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Chapter 72 Queen Minotaurs Mozzarella Cheese

“Oi, what is this place? Isn’t it a dungeon?”




I used teleportation magic to bring Shiro and Kuro in front of a certain dungeon entrance.

It was an ‘A’ grade difficulty maze, which was not yet captured, and was called the ‘Kressos Ancient Ruins’.


Kuro made a puzzled face and asked,


“What will we do here? Weren’t you gonna treat me to more delicious food?”


“We’re going to all the troubles so I thought we might as well acquire the highest quality ingredients here.”


“Highest quality ingredient….. *gulp*”


That was enough to make Shiro purr like a cat.


“At a place like this?”


“Just follow me.”


We stepped into the dungeon.


The greatest trait of this dungeon is its extremely complicated maze structure.

There are tons of layers, hidden passages, hidden rooms, and crossroads.

On top of that, sometimes the structure just changes without any notice and maps become useless. It is said that many intruders have met their end in here without being able to escape.

And in fact, there were quite a lot of skeletons lying here and there.


“Wi-will it really be okay? It sure as hell won’t be funny getting trapped and wondering around here till death, you know?”


“Rest assured. I have gotten a grasp of the structures in the dungeon.”


The scope of my Detection- master is about 3 km in radius.

This dungeon too falls just about in that range so we do not need to worry about getting lost at all.


“I have been thinking this for a while but… what in the world are you?”


“Mm, Karuna is awesome.”





Suddenly, we heard the cry of a characteristic monster.

The super famous monster, Minotauros, had appeared.


“This guy’s meat tastes pretty good.”


“I had also thought that, once.”


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