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Chapter 75 The Light Fluffy Omelet from Roc’s egg

Feeding the dragons sausages was just too fun so I got carried away and played with them a little more.


For example, teleporting a sausage just between them–to which, both of them showed a surprisingly fast reaction and bit into it.






As the sausage gradually decreased between them, so did the distance. But the two of them, being so engrossed in eating, did not realize that at all.

And before long, when the sausage disappeared from between them,




Their lips bumped into each other.

To the surprise kiss, Kuro face became pale with shock.


“You—What do you thin—?!”


Kuro had tried to run away from it, but Shiro had firmly held onto her shoulder.

Who knows how Kuro thought of that conduct, her face was now blushing.


But, it was not like Shiro wanted to kiss her or anything.

There was still some sausage stuck to her face and she did not have her fill yet. So gluttonous.


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