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Kamigoroshi no Eiyuu to Nanatsu no Seiyaku

Chapter 75 – Nightmare

Dodging the swinging scythe by lowering my waist, I stepped in with all of my strength.

Underneath the ragged red robe, she was wearing a revealing black dress. Fluttering with smallest of actions, that clothing, which pretty much revealed the part which must be hidden, could probably not be called a clothing anymore.


Wearing unrefined gauntlets made with some kind of a monster’s bones on both arms, she had jet black wings on the back which resembled the wings of crows. And on her head, a large goat-like horn which did not go with her beautiful face.

In this parallel world, there are many who have king in their names but only one of them held power equal to the Dragon King, Fafnir.

Demon Lord Shelfa.

Unkempt, ruffled, long, purple-silver hair and red eyes like the crimson moon. Abnormally white skin. She had dazzlingly beautiful eyes but it was all ruined by the sinister aura she spread with her enormous scythe.

Having all of it aimed right at me, I dived right in and swung Ere towards her defenseless torso.

But she dodged it with unbelievable speed, leaped behind me and swung her scythe downwards, aiming for me. Swinging that scythe which was even taller than her height with one hand like it was nothing; That appearance truly had the overpowering aura worthy of being called the Demon Lord.

Dodging that attack by tumbling on the rock-hard surface, we started crossing swords once again.

I could hear my breathing getting rough. On the other hand, Shelfa stood before me with an air of composure, looking down on me.

Souichi and Hisaki-san lept on her from behind with their holy swords. But she knocked them off with precise movements using her scythe, almost as if she had an eye on her back.

Blown away, the two struck a boulder which had moss sprouting on it. The landing seemed to have been bad; They didn’t move an inch. Either they had fainted or they were waiting for another opportunity to attack. Either way, being on this side of Shelfa, I couldn’t possibly confirm.

Inoue Koutarou – Inoue-kun was fighting to death on top of the enormous tortoise that he named Black Tortoise.


“Pathetic. So this is the heroes Astraera called from the other world?”


‘Pathetic, pathetic’ she went on. Destroying everything in her sight with a swing of her sight, she kept laughing jovially. With a swing of her sight, a part of the tortoise’s back was sliced off.

She was laughing but there wasn’t the slightest bit of cloudiness in her murderous intent. That murderous intent felt familiar somehow. It closely resembled that of Neifel. No, if there’s such a thing like density to ‘killing intent’, then that was probably lesser than this.

And so, I stood up once again, staring right at the Demon Lord as she was laughing.

She looked surprised for a moment, then she gave a broad smile and said,


“Yes, yes. That’s good, hero. Don’t break so easily.”


Her charming lips distorted like the crescent moon, and she licked t


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