Ever since Meng Ting acquired cognition, he was always told that he was stupid-the hopeless kind of stupid.


Everything he did was slower than normal people. He crawled slower, sat slower, walked slower, and even first learned how to talk much later than other people. Normally at his age, other children were able to talk fluently, but he was still having a hard time using simple words to express his needs.


Quiet, stupid, depressed…… An unappealing child.


He was adopted by his grandmother when he was seven years old and then was raised until he became fourteen years old. In those seven years, his grandmother repeated the same words to Meng Ting every day. She said that he was indeed a stupid child-a child that only knows how to eat, a completely useless trash.


There was a time when Meng Ting was sensitive to words like “useless” and “trash”. Hence when he grew up and started to recognize his own thoughts, he tried his best to make himself a little more useful, a little more smart, and a little more normal.


Outsiders would have said he did it; he successfully escaped the title of being labelled as ‘trash’, but only he himself knew that being the so-called ‘useful’ almost drained all of his energy and life.


He died-more specifically, he died from exhaustion.


He was working for the Meng Family in a private laboratory and didn’t sleep for two days. As he was about to get the result he desired, he died of exhaustion, also known as “sudden death” or “overwork death”.


That feeling was unforgettable; the pain in his heart was as if an invincible hand grabbed his heart and twisted it around. Pressure came from all directions trying to squeeze his throat as if he was suffocating under the sea. He could clearly feel his body’s condition; his mind was awake but his body had no strength to move. All he could do was wait for death.


He died at the age of twenty-eight.


Now, he was alive again. He wasn’t rescued in an operation room, but he revived back to when he was 17 years old.


His university mother had a vigorous date with the third son from the Meng Family. In the end, he was born, but he turned out to be a “product” that nobody wanted. In just less than three days after he was born, his mother threw him at the welfare home entrance. The welfare home raised him until he was seven years old. One day, the Meng Family accidentally discovered his existence, so they gave his grandmother a sum of money to bring him back and raise him until he was fourteen years old. By then, he was sent to a fully enclosed high school for three years study.


In that time, Meng Ting went through a few dark experiences. It was much worse than starving and getting cursed, but he managed to release himself from the title of “trash”. He successfully admitted to a university and enrolled in a course that his grandmother and the Meng Family desired. After his graduation, he was directly sent to the Meng Family’s laboratory and started his day and night performing experiments until he was exhausted and died in the laboratory.


Although he had lived for twenty-eight years, a short two or three sentences could easily sum up his life. Even he himself thinks his life was tedious. There was nothing special in his memory.


But now, the more “useful” Meng Ting became, the more he feared being “useful”. He didn’t want to die from  exhaustion again; the feeling was way too terrible. Even after a month since he revived, he was tormented by the experience of dying.


Every time he sank in deep sleep, the feelings of suffocating and helplessness wrapped around him again, which made him wake up in fear. Sometimes it was scarier. Most of the time he couldn’t wake himself up due to experiencing the fear of death over and over again in his dream.


He had suffered this torment for a month, and knew he wouldn’t be able to do well on his exam. However, he still bit his teeth and tried to pass the exam. The results of his studying weren’t bad, but he couldn’t find any reason to endure and continue to study. Since he didn’t want to be “useful” anymore, maybe being “trash” wasn’t that bad after all.


When he was able to check his results, the Meng Family had also received his result. Later, the capable butler Uncle Wen who served beside Grandpa Meng gave him a call. This was the second call he received in his entire three years of high school.


The next morning, a luxury car stopped in front of the school, and a man in a black suit came to the school to handle the procedures. It seemed that the man came to pick him up from this prison hell of a school.


“Meng Ting”


When the class teacher shouted Meng Ting to go out, the whole class of students stared at him with a pitiful and vigilant gaze. Usually, it wasn’t a good news when a student is called by the class teacher. Getting imprisoned or punished to run laps was already a common act in this school, just like eating a homely meal, but at the same time, it was the most effective punishment.


Hence, the students from this school were disciplined just like cat and mice when they saw the teacher and the discipline teacher, but that didn’t mean the students were completely kind. On the contrary, the law of the jungle in this school was very serious compared to other schools: obey the laws of survival of the fittest or get bullied.


Although Meng Ting was very skinny, he wasn’t short either, and he sat in the second last row. When he stood up and walked past the front row, the tall and strong committee stretched his leg in front of him, his mouth slightly raised as he slightly glanced at Meng Ting.


Normally, if Meng Ting noticed his act, he must also respect him and stumble upon his leg, or else…… He’d be in trouble.


The committee was sent to this school for less than half a year, but with the strong physique of his, he was able to become the second-in-command of the class. He always had the thought to take action on the Meng Ting who sat behind him and always ignored him, but the class monitor seemed to have some respect for Meng Ting, which made him hesitate for some days. However now, he decided to take a shot.


Meng Ting’s sight swept over his fat but strong body, but he didn’t look at the committee’s face. Then, he raised his leg and kicked the committee’s feet, it looked like he didn’t use any strength, but the committee growled “Ouch” as if he was in severe pain and immediately withdrew his leg, but he accidentally bumped into the table corner and growled another “Ouch”.


The pain was real, although some of the students thought he was acting up, there were also students who didn’t think it was that simple. It wasn’t because of the committee, but because of Meng Ting.


Half of the students who sat beside Meng Ting in these three years  remembered the first half year when Meng Ting just enrolled in this school. Almost every day his body was hurt, but gradually, the leaders of the school walked away as they saw Meng Ting.


Until now, the class monitor still didn’t dare to provoke Meng Ting. Meng Ting always had an existence as the invisible boss in the class. But today, that stupid committee had actually provoked him, so he deserved it.


After Meng Ting took the foot back, he continued walking to the front, and he followed behind the class teacher until he saw the man from the Meng Family.


The class teacher looked like he wanted to speak but he hesitated. Meng Ting looked at him but didn’t say anything; there was nothing to speak of anyways. He followed behind the man in suit and left without any farewell.


Meng Ting knew from this moment onward, he was going to experience a different route compared to last life, a route that belonged to Meng Family’s “trash”.


The man in suit walked out to the school entrance, he finally turned around and looked at Meng Ting: “Young master seventh, please ride on.”


Meng Ting heard the man in suit and stared at him for a second, then he opened the back door and got in the car. The man in suit was finally able to see Meng Ting’s face clearly when Meng Ting stared at him and that simple glance was enough to make him shocked.


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