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Switchfoot – You- A Walk To Remember OST

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Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu

Vol. 4 Chapter 9


“Oh, will you be at it today?”


It is troubling if you say it like you are in a familiar pub or something….

At the dining hall, I met Jeremy-senpai who came with a job request the other day.


It has been quite a while since then… which reminds me, I did not get to ask how his brother’s love life is going.

It would be nice if my sword was of some assistance to it.


“Yes, I will probably be at it.”


I replied assuming that he was asking about the smithing.

I guess it might be because he was with his classmates so he just left saying “Then I will pay a visit later tonight.”


He is a person of integrity, thus, just as the sun had sunk and it became darker, Jeremy-senpai came by.

He was wearing this grin and his cheeks were red.

Judging from the bad breath, he was probably drunk.


It is a taboo to have alcohol inside the school grounds but I guess there are loopholes once you become an upperclassman.


“Senpai, you have been drinking quite a bit, haven’t you?”


“Ehehe, you can tell? Today is special so let’s leave it at that.”


I really do not know what’s so special but, he does not seem to be the bothersome drunkard so he will probably not do anything.


“Alright~ I am coming in.”


I got him some cold water like he wanted.

He gulped it all down in one breath and immediately asked for one glass more.

Exactly how much did you drink today? Considering all that, he is quite stable on his feet.


“Ahh, I have been drinking from yesterday, you see. Today as well, started drinking from the noon.”


“Is that really okay? Won’t it be bad if the teachers find out?


“Well the teachers will probably forgive for today. After all, my place of employment has been decided.”


Place of employment…..

I see, so Jeremy-senpai is in his final year.

They will be graduating soon, so I guess it is pretty normal for the talk of employment to come up in this season.


“I am, you know, more or less a noble, right? Well, it’s like the very edge of being a noble, you see. It’s like I am from a family which can barely be called nobles, you see, so there is nothing to take over from that family. But you see, as joyous as it is, I got a job at the royal capital. In fact, in the royal castle. Who knew I would be able to work with my brother, right? This is a joyous thing! How can I not drink?!”


“Oohhh, so that is how it is. Congratulations on getting the job!”


So that is why they are also allowing alcohol, huh? Though only for a limited time.

I guess this academy is quite broad-minded. I mean, they are letting me have a smithy here as well, after all….


“Haha~ thank you, thank you.”

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