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A song that got  stuck in my recently was Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World probably because of their song Pain which I associated with Smallville since I have been watching clips of it recently. It was a really good show although lost its direction in season 5 and 6. Still a wonderful watch and not exactly a teen drama like it was billed as with all the romance. 

Enough Jabbering. Here is the song

 Jimmy Eat World- Hear You Me

and the chapter is right below


Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu

Vol. 4 Chapter 8


I ended up worsening my cold.

Falling ill after finishing my first job, I was sluggishly dragging on my bad condition.


Ahh, my throat hurts.

Going all the way to the dining hall to have breakfast feels like a pain. I do not want to work; I feel cold and tired.


Of course, it was during these times a customer would appear. There was a rhythmic knock on the door.

I dragged my heavy body over and opened the door.


“Ah, Eliza!”


My voice came out rough because of the sore throat but I could not help but get surprised. Eliza stood there embarrassed.


“You have not had breakfast yet, right? I brought it for you!”

Said Eliza and pushed a basket toward me which probably contained the breakfast.

It was covered with a handkerchief but that alone cannot possibly hide it from my sense of smell when I am starving.

There is a tomato dish inside. It is very fresh, so it is perfect for early morning.


I am honestly really happy she did this.

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