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Heard this song for a while but could never figure out the band or title for a few years

All The Small Things

Botsuraku Youtei

Volume 4 Chapter 14

Some groups were advancing deep into the forest like they were used to it and some were just wandering languidly. Furthermore, even though the percentage was low but, I could also spot some people who were beginners just like us.


“Let’s not go too deep into the forest.”


“Yep, that’s the plan. The monsters deep inside are quite strong and move in packs so I am not even sure we would be able to safely leave if we go that deep. In these outer regions of the forest, we could even make a run towards the wall if things get rough.”


“I wonder if the group which went deep inside the forest were looking for the wanted monsters.”


“They were equipped with excellent weapons so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Either that or they know where you can earn the most in the forest. Because it seems like there’s kind of a rule to where the monsters will be born.”


“Hoho, that, I didn’t know.”


“I am not that knowledgeable about it myself since these were not listed on the books available in the school. It is probably based on their experience and that is why it’s not so widely known.”


The fact that you know of that itself makes you quite the knowledgeable person.

To be honest, to me, who is a complete amateur in this field, you look really reliable.


“By the way, how was the market price for the mob?”


“Hmm, honestly, it’s a miss this season. In spring, the goblins increase by a huge margin so the market price for it rises quite a lot but, there are no monsters with that good of a market price at the moment.”


“It looks like the monsters also like to rest in the winter, huh?”


“It sure does. So I chose one with moderate risk but reasonably good pay. For this time, I decided our target should be the Kobold.”


This time?! You plan on going again, don’t you?!



“Speaking of kobolds…. I don’t really know much about them but they walk on two feet, right? Also, I think they carry weapons?”

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