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The Boxer Rebellion- Diamonds

That is a song that I played every day for a year back in 2014, it was a nice time lol

Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I received 100 Cheat Skills

Chapter 70: Meeting of the THREE Perverts


Over the course of a few days, we reached the mountainous area near the border of the Alsarah Kingdom and Ekbana.


“Let us not cross the mountain today, and get up early tomorrow instead.”


“Must be hard for an old person.”


“You always get up early.”


The mountains are too dangerous to cross at night. For that reason, it was common sense to leave early in the morning instead.


The next morning, we got up while it was still dark, and had breakfast in the hotel’s dining room.


Because there are many travelers in the mountain, it is usually safe. But right now, there aren’t really many travelers inside.


The route from this town should be the shortest to Ekbana. I had doubts, but the landlady of the inn told us.


“Did you know that recently, a strange “dog man” has been living in the mountains? Everyone started getting a bad feeling from it, so lots of people have been taking a different route to Ekbana.”


Dog man?

What the hell is that?


“They don’t seem to do anyt

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