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A Star’s Lover


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Chapter 74 Orc Lord’s Tonkotsu Ramen

“It’s-it’s not like I want to e-eat this guy’s cooking…. it’s not like that… it’s not like that but…!”


Even though Kuro was spouting such nonsense, she had come over to my place once again today.

What happened to her initial objective?


Kukuku, I will let you drown in the tastiness of my cooking again today….

I wonder how long she will be able to hold that attitude?



“And so, today’s high class ingredient will be this.”


“E-wa-oi oi, why a monster like this?!”


The place I brought the dragon daughters to was the barn established beside the farm.

It was at the most inner portion of the barn.


A monster of about 5 meters, with an enormous pig head.

Its weight probably crossed 10 tons.

Of course, it was not just any normal orc.


Orc Lord.


The highest ranking orc, which only rarely appears.

It’s danger degree was determined to be an S; A monster which could even destroy a whole country.

It was now lying inside a cage at the most deepest part of the barn.


Even the God Dragon, Kuro, frightenedly asked,


“Wh-what happened to this?”


“I caught it.”


It coincedentally appeared within Rain Empire’s territory so I went to subjugate it.


“After all, orc meat can be quite delicious depending on the orc. They appear quite rarely so I thought why not use for as an ingredient for a dish. So I tamed it.”


Even with Monster Training-Master, taming an S rated monster was quite difficult.


“That thought process… it is a little weird for a dragon like me to say it but… I think it is quite odd?”


Incidentally, it is said that two orc lords do not spawn at the same time around the whole world.

And therefore, by keeping this guy alive, we can avoid a disaster somewhere else caused by another orc lord. Killing two birds with one stone.


I mainly fed it the corns I harvested in this farm.

Similar to pigs, orcs, too, are omnivorous. If had given it any kind of meat, the orcs meat would harden and that would decrease its taste. To make it get fat well, it seems like variety of wheats are good.


“I will taking a little of your meat and bones.”


Saying such a little bizarre curiousity-seeking words, I used time magic to stop the orc lord’s time.

After quickly taking a bit of the necessary parts, I used healing magic on it.

And in the blink of an eye, its wounds healed.


Using this method, it’s possible to acquire semi-permanent ingredients.


“What are you going to make today?”




“Raamen…. eh, what is with that stupid sounding dish?”


Kuro raises her eyes in suspicion.


“It is a kind of noodle dish— well, even if I do say that, it isn’t like dragons have noodle culture.”


Seeing is believing.

And thus, I started making ramen without delay.


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