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Chapter 211


Ye Qing Yu saw the solemn expression of the 4 others and asked, “Is my brother dead?”

“No. Your brother is still alive. This we know for certain. As for… Xiao Wu (Ye Qing Wu) you say it.” Ye Tian Long turned his back while releasing a huge sigh…

“Sister Qing Wu (Ye Qing Wu), please tell me. What’s happened with my brother and where is he now?”, said Ye Qing Yu feeling slightly hopeful.

“Your brother… He is still at Luo Shen Mountains. And Xiao Yu (Ye Qing Yu), other than our experiences in Mi Wu Forest after the battle, the rest of what we told you is true. The only thing we have hidden from you is that your brother accidently fell over Luo Shen Mountains while battling the You Zu.

Ye Qing Wu gave a slight frown overcome by the feeling of pain, longing and thoughts of Ye Qing Han spending all those nights, cold and lonely at the bottom of the mountains.


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