I am a very big fan of Bryan Adams, most of my favorite songs growing up were sang by him example Summer of ’69.

Here is another song

Bryan Adams- Here I Am- OST of Spirit- Stallion of the Cimmarion 

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< Volume 14 – ’Stop’ is not in my vocabulary  (1) >






Volume 14- ‘Stop’ is not in my vocabulary (1)


‘Ok …. Is this it?’

Arriving at a room, Jaegun negotiated the key card to unlock and open the door with one hand.

A light came on as the key was inserted into the slot.

It was a small, ordinary room.

The room was even smaller than Jaegun’s studio.

A bed and a lamp table took up half the space of the room, a TV, a filtered water dispenser, and a small fridge, were placed as built-ins against a wall.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jaegun gently laid Dasul on to the bed from off of his back.  After placing a pillow underneath her head, he pulled a blanket over her all the way up to the top of her chest.

‘I should have her drink something warm.’

Dasul frowned and repeatedly let out weak groans as if she was in pain.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do as he looked down at her.  He was too concerned for her to be leaving her there alone.

‘I should go get some food and something to help her with the hangover.’

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