Chapter 113 [Episode 58] Immortal, appear! 2



* * * *


“I’ve compared and checked it a couple of times, and I’m sure.”

Shin Sunggyun, who had definitely confirmed it, made a final report to Kim Jongwoo. It was a very shocking fact, but there was no doubt.


“Huh…. This is our daebak (jackpot) now, right? If it is this level, is it almost like winning the first lotto (lottery)?”

Kim Jongwoo looked at the results window floating in front of his face and muttered with an incredulous expression that he couldn’t believe it.

Choi Sangryul, who became the finalist for the championship and would of course win the offline tournament.

That person lost.

Moreover, he died five times. The battles were not fierce. Choi Sangryul was just one sidedly trampled.

Whatever Choi Sangryul’s style is, his opponent, Immortal, received it easily.

As a result, it only used 4 minutes for Choi Sangryul to be killed for five times.

Pure battle time was not even a minute or so.

The difference in skill was too great.

At first, Kim Jongwoo did not understand. He could not understand how Choi Sangryul, who was known as a candidate for the championship and known to be a very skillful person, was so badly trampled.

But as soon as he heard the Immortal’s identity, everything make sense.

The Guild Master of One Guild.

The words were like a magic spell and Kim Jongwoo nodded his head.

No other explanation was needed.

Just making sure that Immortal is the Guild Master of the One Guild was enough. And now…everything was clearly confirmed.


“From now on, all broadcasts focus on the Immortal. Shoot the other users only at a level that they are simply mentioned.”


“But it’s only 32 rounds, do not you think this conclusion is too early?”

There were also cautious opinions. But Kim Jongwoo stubbornly shook his head.


“No, it’s already too late. It’s not just a user. It’s the Guild Master of One Guild, the most influential guild in EL world. Although it is not official information, the Guild Master of the One Guild is said to be the strongest in the One Guild. You didn’t forget who was chewing on the Gladiator Hall and Hall of Mortality, right? And you didn’t forget what comment he left about the Guild Master of his guild, right?”

No one answered at the end of Kim Jongwoo’s words.


“I understand. So, for now i will do the best I can to secure the existing game video.”

Shin Sunggyun, who understands Kim Jongwoo’s words best, quickly answered and Kim Jongwoo nodded with a smile in his face.


“Yeah, for now you get the videos and if there is an opportunity, let’s get an interview.”


“He might refuse.”

Interviews were mandatory for the online, but offline qualification it was not mandatory.


“Whether you asked him politely or pitifully, whatever you do, go and get the interview.”

Kim Jongwoo had frowned again at the useless comments and continued.


“Why do you keep telling me negative things?From now on, stop talking and move as ordered.”

Kim Jongwoo did not allow any further disagreement.

He was a person with good intuition, so he was quite aware of how great a ‘hook’ Immortal was.


“If I just hold on to it, it has to be daebak (big hit), no, it will be super daebak.”

He believed that it was right to unconditionally center this tournament on the Immortal, the Guild Master of the One Guild, when he appeared.

Meanwhile, Choi Sangryul could hardly believe this reality.

He could not believe he lost in the offline qualification in the 64th round, but the more unbelievable thing was the game content.


“Impossible. That strength…. was never the strength that a user can have.”

LIke everyone else, Choi Sangryul’s first reaction was ‘denying reality’. However, no matter how much he thought and thought again, LGN was not a lame place that holds a competition for bug users to participate in.

Through a series of thoughts, Choi Sangryul was able to conclude that his opponent’s skills were real.

Now that he can recognize his opponent’s skill, the next step was ‘self-criticism’.


“I was a frog in a well. I thought the well was the whole world and acted rashly, so I properly suffered….” *

Choi Sangryul, who had been criticizing himself hilariously, has been informed that his opponent was Immortal, the Guild Master of the One Guild. Then he went to the next step.

The last step that Choi Sangryul chose…. It was ‘Cling to it’.


“If you accept me as a guild member of the One Guild, I will be loyal.  Take me, please.”

Choi Sangryul was kneeling and bowing his head to the floor. He suddenly appeared in front of Sang Hyuk, and began to cling to Sang Hyuk and begged him.

Sang Hyuk frowned a bit to see Choi Sangryul grovelling like that.


“I think those who know that I am the Guild Master of the One Guild are only the LGN employees….. And I think I have already requested to those employees to not reveal who I am to the general users…. Oh right, this guy has had a line from LGN since long ago.”

Originally, Choi Sangryul could not find Sang Hyuk. Because in the offline preliminary game, only LGN could see the game screen itself and moreover the identity of the participants playing in the real world has been thoroughly secured, so even though he was Sang Hyuk’s opponent, it did not make sense for Choi Sangryul to come to Sang Hyuk in reality.

However, Sang Hyuk thought a little and could see how can Choi Sangryul came to him. In the end, it was clear that one of the LGN employees had informed Choi Sangryul.


“It was the same either that time or this time, this expression full of soul.”

Sang Hyuk looked at Choi Sangryul and recalled the memory of his past life.

Choi Sangryul, who had been drinking, suddenly kneeling on the floor and asked for help…. The Choi Sangryul from that time and Choi Sangryul from now naturally overlapped.

At that moment, the sincerity that wriggling deep in the deepest of Choi Sangryul’s heart was clear.*


“You will be loyal? This punk…. screw it.”

I had been screwed in my past life and if I were to be screwed again in the present, it was proofing that I am an idiot.


“Get lost.”

Sang Hyuk glanced at Choi Sangryul and spoke clearly.


“What? You don’t like me….”


“You don’t know Korean language? I said get away from me.”

Sang Hyuk once again cuts off Choi Sangryul’s words in the middle. By this point, Choi

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