Magnus has been taken. We have no choice but to surrender.”


Irina and Rozari understood their situation.

There was no other way to twist this.

However, Jujilas only snorted at them and replied in an arrogant voice.


“What! I had no idea that you two were such cowards. Headmaster Godama will grieve when he hears of this. But do not worry. I had thought that this might happen, and so I have arranged for a platoon to be sent from the land division. Thirty soldiers in prototype enhancement armor. They say that each soldier is as dangerous as an A-ranker. I doubt we have anything to worry about. Those monsters are nothing to us! As for you, abductors that call yourself the ‘circus’ or whatever, you should stop this meaningless resistance now!!”


And like that, Jujilas tried to convince us that they in fact had the advantage here.

However, Irina and Rozari had seen my power. And so Jujilas’s words were nothing short of ludicrous.


“Give up. Didn’t I tell you? We have already lost.”


Irina had accepted it and was now making an admirable attempt to persuade Jujilas.

But Jujilas would not listen.


“What a foolish thing to say! How can we give up now? The Demon Lord robbed us of our status and honor as nobles! Headmaster Godama has promised to accept me. How can I suddenly act as if nothing has happened! You will be treated well if you come with me. Now, you must think hard on that!”


They clearly weren’t seeing eye to eye.

Jijilas was still not able to understand his situation.

These kinds inconsequential people were always so stupid. In a way, he was unbeatable.

Just then, something happened that only fed into Jujilas’s convictions.

An airship had appeared.


Jujilas saw it and his face lit up.

But it did not last for long.

He had been at the height of glory for a second, but then his face froze over.


“I-I’ve been waiting for…you?”


The airship landed and the gate opened.

The person that climbed leisurely down the stairs, was not a soldier, as Jujilas had hoped–


“Who-who are you!”


It was Diablo.

Jujilas got his answer from a most unexpected direction.


“A-ahhhhhh!! It’s Lord Diablo!!!”


Came the surprisingly loud roar from the crowd.

Even the doctor, Master Pyuri was screaming along with the students.

Actually, she was basically leading them.

If only she had a little more self-respect.

Diablo was apparently hiding hiding his identity now, which meant wearing casual clothes that appeared quite plain at a glance.

But still, there was an aura that oozed out from him. This overwhelming sense of importance that he had was evidence of who he was.

Basically, his disguise was pointless.


“Di-Diablo!? Bu-but, what will happen to me…?”


Jujilas swayed and then crumbled to the ground.

What indeed…

But one thing that was for sure, was that he would no longer work as a teacher.


“No way?!”

“Is it really him?”

“Why is he here!?”

“But he is dressed rather roughly…”

“And he still looks gorgeous!”


Came the scattered voices.

Even those who had not immediately recognized him were soon informed of this fact by the zealous women in the crowd.

There was no hiding it now.

Some of the students were finding it difficult to keep up. So many things had happened in succession that it was difficult to process. And so I had planned to use a dream spell to trick them…

But Diablo’s sudden arrival had been so outlandish that it somehow had the opposite effect, and they had become cool-headed.

Some of them were looking at us, back and forth. Then realization seemed to kick in.


Souei was next to show himself, and another round of cheers erupted.


“Oh, my. Who is that man standing next to Lord Diablo?”

“He is very handsome as well.”


Like that, even the less known Souei became the center of much attention.

In spite of this, he kept calm and collected.


“Hehehe. I finally found you. Uhhh…”


Diablo tried to hide my identity, perhaps as a precaution.

However, as he was completely exposed, there was not much point in trying to protect me now.


“It’s fine. People know about my escape already. And I planned to return after going to the Forum. So there’s no point in being secretive.”


I said to Diablo with a sigh.


“Then what now?”

“But let’s keep it a secret that I’ll be participating in the Forum. Also…”


I glanced towards the students…


“You can be responsible for ensuring that they keep their mouths shut. I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but no violence and brainwashing, alright?”


I said, dumping everything onto him.

Diablo nodded with a look of pleasure before kneeling with a bow.

And then–


“Certainly. Lord Rimuru.”


He said in a very clear voice.

Just then.

A cheer much larger than the previous ones erupted.

It wasn’t just cheering, but shrieking as well.


“The Gr-great Demon Lord!!”

“He was real!?”

“So beautiful…”

“Hey, wait… So I was rambling on about our plan in front of the Great Demon Lord!?”

“–No, Irina… If anything, it was I who talked about hating him right to his face…”


It was that moment. Every single person who was present knew who I was.

Yes, among them were those whose voices were so pained that even I wanted to cry.

Don’t worry.

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it–well, I could deal with those things later.

After all, maybe a little revenge was acceptable.


“Well, that’s what it is. And wasn’t that magic great?”


I said with a wink.


Some of the students bled from their noses as they fainted.

Some of them were stunned into a stupor.

The teachers were both laughing and crying.

And some students were screaming hysterically. Ahhhhh!!

In any case, the students were engulfed by a great chaos for quite some time after that.




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