Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 290

Bonus – Visit to the Unknown – 08 Michelle



As soon as they caught sight of Michelle, Karman and his men saluted her and bowed their heads.

Michelle saluted back.

There was a nervousness in the room then, but it was promptly erased with Veldora’s boisterous laugh.


“Kaaaahahaha! Did you say your name was Michelle? Well, you seem very important indeed! See? It seems that my plan to use Karman as bait has worked after all!! My name is Veldora! This is perfect. You will—”


Zaza and the others heard these calm and arrogant words and turned pale in an instant.

Not only the resistance, but Karman and his men were wide-eyed.


“Be-be quiet, you idiot!! Shut up. You are just useless, so shut up!!”


Zaza frantically tried to close Veldora’s mouth.

Ramiris looked amused as she shrugged her shoulders.

Beretta just sighed quietly.


Michelle’s name was well-known throughout the resistance.

The Machinery Four. The flash of light on the battlefield.

It was no wonder she was called Bakusenhime.

It was said that with her combat abilities, she could take on an army corps alone.

And so Michelle had no guards.

Not only did she not need them, but they would only get in her way.

If you made such a person angry, they would be able to turn this hideout into rubble in a second.

And so it was no surprise that Zaza and the others were so afraid.


“I am…shocked. I have only been here for two days and your treatment of me only gets worse…”


Veldora started to sulk, but Zaza took no notice.


“It’s because you never listen to others!!”


He shouted, and Veldora went silent.

Zaza had learned how to handle Veldora in just one day.

There was no point in being kind to him.

Not only that, but you had to tell him clearly, or he would interpret things in his own way or expand on them in order to fit his own desires.

Zaza knew this because he had experienced it.

They had already treated Veldora as if he were unimportant, but they now had to treat him as a problem child.


“Hmph! Do not bother me!”

“You idiot! If we leave things to you, it will only lead to disaster!”

“Grrr. How dare you speak to me like that…”


They continued in this fashion.


(Damn, damn! If I weren’t an adult, I would drown you in a sea of blood!)


Veldora said through bitter tears.

He had lost the argument and realized he was going to lose the opportunity to get the spotlight once again…


“Hehe. You scum. As is befitting for such bugs who live underground, you have swarmed around this trash-like food.”


Michelle’s words changed the situation.

Some children began to cry after hearing her cold declaration.

And so the adults hurried forward in order to protect them.

They knew it was hopeless, but they wanted to buy time.

However, Michelle ignored them and turned to Karman and his men.

And then she raised a finger to her lips—-



“Hmph. You traitors. You are no longer worth keeping alive as servants of the Empire. Now die!!”


She said with a voice that held no emotion.

And then she closed one eye and signaled to Karman.


“…!! D-damn it!! We-we haven’t betrayed…!!”


Karman started to shout frantically.

Michelle nodded quietly.

And then she snapped her fingers.

In an instant, purple lightning flashed. It struck right next to Karman and his men and exploded.




They shouted. It wasn’t so much the explosion, but their own reflexes that threw them to the ground.

While they were very loud, something about their movements seemed fake.


“Hehe. That is what you get for bringing shame to the Empire. Now that they are gone, it is time to wipe out the threat. Which one is Beretta?”


Michelle said after lightly glancing at Karman and his men.

It was pretty clear that they weren’t dead, but Michelle did not seem to mind.

Sharma and Rindo noticed it and wondered if Michelle was also acting.

What if–they gulped. No, they should wait and see how this would play out.


“I am Beretta…”


Beretta said after Michelle looked back and forth between him and Veldora.

He knew that nothing good would come from making Veldora wait.

However, this opponent was of the Awakened Demon Lord class, which exceeded himself.

Though, strength wasn’t just about the amount of energy, so you could not tell who was stronger until you fought. And so backing down here would be the same thing as admitting defeat.

But more than that, Beretta was able to see that she was just acting.


(While I may be able to go along with it, I am not sure about Lord Veldora…)


Beretta was quite worried about this.

After all, Veldora was never good at reading the atmosphere—he was that much of an airhead.

If he left things to Veldora here, there was a possibility that he would make her angry for real.

However, Veldora appeared as if he had reached his limits in terms of discontentment…

In any case, it was a dangerous gamble.


(This is a most unexpected dilemma. Perhaps I should have flattered Lord Veldora a little.)


Beretta thought with regret.

But here, an unexpected person lent out a saving hand.


“Hehe. Then that means there are two people that I cannot ignore. No, if anything, it is you who are the truly dangerous one. May I ask you your name?”


Nice! Beretta thought.

Michelle’s treatment did much to restore Veldora’s mood.


“Hehehe. Kahaha. Kahahahahaha!! Very good. You are a smart one. Yes, a clever woman who recognized that I was special with just a glance. Good. I shall tell you, then. I am Veldora! Friend of the Great Demon Lord Rimuru and the strongest of dragons. They call me ‘Storm Dragon,’ Veldora Tempest!!”


Ta-daaa! Veldora said in a grand voice.

He took advantage of his sisters’ absence and claimed to be the strongest of the dragons.

Veldora was very pleased with himself.

He was happy.

He was so happy that he was becoming teary-eyed.


(Hehehe. Now people will know just how cool I am. Adults and children alike will grovel at my majesty!)


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