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The Black Haired King ~The Rise of a Magical Swordsman Who Cannot Use Magic

Chapter 1 The Black Haired Young Man

“Long live the Black king! Long live Redius-sama!”

“Long live Black king!”

“Long live the Alnordo kingdom!”

From the terrace of the newly built castle, one could see the scenery of the newly created city spreading with its citizens cheering.

“….I have finally come this far.”

I murmured while gazing at that spectacle. I went through various different experiences along the way. Pain, bitterness, tragedies, joy, times I thought I would actually die. Many, many different experiences. But after overcoming all that, I finally arrived here.

“But, in a sense, this is only just the beginning.”

Yes, this is not the end. My objective does not end at building just this country. I fixed my eyes on my hand and grasped it tightly. This is the real beginning.




In this world, Grintia, the concept of magic exists. Fire, water, earth, wind, light, and darkness. Most of the living beings in this world possess at least one of these 6 elements.

And the talent to use such magic is decided from the moment of their birth. The reason for that is that it shows in one’s hair colour.

If they possess 1 or 2 elements, their hair color is brown. 2 or 3, the colour would be blonde. If they possess 4 elements, it would be red or blue. And if they possess 5, it would definitely be purple. The ones who can use all 6 of them are white-haired.

Most of the people in this world have either brown or blonde hair. Occasionally, children born to nobility are gifted with red, blue or even purple. But most of the time, it is one of the two.

Most can only use fire type magic but the more elements one can use, the more magical power they possess. When one can use 4 or more elements, they are sometimes enrolled to the magic division regardless of their status.

However, there were times when a person who had mastered one element defeated one with 4 elements so a definite rule can’t be made.

The advantages one receives from the moment they’re born with 4 elements is huge compared to one with 1 element but, this can all be changed with hard work.

And the people who come up in fairy tales mostly have white hair. White-haired people who possess all of the elements are next to none and are said to be born only once in a few hundred years, mostly being during times of turning points of the period.

Now that

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